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  1. Hi Mikey, i had thought of thatbut to be honest i really doubt i shall ever lock it, it was just more of a gripe as if i was selling them as a combination i'd give the option for matching locks, only nit picking though because everything else is spot on Mark
  2. Well as promised picked up my tool chest combo today, first impresions are good, well packaged, good qaulity finish and the drawers are smooooth. As it comes First job rip open the biggest box and stick the coasters on Then repeat as neccesary with the other two boxes and stick it all on top of each other Didn't have much time to play with it as got wind the misses was on her way back, best not get caught at the moment i thinks Did manage to put a couple of trays in though Hopefully going to get out tomorrow and star filling up it up Very happy with it so far, only issue i can see is that there are 3 different keys, having said that it will probably never be locked Mark
  3. Couldn't resist this, been looking at tool chests on ebay for a while now, but nothing comes close to the price of this, bottom roller cabinets were looking to be about the same price, probably should have gone to look at one first but a few mates have halfords chests and they're happy with them. Going to pick it up in the morning will post pics and first thoughts tomorrow
  4. Oops double post sorry chaps
  5. The ratchet looks identical to a bahco ratchet i've got albeit in blue instead of orange. Ordered one anyway, like Jason says for £15 delivered you can't really complain Mark
  6. mmgemini how about cam straps? http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B004ODP8YC/ref=asc_df_B004ODP8YC11113239?smid=A1EJNN7CY5N1PK&tag=googlecouk06-21&linkCode=asn&creative=22218&creativeASIN=B004ODP8YC not connected to these just the first site google came up with i use them for light loads on the works pick up and vans, Holding cement mixers, barrows, mowers, ladders, all sorts of stuff. Mark
  7. Meatslicer knew i wasn't day dreaming this popped up on another forum, can only find a picture at the moment but its been widened http://www.lro.com/forum3/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=81714 and original source although it seems not to be a direct link anymore Mark
  8. Mark, they normally have a decent thick spreader plate behind them to help prevent them pulling through, i dont think the thickness of metal on the bumper is enough, hopefully someone will either confirm or deny this soon Mark
  9. It has been done to a 110 too, i remember seeing it on (i believe) the old forum or very early on on this one , Having said that it could have been lro. They had done exactly as has been said to the panels, cut down the middle and add a bit, bigger windscreen with 3 wiper arms on and if think it had custom axles and running gear too. I hope i saw it somewhere and haven't lost the plot. Iceland seems to ring a bell too (no not the shop) Mark
  10. Disco ron, i think the chap your thinking about is raptor engineering, he does a plate to go in the side of the seatbox and a modified battery strap too Mark (no connection)
  11. Thanks for the replies chaps, Pete300 just about to try what you suggested (fingers crossed) Dave i take it this i due to me putting excess strain on the gearbox? any idea what a new/decent secondhand transfer case might be? or the splines on the shaft? Mark
  12. Hello chaps I'm new to range rover owning, having just bought a 4.6 V8 hse auto, absolutely stunning vehicle, unlike anything i;ve ever driven.#Drove back from Berkshire to Mid Wales yesterday no problems at all However last night after supper and maybe a bit to much wine i had to move it further down the drive to allow my girlfiend to get out. As far as i can remember i did everything right(nothing to go wrong he says) But for some reason i know no longer have and drive in hi or lo backwards or forwards. Now i dont remeber taking the handbrake off(stupid moment) but could this have bent, broken or twisted something, are the gearbow and handbrake connected in anyway? Also when the auto selctor is put into park there is a very horrible whirring/grinding noise Any help you guys can give me is greatly recieved PS: Just to add its my own drive on private land and no public roads where harmed during this adventure and i know i shouldn't have been shouldn't drive under the influence) Many thanks Mark
  13. Sorry to hear that chap, there are two independent landrover garages near where you are. Safari Engineering in Eversley, not had any work done there but i have dealt with them for parts and advice, nice chaps. The other is Nick Kerner in winkfield never used them just know about them, good reports on their work but can be a bit pricey from what i've heard. Safari Engineering 0118 973 2732 Nick Kerner 01344 885222 No real connections with either just trying to offer some help Mark
  14. Hi brian, i've replaced the wheel bearing several times on the passenger side and had it done twice by "proper" mechanics although before say 1500 miles there is a smear of oil appearing on the alloy, but only the passenger side, i haven't looked at the drivers side. Mark
  15. Evening chaps, with a bit of luck someon might be able to help and confirm my thoughts. My 110 ht 300tdi has now chomped its way through two sets of rear tyres this year (maybe 15000 miles) but not totally only the inside of the rears, quite literally half the tyre is nearly bald while the outer edge is still brand new Now is this due to suspesion bushes like i think or something more serious. I do tend to run with loads of fencing/ building tools and equipment all the time, don't very often tow and never go far when i do. Oh the tyres are colway enduro 265/75 16's, i quess i should have started looking after the first set but just put it down to bad luck Cheers Mark If it helps i can get a picture up tomorrow
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