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  1. Hi John yes it was my 80 coiler challenge truck , glad to here she is still running , I miss a road legal challenge truck now , if you get a chance a picture of her would be nice
  2. as the title , GOT TO BE RELIABLE as I spend time and money preping the truck and entering events none of the "sorry but I know you are on your way to the event but my budgy is sick / wife wont let me come" types need apply am based in Watford in herts and have a half decent truck and 7 years experience. My brother and I have done the challenger series for a few years (we are the idiots with the coach !!). Looking to do the challenger or LRS series this year so south east to midlands based people ideal , Oh and if you want to help prep the truck / load the bus and come up in the bus up then all good Steve
  3. What sort of budget do you need to compete in this event ?
  4. Hey Chris...long time no see. Ade and I are going to compete
  5. ooh me too please...Wadders dont worry you will have a great time and wish you had done the whole year
  6. I have spoken to Mr Nick, Chris and he says he and Lee will be there to kick your butt in the comp on Sun
  7. mate any Sunday after a Saturday night is dodgy for you !!
  8. A big thanks to Adee my co driver for working so hard , Paul , Lucy and all the marshals for a great event , Mr Nick for his encouragement and winch motor know how and Mark from Mud Monsters for a spare motor. Fantastic pictures as well Kirkynut
  9. Looking forward to this round. Its my Son Hadley's 4th birthday on Saturday so will be celebrating with him at Yarwell , hoping to be there about 4 ish in the bus
  10. Thank you guys for your kind words re our Win it is nice to know that if the truck holds together until near the end (20 mins) then we have a chance at a podium. A big thank you to my stand in co driver Dom for all his hard work and to Paul , Lucy and the marshals for their hard work . Any more pictures from anyone ?
  11. The track is no problem been up there twice last year but each time it seems to get narrower and more closed in by the foliage
  12. looking forward to it , does anyone know if the entrance track is still passable by 17 ton 40 foot long 13 foot tall bus ?
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