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  1. Happy to start one but it will be a while as still collecting the bits. There are two of us here in Melbourne doing the same conversion cheers Nick
  2. Nice build!! Here is the Rakeway adaptor I'm using to mate a Merc 606 + ML722.6 box to an LT230. Its going into a Volvo C304 6X6 Cheers Nick
  3. G'Day from Australia HoSS how is progress on the Volvo coming? Be great to get an update when you have time Nick
  4. Looks great HoSS, want to make me one too? Did you buy that DIN shaft from SPHP in Italy? I'm finding it really hard to get an answer out of them about buying a shaft to make my adaptor between the MB auto and the Volvo TC Cheers Nick
  5. HoSS is it possible to modify the side of the engine compartment to give you a little more space for the PS pump without encroaching into the footwell too much? I know the MB engine mounts are quite flexi so a bit more space may be available that way rather than lowering the motor again.
  6. Congratulations HoSS!! Did you end up raising the motor to get more sump/axle clearance or is that a job for later? And yes please post a video of its first burnout
  7. Thanks again for keeping the updates coming Hoss. I would also like some info on the Arduino boards Nick
  8. Looks great Hoss, just need to find spot for the GPS navigation screen
  9. Hoss, out of interest did you modify the rear flange of the 648 sump on your conversion so that it matched up with the auto bell housing that was fitted to your OM606? Thanks Nick
  10. Those TRE you are after are available for LHD Volvo portals from Tatanka Parts in Sweden Cheers Nick
  11. Hi Hoss Must be time for a detailed update. I'm getting withdrawal symptoms! Plus I need inspiration for my project putting an OM606 into a C304 6x6 Cheers Nick