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  1. Ahh, I tightened up the big bolts too early, that could allow a little movement if I undo them a redo. Also the centre of my caliper dosent have a bolt and stake washer thingy as such. Mines one o the early ones wi just a torque headed bolt through it. I tried loosing it but then again it was all copied up by then
  2. Evening chaps, while since Iv been on. Years ago I bought an x eng disc brake for a 90 project which years later is still a very slow burning project. Today I robbed it for my 90 that’s actually on the road. Tonight Iv fitted it but I had a struggle getting the cable to meet. Eventually it’s met but it’s very tight, to the point I can’t even get 1 click on the lever. Iv also fitted a Discovery handbrake lever which might alter the adjustment a little. Is it possible I need to install the Disco cable or is there another way of adjusting the caliper?
  3. Aye, it’s crazy just how little movement can make it run right
  4. Timing was a baw hair out. Perfect now though. Old gold goin like a train
  5. Ok chaps so I’m gona finally sort out some wiring on my ‘86 90. Fitting Anderson connector for jump start, second battery with plug for camping etc, isolator switch for the winch. I’m also looking at replacing the earth and positive cables but I’m unsure if 170amp is enough or should I go higher rated?
  6. Evening gents, Iv just finished rebuilding my 300tdi after the local supposed landrover specialist made a right c**k up of it. Refurbed block, all new shells/bearings, new piston rings, timing kit, water pump, all new gaskets and seals. Finally got it in and plumbed up yesterday but she’s struggling to start. Seems like fuel dosent get through then eventually it’s bursts into life but runs a little lumpy and blows a lot of white smoke with a strong smell of diesel. Once warm it runs fine if somewhat slightly underpowered. Could it be possible I need to alter the timing somewhat or could there be something I’m missing? Once warm it starts first turn of they key but after sitting a couple of hours it struggles for fuel again
  7. Ok so, Iv flushed and refilled, re bled the coolant system, checked the water pump and temps. All showing ok but after a lot of time on google I think I may have sussed it. I also have an oil leak around the rocker gasket, oil cap, it’s developed a rattle on tickover which gets faster as you accelerate and ever since being rebuilt it’s been a bitch to start from cold. So this weekend I’m gona test the compresssion and take it from there. I’m assuming it’s building pressure in the rocker are as the oil is being squeezed out and if you undo the oil cap, it dances around. It needs a lot of heat even in summer to start where the compression should make the heat needed and the overheating. Too much heat in rocker area right next to the temperature sensor. Fingers crossed it’s not too bad once the heads off
  8. Ok Iv bought a gun, will see what it comes up with
  9. Ok so after approx 300mls yesterday iv used no water but my oils went from max yesterday morning to dead on minimum today. Seems to be very damp around bottom of the head. Is it possible I may have a head or head gasket issue
  10. Defo not a false reading, she’s defo running very hot 🥵 On a long uphill she'll sit right on the bottom of the red and that’s with the thermostat out
  11. Sorry, not to hand. To be honest what I got sent has never been the best fit
  12. Evening fellas, having a little heating issue with my 300tdi, last weekend it started sitting just below the red no matter how I was driving so I whipped out the thermostat and checked it and as I thought it was knackered, so I purchased a new 78•c thermostat and fitted and seemed fine but a while later and it’s heating again. Iv pulled the thermostat as I’d left for a few days away camping and still it’s overheating without the thermostat in. I then realised my electric fan hadn’t been wired properly when the garage rebuilt that engine and installed it. No power to the x switch so ran a cable to the switch and it’s kept the heat under control unless I’m on a really long climb or driving hard then it’s almost into the red again. Iv ran out of ideas
  13. Hi, sorry not been on for a while. Looking for £30, includes hot start, wiring and a couple o metres of coolant hose
  14. Ok, so tried it, worked fine but Iv decided to go the Chinese diesel heater route so this will be goin up for sale
  15. Ok so following on from my poor starting issue I now yet again have an oil leak coming from the rear of the engine and suddenly the clutch has gone spongy and started slipping badly. Also on tickover she is to quote an old friend “KNOCKING HER TITS OFF”. She takes ages to start but it’s as if it’s trying to get fuel through then the first few seconds runs very rough and blows a lot of white reek then settles down to a knocking. IMG_1778.MOV
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