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  1. The vehicle has the full gamut of towing safety tech as standard, same as all other Land Rovers. Further options are then available including the reversing aid auto-steering wotsit. By all accounts it tows very well, as you’d expect from the same base platform as the very well-regarded Discovery, and the increased torque from the new 6-cylinder engines will be an extra bonus I would think.
  2. You could probably climb through, but I’m not sure why you’d want to given that they’ve seen fit to provide you with doors through which to access the rear seating or load area. Good for letting the dogs through though I bet! I can’t see the post on the S2C forum as I’m not registered but looking at what is in place when the console isn’t fitted I reckon one could make up a plywood console with a profile on the bottom that fitted snugly into the cup holders and storage trays to locate it. Suitably trimmed it would probably do the job quite nicely, and would be able to be built to suit the
  3. Here is the “walk through” - fancy way of saying no console. It’s only a few inches tall to form the cup holders, similar to the ‘cubby tray’ offers on later models of the old Defender. The console appears to be standard on all except the base model, where it is a £200 option. Likewise the digital dash.
  4. The centre console is joined to the dash at the front and so I’m not sure it can easily be added for the reasons you suggest. It also forms part of the second row heat/air system and on some models the cubby fridge etc. I will be adding roof rails, front skid plate and rear recovery points to mine in time. All fairly straightforward to fit DIY so I’m not buying into the “can’t be adapted” nonsense. They can all be fitted at time of purchase by the dealer too but then you’re paying for them to do that.
  5. Clean the second hand one up and put it on, then you can have a go rebuilding the old one at your leisure.
  6. I can’t even see a discrepancy! Maybe it’s more or less apparent on different device screens.
  7. Part of Strata Florida is closed at the moment for repairs, I’m not sure of the timescales for reopening. The river crossings can be very deep after heavy rain and so caution is required. Under most conditions though it is passable in a standard vehicle driven with care. Do you have access to Trailwise via GLASS?
  8. The factory satin wrapping is expensive. However I priced up one of these paint protection films as I thought it might be good to help prevent bramble rash on green lanes and such, and for the full vehicle you’re looking at £5k plus. Frankly it can get scratched up for that price! Might look at a price for just the sides. I’m buying it to use it so I’ve no reason to be worried about minor scratches and dents, but there is still a small part of me that will cry the first time it gets dragged down a hedge I think a few of the commercial ones will find homes doing things like Ross menti
  9. I would have bought a Defender if I’d had the means to do so while they were in production. And I’d buy a Grenadier if they turn out to be good and once the company has established itself. The commercial variant would be a good option in terms of running costs but best not bought new if using as a private vehicle so someone else can take the hit on the VAT if appropriate. Realistically though they’ll struggle to take any of the commercial 4x4 market away from the pickups which dominate.
  10. It might have have had the satin film wrap applied, which is a (very expensive) factory option. All colours other than Fuji White are metallic.
  11. The range of colours is poor, I’d very much liked to have gone for a straight solid colour but the only non-metallic available is the standard white which I’m not a fan of. In the end Eiger Grey has had to do. This Pangea Green one looks good with a set of BFG ATs on the standard 18” steel wheels. A reasonably good range of tyres available in that size with a decent sidewall. Mine is coming with the Wrangler ATs but will get BFGs when they’re worn out (or when they get burst ).
  12. No, you need the correct one as they are different lengths.
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