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  1. The rear discs get more road spray than the fronts. I found that when doing a lot of miles on un-metalled roads the lack of shields reduced rear pad life to a few thousand miles in the winter when the grit-laden spray off the road surface was at its worst. Putting the rear shields back on improved this dramatically - I assume simply as less of the spray gets onto the disc surface. As mentioned though if you're doing pay-and-play type off-roading where you're actually getting mud and stones up in around the hubs/axles then they're likely to trap stuff and cause problems for cleaning etc.
  2. My advice would be that if you do a lot of heavy off road work in deep muddy conditions then leaving them off will make cleaning the brakes easier, the brake pads will wear quicker but that will happen doing that doing that sort of work anyway. For normal road use and light off roading I would keep them on. Extends brake pad life and also helps keep water off the discs when driving in heavy rain so avoiding the 'oh shi--' moment on the first pedal press as the water clears off the discs - this is more of a front brake problem though.
  3. How much pressure? Some is normal. Crankcase breather clear?
  4. Thanks all, think I'll give it a go. Will let you know how I get on. Have never used the welder at its higher settings as I've never had need to or had a proper power supply for it but it dealt with chassis repairs and such on a 13A supply easily enough. Not sure what mix the gas is, will have a look at the weekend. On the front axle I only need to replace the spring seats, so they'll be the first ones to get attention.
  5. Folks, Quick query - I have a Murex Miget MIG welder, pretty old thing by all accounts but seems to work well. It is rated with a 30-170A output range and is a single-phase machine which I have wired up through a decent 16A supply circuit. Running argon/CO2 mix gas and is fitted with 0.8mm mild steel wire. Is it likely to be up to the job of welding replacement spring seats or other brackets onto a Land Rover axle, or am I hoping for too much from it? The brackets tend to be 4-5mm thick. I'll give it a go in due course but if consensus is that I'm wasting my time I won't bother and will farm it out to someone with a big welder.
  6. How many years NCB do you have to claim with? Are you saying 3 years? If so, combined with a recent significant claim and (I suspect?) a high-risk postcode it seems you are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Frankly the insurance companies are just as much a bunch of robbing c***s as the vehicle thieves themselves, however as you rightly alluded to someone has to pay for that payout. Alas it is never the culprit who ends up paying, only the owner through a vastly inflated premium and by extension other owners through their premiums. All I can suggest is keep looking around, and try and talk to people - they can at least explain the reasoning behind the quotes. Or try to.
  7. This thread has just connected something in my mind which may be relevant. The other week while under my car changing the gearbox we discussed shielding of the slave cylinder from heat radiated by the exhaust downpipe. There was a shield fitted on 2.5TD models but it was not fitted to Tdi-on vehicles. I have noticed on a few occasions when going to use the clutch after a long run at speed (i.e. doing a few hundred miles on the motorway at 60mph then coming off up to the roundabout on the slip road) that the pedal is a bit spongy. It then returns to normal after a few minutes. Perhaps this is the hydraulics being affected by the heat? I suspect it would be exacerbated if there was excessive contamination of the fluid - particularly with water? I'm going to try and knock up a heat shield and see if it makes any difference to this. It may be the problem doesn't exist, hence why the heat shield was discontinued.
  8. Just to close this one out - I swapped the gearbox at the weekend (ably assisted by a very helpful forum member) and all has returned to normal. Old box sounded quite rough when turned by hand once removed from the vehicle, it may have lasted for another 100,000 miles or might have failed tomorrow, who knows. Interestingly more filings had accumulated on the drain plug magnet since I changed the oil a couple of weeks ago than had done so in the previous few years, so it seems something was breaking up inside. Thanks to all for the help.
  9. I had to look it up as well.
  10. Looking at those better photos it's a hybrid dash, looks like the main part is the old style (1983-2001) and the centre panel is the later style (2002-2007).
  11. Would you be willing to share the name of said reconditioner? By PM if you'd rather. Pretty sure mine is gearbox, in fact I'm sure of it. I can hear a faint rumble at idle which goes away when I put my foot on the clutch (i.e. when layshaft slows down and stops) and its present in all gears except fourth. Done a video of the noise for reference, in this case on overrun in third gear. The best capture of it is toward the end.
  12. Looks like he's already got the 2002-2007 dash to me.
  13. That sounds quite like it, mine's not quite as loud as that but it's a similar noise certainly. A shared characteristic in that it's most noticeable on overrun. How has yours developed, if at all? I've got another box coming (punt off eBay - wish me luck!) and will try and get it swapped as soon as possible.
  14. Thanks guys. Noise now audible in first and second too, so all gears except fourth which very much suggests layshaft bearings as above. For all I know it may well rattle away quite happily for some time, however I think I will bring forward the repair schedule, doing 750 odd miles a week I really don't want it going bang on me. I foresee a 'fun weekend' in my near future.
  15. That makes sense, except that there's no noise in first or second, unless there's a bearing on the layshaft that is only loaded when third/fifth is engaged and not when first/second is. Changed the oil this morning, it was long long overdue however apart from being slightly discoloured showed no signs of major problems internally. Drain plug had usual small amount of filings on it, and the filter in the extension housing was fairly clean. New oil is in and has maybe made it slightly less audible but noise is still there, I will monitor going forward I think. The car spends a lot of time in fifth gear, so I'll be able to see if it gets worse.