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  1. Retroanaconda

    A couple of lose ends!

    First one is the diagnostic port and the second is the reverse switch, it goes into the back of the gearbox not the transfer box.
  2. Retroanaconda

    Decent Aerial

    I use a genuine one and it works well enough. There’s still something not quite right with the setup though as when the signal is poor (quite often round here) if I turn the wipers on the static gets a lot louder. Dodgy connection allowing interference from the motor to get in somewhere perhaps.
  3. Retroanaconda

    Bung for Bulkhead hole?

    The hole is for the air conditioning pipes. Try this thread:
  4. Retroanaconda

    Spare wheel carrier play in joints

    Mine is the same, I made some plastic spacers out of oil drums that were just the right thickness to take up the play. Looking at your video yours may also be worn where the bolt runs through, perhaps you could drill it out to the next size up to remove the play?
  5. Retroanaconda

    'Genuine' Land Rover Parts

    Some suppliers will sell parts individually that Land Rover only do in certain quantities - e.g. trim clips that come in packs of 10 for example. Often these will come in plain bags, having been re-bagged. LR Series do this a lot, but I’m reasonably confident that the stuff is genuine as it’s held up to scrutiny. Howver I tend to just order in the bagged quantity anyway as then you get the LR packaging and know for sure, plus you have spares 😁
  6. Retroanaconda

    'Genuine' Land Rover Parts

    Did the suspect parts come in Land Rover packaging?
  7. Retroanaconda

    Cashel Forest, Loch Lomond

    Picked a good spell in the weather - back to normal now Looks well, I've never really seen the appeal of roof tents but I suppose folding it up is a lot quicker than trying to take a normal tent down in the rain!
  8. Retroanaconda

    Just bought a metal detector

    I presume it's exactly like this?
  9. Retroanaconda

    Steering Column UJs

    My 90 failed its first MOT under my ownership, about ten years ago, on steering column UJ play (amongst many other things...). I replaced them with aftermarket ones, being young and naive to the realities of what ‘quality’ means in the Land Rover parts world. After being disappointed that they had more play out of the box than the (presumably original) ones that they replace, I stumped up what seemed like a ridiculous amount of money for a pair of genuine ones which are still on there to this day. Genuine will be cheaper in the long run. Assuming the quality is still what it should be.
  10. Retroanaconda

    Look what I brought home last night ..

    Neat work, very nice!
  11. Retroanaconda

    200, 300 ??

    Probably best to ask if people could PM it to you or put it back on the forum than post your email for all to see.
  12. Retroanaconda

    What would you do?

    Yes but buy genuine ones. All the aftermarket hinges I’ve seen have had more play in them out of the box than the old ones coming off had. Those will be Britpart. Genuine ones aren’t cheap, but you’ll get 10-15 years out of a set in normal usage
  13. Retroanaconda

    What would you do?

    Newer (Td5-on) ones are a slightly different shape, so sometimes a bit of unpainted door/bulkhead is visible if the vehicle has been painted with the hinges fitted. The bolt spaces are the same so the two types are interchangeable as far as that is concerned. The different shape also means that the gaskets/packing pieces are different too, but they're cheap enough to buy new. My recommendation would be for new genuine hinges.
  14. The standard Land Rover intermittent setup has a 'flick wipe' functionality, but it's not as simple as more modern setups. Pushing the stalk up slight towards the 'normal' running setting it will trigger the wipe before it reaches the point where it latches, this gives a single wipe. It sounds fiddly but once you get the knack it's quite easy.
  15. Retroanaconda

    Any Corsica/Sardinia tips?

    Looks like some nice routes

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