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  1. Defender windscreen glass question

    Did mine with paracord type stuff - pretty nerve-wracking but went in okay. Not sure I'd risk a heated one... we'll see! Your screen could always accidentally get broken, you know how crazy pigeons on the motorway are?
  2. Pinion seal

    What vehicle and what variant of axle/diff?
  3. Help with britpart shocks

    It looks like they are for the later vehicles that have the inner cups spot welded to the axle brackets. Also a different bush shape (kind of pyramidal rather than toroidal) I would seek to replace with the earlier variant (which will come with the full suite of washers/bushes) at your earliest convenience.
  4. Vapour/Possibility build

    For timber extraction (from presumably an off-road/in-wood location?) I would just copy the design various existing trailers that are built for the purpose. In other words; big tyres, bogies not axles, bolster pins for round wood (unless converting in-wood), and a ring hitch. I suspect your main problem with building anything big enough to carry a decent load will be shifting it off road loaded without a tractor. Nevertheless I'll be interested to see what you come up with!
  5. 200tdi cyclinder head core plug leak?

    Is it this one? https://www.lrdirect.com/524765-Core-Plug-300Tdi-Head-35.2Mm/
  6. Bosch VE fuel pump pins for 200TDi Defender engine

    Okay, heater matrix sorted so opened up my spare pump today. Pin does indeed have a 13 on the end. No idea of the significance of it I'm afraid.
  7. Chassis purchase

    I suspect Britpart will be reselling, same as they are now doing for Adwest. Suppose it comes down to a it being lot of hassle for the manufacturers to be dealing with sales as well when the demand is sufficient to just let a third party handle all of that for you.
  8. Brake vacuum problem

    If you exhaust the vacuum, then start the engine and rev it a bit does it change at all then?
  9. Grinding noise coming from transfer box.

    Are you able to lay out the items that were there in place, in a line so we can see exactly what's been fitted (or not)?
  10. TDCi 2nd row doors into a 110

    Yes. Couple of minor detail differences in seals etc. but they will fit the hole and the hinges and latch should line up.
  11. Bosch VE fuel pump pins for 200TDi Defender engine

    Absolutely! I reckon it's throwing a hissy fit because the timing belt is 5k overdue Just driven the 150 miles up to Oban, found that if I kept it at around 50mph the level hardly dropped at all. Will still spend the rest of the week paranoidily checking it every 50 miles or so though. New matrix ordered so that'll be next weekend's job now.
  12. Bosch VE fuel pump pins for 200TDi Defender engine

    The damn heater matrix failed on me today so I got slightly waylaid, apologies. I will dig it out for you next weekend I promise!
  13. Bosch VE fuel pump pins for 200TDi Defender engine

    13 sounds familiar to me. I've got a spare Defender pump in the garage I think, I'll have a look and see what's in there for you.
  14. V8 Clutch Cover Bolt PCD

    Folks, Does anybody have, or is anybody able to measure, the PCD of the mounting bolt positions for a V8 clutch cover? This is the 267mm clutch as fitted to RRC, Disco 1 and 90/110 V8 applications. Should be six bolts, in three equidistant pairs around the PCD and each pair having an accompanying dowel. Thanks
  15. Chassis purchase

    Didn't realise Marslands has stopped supplying to the public, but sure enough their website now says 'suppliers to trade'.