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  1. Bowie69 what a great post I'm still spontaneously chuckling trying to decide if it justifys a forum name change to The Git or Bowie69's git but that might lead fellow forum members into thinking you were a tad indiscriminate in your youth can't have that wouldn't be fair to you so I will stick with the original regards the git oops Stephen
  2. Latest addition to my workshop guy I bought it off was using it to skim cylinder heads so the tooling for that will come in handy at some point works off house electrics just need to source some collets and cutters and jobs a good un regards Stephen
  3. You can fit them but you will need longwheel base or defender rims regards Stephen
  4. Sauce oil cleaned up internals removed awaiting a mince pie refit with added chilli for a bit extra zoom lol regards Stephen
  5. Could not resist buying this for the tree quite sad really regards Stephen
  6. We have an industrial one at work same principal but the industrial one has a rotating basket temp gets high but does a grand job of getting rid of oil residue nothing ventured nothing gained as the saying goes regards Stephen
  7. How would this locate at the front of a 90 along the top of the windscreen regards Stephen
  8. Hi All Bought this at the weekend at an auto jumble with a view to fitting it to my lightweight however there are some differences ie metal d rings at sides of front section also there seems to be a thick rolled section at the front where it would normally fit above the windscreen but has no means to hook on other than that everything else looks fine thanks in advance regards Stephen
  9. Hi Mo PM me your address and I'll send you a couple in the post tomorrow no charge regards Stephen
  10. Pretty sure I use the gray 2% ceriated tungstens and seem to get along fine with them on aluminium and a foot pedal is definately the way to go I bought a Stahlwerk tig and very happy with it obviously not classed as an expensive one but its weighing up usage against cost for me, anyway the pedal came with it and I'm sure it is only £35 to replace, the potentiometer gave me issues as was jumping the teeth on what looks like a piece of ribbed fan belt I added a spring to give tension to stop it jumping and has been fine since. I have only tried the 1.6 mm rods so far and have welded up to 5mm aluminium ok also the filler rod adding is a pain in the A*** but gratifying when it does come together all good fun enjoy the welding course regards Stephen
  11. Again for anyone that is interested pictures of finished lamp complete with shade regards Stephen
  12. Just bought this today at a local show as my old eclipse ones are knackered never heard of the make rep said they are an Irish company making quality not cheap tools at present they are trying to break into other areas must say seems very solid construction no play and smooth in operation time will tell if they last the 20yrs I had the eclipse ones regards Stephen
  13. Swivels were a problem for me once I set up the pre-load I had no more wobbles Regards Stephen
  14. One snap on one and two from machine mart to make the stack been abused for 15 years and still going strong regards Stephen
  15. Lamp finished apart from wiring, a coat of clear lacquer and a lampshade most likely with some sort of game bird on it photos are from all angles ( not sure on some of the colouring may have to rub off ) regards Stephen
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