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  1. Stellaghost

    Starting turning on an old lathe

    Looks like one but just cut steady away too greedy and you will wreck the tip Regards Stephen
  2. Stellaghost

    Newbury Sortout 7th April 2019

    Had a very good day at Newbury great to meet some of the forum members to put faces to names thanks guys and most importantly Arjans roof has completed the first part of its journey
  3. Stellaghost

    p38 sagging material repair

    You could possibly put a very small incision into the lining and insert a plastic straw off a can of penetrating fluid and attatch that to some spray adhesive I have used this method in the past and worked ok for me Regards Stephen
  4. Stellaghost

    Help me hide bad welding

    Brushable seam sealer will sort you out can be over painted etc once dry will also take care of any pin holes in your welding Regards Stephen
  5. Stellaghost

    Need advice on finding the right vehicle

    Any Defender within your price range would suit most of your requirements and as before mentioned even in standard form they are very capable off road, I have had my lightweight ( obviously not a Defender ) since I first started off roading and back then it was better than my ability, as my skills improved my need to drive certain sections became greater than my vehicles ability so then I started modifying. I guess what I'm trying to say is you don't need all singing and dancing yet so I would advise buying the best condition standard vehicle you can afford and learn to live and grow with it modifying as your skills improve. If you want all the gear from scratch you will be less of a skillful driver in the long run as the machine will make up for lack of ability but if your patient and develop the driving skill once you start modifying you will go furthe.r I was once at an all makes promotion day on the North Yorkshire moors and Landrover had one of their drivers there in a bog standard 90 and he went everywhere the others could'nt plenty of capable vehicles there but not plenty of capable drivers and that made the difference. Regards Stephen
  6. The roof continues had a rake about in the garage cos I knew I had some seal material found it and fitted it the joint being on one of the long sides Arjan if its no good then just bin it. Regards Stephen
  7. Stellaghost

    Air Portable Utility 1/2t S3

    I totally agree with that sentiment Bowie69 had my S3 Lightweight for 30 odd years and it will take me to my final resting place also have a 2a Lightweight that I started and never completed will be a nice retirement project eventually Enjoy it Maverick they become addictive. Regards Stephen
  8. My guesstimate would be about 850 miles depending upon where Arjan lives in the Auvergne !
  9. So did the mods for Arjan's roof today bit heath Robinson but got there Using trailer as a platform for folding Some c section steel and a ratchet strap for clamping Getting there with the fold using g clamps and hammers Folding finished and cut to size Tigged Cleaned up a bit and now ready to go to Newbury sort out
  10. Stellaghost

    Fuel filler extension tube gauze repair

    You could use silver solder ( pink flux covered rods ) very good with stainless have used them to repair sieve handles before Regards Stephen
  11. So Arjan the good news is I have decided to go to the Newbury sort out and will be taking the prospective roof section with me and pass it on to miketomcat if he is still going Mike I will pm you nearer the time for contact details if that's ok On a side note have looked at going to the sort out for a lot of years but not made it as yet as its a 13/14 hour round trip anyways going this year so dam well looking forward to it Regards Stephen
  12. Stellaghost

    What hoods/tilts/canvases fit what?

    I have a 2a and a 3 lightweight any of the civilian hoods will fit except series 1 Regards Stephen
  13. Stellaghost

    RRC Rear Prop Fitting

    Every days a school day thank you Regards Stephen
  14. Stellaghost

    RRC Rear Prop Fitting

    Have had to run a Disco with rear prop missing for a short period should manage it no problem bu you will need center diff locked to ensure it will drive at the front axle Regards Stephen
  15. So sorting out the mods for Arjan's roof this week. I have spoken to one of the young guys I work with who competes in motocross events throughout the UK and he is prepared to transport the roof section southwards as far as I'm aware he competes in Wales and at some point later in the year down at Portsmouth . He is away for a couple of weeks at the moment but when he gets back I will post a list of venues he is racing at and hopefully a forum member will be able to meet and collect roof section to help it further South. Will keep you posted Regards Stephen

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