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  1. I'll watch my words lol. The more I dig the more I find, the top six nuts holding the transmission to the engine were MIA along with the four big bolts holding the firewall to the frame. I think the last guy thought seam sealer was a thick paint and a 5/16" nut will fit a 14mm bolt to hold the prop shafts on. I won't even start on his electrical but I didn't know that painters tape was good to use over a stripped and twisted connection. Wiring is gone, I've welded the assortment of random holes shut and patch panels in. Since I'm removing the clutch and accelerator pedal I've welded in some solid panels there as well. A little more cleaning underneath and I'll be ready to paint the engine bay and frame, just need to weld in mounts for the engine as soon as they get here. I've almost reached square one!!! Can't wait to start bolting things back together. I think I need a garage sale, I've seemed to make a lot of extra parts out of this thing lol. Before and after shots: Sean
  2. Yeah it's a whole lot different than I had planned. It's in pretty good shape as far as corrosion goes, I was just going to clean it up and drive it until I took a closer look and deemed it completely unsafe. Sean
  3. Hi there, New to the forum but been lurking for a while. I bought a 2001 110 300tdi from Georgia Russia and I've been tearing into it quite a bit. I've got a build thread on another forum that I'm sure some have seen but I'm looking for more information on what I'm doing. So far I've gone through the wiring which was a mess and a fire hazard so that pretty much gone, no wires left, gonna start from scratch. When it came down to doing a new wiring harness that was the tipping point for me and I decided to do an engine harness for a V8 instead, so along comes my 2017 L83 ls motor with a 6L80. Got a good deal on it with only 6600 kms. I got my 300 tdi out (155000kms on it) and I'm going to be selling it and a bunch of other stuff once I get it cleaned up and go over it but for now I have a clean slate, no engine/transmission and no electrical. I'm going to move my wiring harness to the drivers side and weld up all the holes in the bulkhead as well I ordered a Restomod heat/AC unit to go in cab with a custom dash. This frees up a bunch of space where I might be able to move a dual battery tray to the engine compartment where the heater box was. That will have to wait until the engine is in. My interior will be completely redone and eventually the body work on the exterior. All in all it's in rough shape but I've seen worse I guess. I have a complete 2" lift kit from Gwyn Lewis that's going in along with the steering upgrades. I'll be back at it this weekend I hope, lot's to do. My first problem I've found is the new Gen V L83 exhaust manifold are going to be a problem, even Nick isn't sure what to use there. I really don't want to have to fab them up but we'll see what I can find. Thanks, Sean
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