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  1. Strong money, but it is a new engine and modern one at that. Would likely find myself considering it if it became necessary to replace the Tdi.
  2. If it’s modified then a photo of the mountings between the gearbox/transfer box and the chassis, including how they attach to the chassis, will enable us to confirm if the box is in the rearward position (2.5NA/TD/200Tdi) or the forward position (V8/300Tdi/Td5). This will narrow down the options for propshafts.
  3. Transfer box moves position depending on year and engine type so the props are different lengths. Td5 ones won’t fit your vehicle.
  4. I've used PVC pond liner in the past. Can get a cheap offcut from a pond/aquatics store.
  5. Grille and front are not to my taste, I like the rest of it though. If it's available for less than £40k on the road it'll be an interesting option.
  6. I need to get another recore for mine, was changing the timing belt the other week and I noticed that the fins are beginning to dissolve down the bottom. Falling away at the lightest touch, unfortunately it’s only five years old which is disappointing. I presume it’s the road salt that’s done it.
  7. The bullet connector goes into one of the multiplugs on the main loom by the clutch pedal box. There’s a matching socket with the correct wire colour. Ring terminal to earth on the bulkhead. Thats how mine is wired anyhow.
  8. Land Rover themselves did this for the last few years of Series III production - 1980 onwards I think. Brakes were rationalised to 11” twin-leading-shoe front on all models and then 10” standard rears for SWB and 11” for LWB. All had servos. I believe Stage 1 V8s had 3” wide shoes on the front as a further addition. I put the later rationalised braking system on my 88” when I rebuilt it. The brakes were excellent, easily as much stopping power as the 90 with its discs. The only issue I found with the drums was that they didn’t cope as well in muddy or wet conditions and they required more ongoing maintenance/adjustment. I guess they would probably have been more susceptible to fade as well, but I never did enough fast driving to experience that!
  9. It would be further forward than the 200Tdi or TD/NA that it replaces but would be further back than a standard Td5.
  10. Yes very different. I’m not aware of any other engines with the same pattern Tdi Td5
  11. You’d need a custom adaptor as there’s no combination of standard parts that would fit I don’t think. An R380 Td5 bell housing would potentially fit onto the front of an LT77 as the bolt pattern is common, but the input shaft would need to be custom. Fitting a Td5 R380 is likely to be less expensive and if you’re willing to do custom pipework etc. on the engine side you could keep the gearboxes in the old 200Tdi position. Personally though given Td5 Defenders are everywhere and everything is available fairly easily second hand I would just fit it all as Land Rover did. Seatbox can be modified - floor pan, props and tunnel are easy and cheap to find. The rest you would need regardless.
  12. I’ve run through a couple of sets of BFG ATs on mine, current set of KO2s went on at the end of 2017 and are only just coming up to needing changed now after 73,000 miles. Previous set also did 72k in two years with no issues. All in 235/85/R16 flavour. They're a tough and hard-wearing tyre, so you can find the limits of traction on wet roads if you’re pressing on but I’ve never found it an issue as I drive it like a Land Rover not a Porsche. Good performance in the kind of off roading I get involved in, no impact to MPG and no noisier than a road tyre. Expensive to buy but very good value per mile for me.
  13. Done for now. Only about a third of the roof done but the rest can wait for some cooler weather!
  14. It’s unreal. Down in the main area of the building it’s quite pleasant with a breeze coming in the open windows/door, but you climb up the ladder and as soon as you get to the loft level the temperate rockets. Hopefully the insulation will help with that in the future. I can feel a breeze running from the eaves up over the top of the insulation between the rafters though, which is good to see. The workbench will get a steel top yes. I shall endeavour to try and fit it before too much junk gets moved in!
  15. It’s still a work in progress. I won’t be able to finish it completely as I need more fixings for the collar ties, but I should be able to get the sides done today if I don’t succumb to heat exhaustion
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