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  1. Stellaghost

    Breakdown Cover

    Personally I have been with the AA for nearly 40 years and have never let me down for car or bike although I have had to tell them to put me in touch with their local recoverer as not all roads are named also last year they diverted a van to help my wife get dogs out of car in very hot day arrived within 10 mins and had dogs out in 5 really earned their keep that day but I must admit they are getting a tad expensive
  2. Stellaghost

    Not tools as such

    Got them from fatface yesterday there was also a blue one with a landrover on it
  3. Stellaghost

    Not tools as such

    Pre Christmas treat as figured Santa would not being these
  4. Stellaghost

    New Toy

    Champion thankyou
  5. Stellaghost

    New Toy

    I dont know how you guys add links or split the conversations down to reply to a specific thing but then l Can't even plug a welder in correctly 😠the one I've got is in the pictures hopefully the one I've got does not have plasma just tig and arc I have a small 3 in 1 jasic with plasma great little machine has for 9 years now with no problems will cut up to 8mm mild steel
  6. Stellaghost

    New Toy

    I'm such an idiot managed to connect the wrong way and blew a transistor shouldn't play when tired after night shift offending part removed will fit a new one when I get it on another note my ACDC tig is a stahlwerk had it about 2 years with no issues got it originally to make my good lady's aluminium agility equipment don't use it loads but cost £700 and came with foot pedal screen and gauges according to what I've read on the net there after care service seems good, bit cheaper than £1200
  7. Stellaghost

    Sticking down rubber check plate

    Sikaflex polyurathane mastic would do it i guess its what they use for car windscreens very very strong
  8. Stellaghost

    New Toy

    Have aluminium spool wire coming tomorrow so will get to play providing your stick welder or tig have the small push and twist connectors it will fit a stick welder came with conversion connectors for larger welder sockets will weld aluminium mild steel and stainless obviously changing the gas as required spools are 0.5 kg I plan on using it for more awkward areas that's difficult to get at with my ACDC tig Zardos has found the one I've got although I only paid £30 obviously you pay for what you get it won't get loads of work so the cost is worth the gamble may be a review on the net somewhere not had a look as yet if it works well will not need to go to the expense of an ACDC tig if not much ally welding required will keep you posted
  9. Stellaghost

    New Toy

    Hi Bowie69 Aluminium spool gun or steel depending upon gas does not connect to my mig but does connect to my handbag welder and my tig welder quite neat as the electrode and earth leads connect into the black box which provides power to the spool gun and also the 24v required for spool gun drive capable of up to 200 amps
  10. Stellaghost

    New Toy

    New toy for me have not tried it in anger yet as need some wire but all works up to now e bay bargain
  11. Stellaghost

    Mog 404 axles

    The part that will be keeping the axles together😊
  12. Stellaghost

    Mog 404 axles

    So started modifying mog rims to tubeless home made flat bar rollers helping out as of now 3 done and another 2 to do
  13. Stellaghost

    Bodywork Ideas.

    Yes lightweight bulkhead is flat I remember that was pretty cool did contemplate doing that for my mog axle project instead of shortening axles
  14. Stellaghost

    Bodywork Ideas.

    Lightweight panels would be easy enough to fab
  15. Stellaghost

    TIG Welder Throws The Trip...

    Having the same issues with an inverter drive for milling machine should be fitting a different mcb shortly that will hopefully sort things out I will let you know

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