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  1. Started making tapered boss for a frame joint done now but will spend a bit of time later lapping it in with grinding paste regards Stephen
  2. Well this is just a go to work car for his wife and the pair of them are too safety conscious for any degree of spiritedness regards Stephen
  3. Work colleague bought an F pace needed new discs and pads at 11000 miles at a cost of £1500 he's still arguing with them didn't help when I told him a Passat I had got its first pad and disc change at 70000 miles regards Stephen
  4. Axle built up to see if all still fits and turns YAAAY it turns and no tight spots happy happy happy regards Stephen
  5. How much of a pain are these diffs to go in never mind the weight if I ever post again with another unimog portal project someone kindly shoot me however diff in and angle looks not too bad regards Stephen
  6. Sometimes sensible has to take a back seat we're only on this ride once😁 regards Stephen
  7. Just be careful tightening up I think they can strip the threads more easily being a softer metal regards Stephen
  8. Will do had a half hearted attempt to remove brake assembly with winch on the car but no joy it's solid may remove winch today and start progressing after the weekend regards Stephen
  9. Virtual, 4 screens for f$$ks sake I struggle with smart phone and tablet one at a time regards Stephen
  10. Trailing arm, spring mounts and bump stop all tacked into position should probably fit diff, halfshafts etc to see if it all still goes together after the cut and shut regards Stephen
  11. Don't mind at all I will straighten it up at some point and see if it works regards Stephen
  12. So made some dollys to knock into the axle tube to keep alignment in check then tacked up and root welded Welded up internally and then finished welding outside I also discovered I'm not as strong as I used to be net result mog axle and jig 1 battery charger 0 regards Stephen
  13. It certainly is when I swap axle tubes on the front I will be doing things slightly differently pleased I made the jig to keep everything plumb for when I start welding up regards Stephen
  14. No going back now axle ends cut off so I can reposition the diff angle was at 4.8 degrees probably going to be changed to around 13/15 degrees to help with prop shaft angles need to turn a couple of dollys up to help with realignment but that's tomorrow as at work tonight regards Stephen
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