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  1. Unplugged and re plugged the plugs and it works ! Think there was a load of moisture inside and walla works ! Need to put a flap over the plugs as its in my Lwt hybrid
  2. Mine was doing this because of a corroded holder / moisture
  3. Spring compressors ?? I've always just Hi lift jacked it in the air then axle stands under the chassis rails and dropped it on 2 axle stands took me 40 mins to do the last swap but I did just chop the old dampers off
  4. I earth it direct to the battery with the terminal on the bulb and earth it to the battery and get no light was working earlier when I drove it to work . But I went to tow a transit it and the passenger headlamp decided not to work been working fine last 4 months etx never had a issue
  5. Get 10.5v direct to the battery
  6. No But I will right now as I'm in work being paid to ummm do ummm well yeah
  7. Ok I thought I blew a bulb on my passenger side but its a weird one . Fuse is good . Bulb is good . Getting 11.8v without the bulb in when I put the bulb in I get 0v reading ??? Am I missing something title obvious here tried it earthed direct to chassis / battery etc . Kinda lost here
  8. Vulcan just what I was thinking . I'm sure on my dads 300 it's got clear washer hose for a section of it . Going to order a new 2m length of blue or black silicone and a new boost gauge !
  9. The small one that goes from pump to turbo . Why can't it be silicon?? I mean on a rs turbo there silicone ??
  10. Yeah trying to work out what mm it is . And why wouldn't silicone be suitable ?
  11. I managed to break mine while swapping out my turbo . Thinking of replacing them all with silicone . Any idea what internal mm hose I need ?? 3 /5mm ??
  12. I think the actuators died again second one I've fitted ... Second hand one was the last one . The wastgate is moving very easily etc gonna try hunt another actuator
  13. What can cause this ?? I've checked the pipes no leaks . Turbo pipes all good . Wastegate set to stock length and is a known good second hand unit fitted after mine have up the ghost from overboosting new vacume pipes etc still boosting 20+psi and not really going that good considering . Been told could be oil seal ? The turbine has no play in it feels tighter than most recon units I get in work !
  14. luke thats exactly what i was looking for mate . Found it in google last night but was getting 'page cannot be found error'
  15. After a discussion with a freind. Can any one confirm if there was a cur off date for vehicles built PRE XX date that didnt need to be SVa tested when rebuilt / chassis modifications where done im sure i read ina comic 1999 or 1998 ?
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