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  1. you could simply have that turned off in the BECM.......... how would i do that ?
  2. I have a 01 p38...recent buy. I parked it in a shopping centre and when i used the remote to open door it immobilised the jeep by picking up a signal from an ariel near by. It had to be taken by lorry to another location away from the other signal . It started up straight away.The recovery man told me to have it remapped {saudi } or to get a obd reader.....any advice would be great. thank you
  3. yes the roof lining is sagging in the middle . still attached all around the edges so i am hoping for a quick fix......
  4. Is there a quick fix to repair sagging material-in the P38 only in the middle..... or do I have to replace and re fit a new one? Any clever tips appreciated. thank you
  5. thanks for the advice.......much appreciated...
  6. i found a part on Rimmer brothers but it does not have any joint
  7. is there another way of changing the top steering joint without breaking the shaft in two.???
  8. The bolt i an talking about is on the collapsible joint on the shaft. (Picture 2) The picture is not great I know....
  9. Thanks Western. They are not damaged they have never been opened.....
  10. thanks..........has anyone ever worked with this kind bolt.It is on the opening clamp. I need to change it because there is a lot of play on the top joint.Should I try and change the joint or the full shaft?
  11. the head of the bolt only has a grip for tightening. ???? Unless you know of a special tool to reverse it . I have a pic but i cannot figure out how to add it to forum
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