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  1. I'm also guilty of not always having the guard on, only on 5" grinders i hasten to add, I also find it easier to be accurate and disc can get further into awkward corners, unlike Fridge I rarely wear gloves, however I always wear suitable eye protection. I've used grinders extensively for 40yrs and not had a A&E visit although to be fair I have had a couple of melting cut moments. On a more somber note I have in the last week took a healthy chunk out of the top of my thumb with a wood bench saw, again no gloves but i would argue that if I had had gloves on the damage could have been w
  2. Apparently he has designed the set up on the Landrover to carry his coffin, good on him British through and through regards Stephen
  3. +1 for Milwaukee fuel grinder, mine gets regular abuse and still going strong, way outlasted my previous makita equivalent regards stephen
  4. Copper or brass will work fine regards Stephen
  5. Use plastic padding metal putty, I used this to repair a hole in my lightweights tank before i made a stainless one, lasted for years, sure there is a one for petrol / diesel regards Stephen Edit There is its called leak fix regards Stephen
  6. Yes that grey panel is not too bad thankyou lol regards Stephen
  7. That's it fitted still got washers, wipers and windscreen bolts to do, had a couple of small tweaks but it fitted better than I had hoped regards Stephen
  8. Tin worm dug out and plated also another use for a coil spring clamp regards Stephen
  9. Forgot to add the other good thing about arc is no gas to bloody blow away regards Stephen
  10. Well vent panel fitting today but first a little repair work regards Stephen
  11. Mig is very convenient, easy enough and good enough for most Landrover work, however arc in general I find more versatile than mig as it's only a stick and current change for different metal types, way easier than changing bottles and reels, but it depends on what you play with, if it is only mild steel then mig is the way to go for most people Having said that I use mig most of the time but I do have a selection of rods to cover, mild steel, stainless, cast iron etc For thick material I think you can burn the weld in better and stronger with arc but that's just my opinion also
  12. Tardis is full unfortunately, wont fit in regards Stephen
  13. Really ! You mean you dont all have one of these regards Stephen
  14. Gutted this morning found these rips on my 2a canvass, its 10 year old but has just sat there not moving, canvass was new when I put it on, I wouldn't have thought it would have rotted through, is this normal or dodgy materials regards Stephen
  15. I would say we all have a small project we could post up this is mine, made this morning a small metal rack regards Stephen
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