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  1. PWM Option when populating MS ECU board

    Thanks! Now I have read your diagram in conjunction with the relevant bits of the manual and taken into account your comments about simplification earlier in this thread, it makes a lot of sense. I had to pick up a 1.3K resistor which cost me all of 10p. I'm just going to make up the bit of vacuum pipe with the brass connector and I will close the lid (at least for a little while). I notice that the lamda reading on Tunerstudio gauge goes down as I turn turn the O2 pot on the stim clockwise. Is this normal behaviour?
  2. PWM Option when populating MS ECU board

    Ok - it turns out that I am a little bit myopic! I had linked XG1 to XG2 as per the megabuild manual and missed that FF's diagram did not have this jumper in place. I cut the link, powered back up and she breathes! So, lights are flashing everywhere, gauges are moving around and I'm a happy chappy. Now to carry on stripping the V8 out of the Discovery!
  3. PWM Option when populating MS ECU board

    Ok. I finally had some time today, so I have finished building the board up to exactly match the diagram. Plugging into the Jimstim (V1.5 board and v2.04 software), the gauges respond as I would expect, but I don't have a reading for Engine Speed/RPM. I'm starting to dig around for some documentation on the JimStim to see if I need to set/change any jumpers or switches to provide a suitable signal for this MS configuration. Any advice is, as always, very welcome.
  4. PWM Option when populating MS ECU board

    Ok. Makes a lot of sense. I will follow the diagram. I am making an assumption that the standard LR injectors are Hi-Z otherwise I am sure that Nige would have warned me.
  5. TD5 webasto (factory fit) fuel pump location

    Good luck! My reasoning on the position is that (from distant memory - it's been about 10 years), the dosing pump can't be fitted on the high pressure side of fuel pump. If you could have turned the Webasto on before you removed it, you would have been able to trace the distinctive 'tap tap tap' from the pump. I can't imagine that LR would have done anything more exotic with the Webasto installation in terms of using their own fuel delivery method. I'll keep my fingers crossed.....
  6. PWM Option when populating MS ECU board

    Ok. I'll keep my electron manipulation questions for the collective. Am I right in thinking that when you get involved, the magic smoke escapes from the components and they stop working? I have other questions about transplanting which might suit you better. I'll post them in the other section. A quick question for Mr FF, if I may: I notice that on the schematic, Q9 and Q12 are white which is keyed 'do not fit'. But, they are populated in the photographs. Looks like they might relate to my active flyback circuit question. I would appreciate any thoughts, but especially the decision process. I am sure that the content of this thread might be useful for those non-Nige types who like poking things with a hot iron. regards Ian
  7. PWM Option when populating MS ECU board

    Wow! Thanks very much for the comprehensive reply. I bought the Thor kit from Nige along with his suggested mods and upgrades, so I am very much looking to do it 'his' way. I will study the pictures and follow these mods where they differ from the ones suggest on the v3 build page. Thankfully, I haven't done too much of the output stage yet, so this is very timely advice. Thanks once again, Mr FF. regards Ian
  8. TD5 webasto (factory fit) fuel pump location

    I can't tell you the factory placement, but I expect that the dosing pump will be the standard Webasto item and will have been tee'd in somewhere before the vehicle diesel pump (which should narrow it down). Am I to right that you can't easily follow the fuel pipe from where you removed the heater? If it helps, I have a spare fitting kit somewhere, so I can help with photos of pump, exhaust, wiring loom etc. regards Ian
  9. Hi all! I'm well into building the Megasquirt ECU kit which I got from Nige recently. (As I am a bit of a magpie, there was also a lot of other shiny stuff in the box which I am itching to play with.) Ultimately, everything will come together with a 4.6 Thor engine which is going to be transplanted into a 2001 Defender. I've been using these instructions: http://www.megamanual.com/ms2/V3assemble.htm and I reckon I have picked the correct options on the way down and the tests have worked at each key stage. I am confused about the output options. I have the "Thor PWM Control Kit" from Nige to fit. My questions are: 1) Do I follow the modification for "For PWM Idle Valve Users Only" (Around step 62; it says "Do not install Q20, do not install D8, and jumper R39 as well." The step also involves not installing Q4 and using a more powerful TIP120/121/122 transistor. I realise this sounds like a stupid question, but Nige's site says of the PWM kit ''This will immediately work with our standard ECUs current or past, without any additional electronics or programming required.' So, I am wondering if either the standard transistor setup can handle this particular PWM device or all of the pre-built ECUs are going out with this mod. 2) At step 69, I can choose to install the 'PWM flyback damping circuit'. Should I install this or not? I am quite happy to be told that I have missed something, but I always think that the stupid questions are the ones we don't ask. So..... can anyone help? kind regards Ian
  10. Decent bench grinders - advice request

    I was kitting out my workshop a few years ago and bought a Creusen. For sharpening tools, tidying bits up and generating sparks it has been great. The cheaper ones seem gutless and badly balanced. At the time, Cromwells and Axminster stocked them - not sure who does now. regards Ian
  11. Defender engine swap

    Thanks for the reply, FF. I'm removing the engine from the Disco as I type, but I will read your thread with interest. I'm tempted to get the engine running first in a frame as a learning process and also because it's something I always fancied doing. I've got an email in with Nige at the moment to place the initial order. When he gets back to me, I am sure there will be other things that I just must have! kind regards Ian
  12. Defender engine swap

    Hi all! I'm new to Megasquirt and have held off putting a V8 engine in a Defender so far, but I can't resist any longer. I have a nice 4.6 Thor engine in my Disco 2 Auto. I spoke to Nigel earlier in the week with a view to dumping both in a 2001 TD5 100. He explained why the auto box was a no-go, so for now the engine will mate to the existing R380 with a few new bits from Ashcroft. I might go compushift at a later date, but it's a bridge too far right now. I am going to order the Megasquirt full kit for the Thor engine, but am wondering what the collective would suggest I order on top. I am going to get a Jim Stim as a learning tool. I wonder what the views are on the 74 degree thermostat. I also would like to know from those who have done similar conversions what fuel pump solution they have used. Finally, it's not clear to me, but it seems the kit comes with used coil packs. If that's the case as I am a cry once kinda bloke, I would pay extra for new ones. Any and all suggestions gratefully received. Thanks! Ian