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  1. Retroanaconda

    200tdi with r380 gearbox questions

    The gearbox is only 30mm longer but the R380 bellhousing is significantly longer than the short LT77 one as used in your Defender. As such you would have to move the engine about 5-6” forward in total.
  2. Retroanaconda

    Chinese diesel Heater under seat on a 110.

    Why? Defenders are neither unreliable nor unsafe?
  3. Retroanaconda

    headlight bulb upgrade options

    Might be rough roads, might be that they are being driven at a higher voltage due to the relays, who knows. Current standard Osrams have been in for a few months and done ~6k so far - so we’ll see how they go. Another big thing this time of year is keeping the lights clean. I have to do mine two or three times a week this time of year due to the salt and there’s a dramatic ‘improvement’ back to full effectiveness each time!
  4. Retroanaconda

    headlight bulb upgrade options

    Regarding wattage, you’re on shaky ground legally by increasing that. Many do it I am sure but 60/55 is the standard. Any H4 bulb will die if it’s dunked I’m afraid. Biggest single improvement can be had by fitting a relay loom to take the feed direct from the alternator to the bulbs. Ensures they get full voltage and also takes the load of the switch. Not expensive to make yourself, or buy a ready-made one. I have a Landreizger one which is very good. After that, decent quality bulbs and clean headlamp units does the rest. High-output bulbs like the Nightbreakers give impressive light levels but the bulb life is reduced significantly. I got through three sets in one winter! I do a lot of miles in the dark (c. 15,000 p.a.) on properly dark roads, and I’ve found that a set of decent branded standard 55/60 bulbs fitted into clean standard Wipac headlamp units and powered through a relay loom gives me more than enough light.
  5. Retroanaconda

    Glue for holding on door seals

    I have battled with a Britpart seal in the past, it would go on but fall off after a few days no matter what I tried. It was simply the wrong shape. Bit the bullet and bought a genuine one, went straight on and is still there to this day.
  6. Retroanaconda

    Parts described as OEM

    This was answered above by TSD. No, Land Rover do not make parts - they buy them from parts manufacturers. However there are numerous cases where parts from that manufacturer have been shown to be of a higher quality when purchased via Land Rover than when purchased via another reseller as 'OEM'. Simply because the manufacturer make the same part to a variety of quality levels. Truly a case of caveat emptor. However suggesting that all 'OEM' parts are of the same quality level as those supplied by Land Rover would be misleading at best. Many are, I am sure, but I would suggest that many more are not.
  7. Retroanaconda

    My 24 year old 200tdi rebuild

    All going well still Ralph? The 110 must be coming up for half a million miles now?
  8. Retroanaconda


    Moved to Freelander forum.
  9. Retroanaconda

    Engine conversion

    It’s not the engine from the T3500, those have the 3.5 litre SL unit. Yours looks like a 3.0 litre HA unit from a T3000. Like this one: http://car-from-uk.com/sale.php?id=81711&country=uk Probably a conversion from Motor and Diesel back in the day.
  10. Retroanaconda

    200Tdi Head Bolts

    Thanks. Those have been done up to 25nm as per the book 👍🏻 Engine looks not too bad inside for 340k!
  11. Retroanaconda

    200Tdi Head Bolts

    Seems an unclear picture from Land Rover, however I will use new ones as they’re cheap enough. Aiming to do the head swap this weekend, despite having the car ten years it’s the first time I’ve done one so wish us well!
  12. Retroanaconda

    TIG Welder Throws The Trip...

    I have type C MCBs in my workshop for the compressor and the welder circuits (32A and 16A respectively). Seems to work well enough, certainly never had any nuisance trips anyway. Lights do dim a bit when the compressor kicks in though!
  13. Retroanaconda

    200Tdi Head Bolts

    Mike - is that a 300Tdi manual or a 200Tdi one?
  14. Retroanaconda

    200Tdi Head Bolts

    Thanks folks. I've sorted a new set so will use them. Just didn't want to do so unnecessarily if they could be reused. Spare head has come back okay from the pressure test and been cleaned up and faced, so I just need to do the valve stem seals and then swap it over.
  15. Retroanaconda

    200Tdi Head Bolts

    Folks, Can 200Tdi head bolts be reused, or are they single use only? Workshop manual for 300Tdi is quite clear that they can be reused up to five times, however the 200Tdi manual implies that they must be renewed every time.

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