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  1. New crank case required, large hole from location of number 4 piston. Removed starter motor and found it... Unsure what went wrong, presume hydralocked with oil due to amount of oil on injectors.
  2. Well its on the drive now... Cannot find what went hurtling down the motorway, all appears to be ok... Oil leak issue as well
  3. Too late, high pitch whine on M54, loud explosion heard... something went bouncing off down the carriageway... lost all power pulled safely over... Popped bonnet to be greated with flames... Doused with flask of coffee. Awaiting recovery.
  4. Its getting worse, after using vehicle for 30 minutes or more and turn off engine i am unable to re-start and the starter is so hot i can barely touch it... I feel its failing, but never known one get this hot before. If it cools down it starts first & every time but when hot you got no chance. Anyone else had this?
  5. Monkie, Whats the difference?
  6. Getting fed up with replacing the spill rail rubber links. Seems to be every few years they fail and leak fuel all over the engine etc. What solutions have you found that works, thinking of using a silicon based flexible tubing. What are your thoughts?
  7. Great replys very well written & thought about thank you...
  8. No mate... Air box is fully sealed just in case...
  9. SPendrey, would you mind sharing an image of how you have yours please.
  10. Filter isnt all that old, done 3000 miles since last service as i service landy every 5000 miles... Its possibly 12 months old if that, misplaced notebook so cannot give exact date. Its due another service, get the next few weeks out of the way then it will be due a service. Finding filter always looks like this hence question over direction it should face. Dont do much green laning these days its purely for when flying my bird of prey and crossing farm land
  11. Hi all, Got a snorkel fitted for sometime on the landy, with the air inlet facing the road. But curious if this is the correct way to have it as recently had a lot of black smoke and found the air filter damp and a little mouldy in places. Thinking of having it rear facing. Also just covered with square mesh as i keep finding blue tits inside the air box. Curious on peoples thoughts on which way it should correctly face...
  12. Found the issue... Finding the time was the issue... Terminals corroded away, replaced with good second hand unit after a good clean...
  13. Interesting, relay pulled... Still have access to wipee & wash functions. Just no park function. Could not go away with wipers on all the time...
  14. Dumped the spider a while ago, totally removed lump hammer and chisel job... Got a secret switch to provide power to the fuel solenoid. This was kicking in, just not cranking over... Spider was biting too much so i had to find a work around...
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