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  1. I think VB may disagree with that. CNC certainly involves skill just a different skill set to what I try to achieve regards Stephen
  2. Struggling for time at the moment however I managed to finish my pinion clamp contraption Have also managed to cut extensions into two of the existing splines Going to extend all 8 as far as these ones and then see what prop shaft end fits like Very slow work my bench top mill is all manually operated also I dont have dividing head so it's interesting thank god for glasses. So far not looking too bad but that's it for today domestic duties call regards Stephen
  3. No I would say traditional Defenders have become the new cash cow for suppliers, just look at what they sell for, you could have predicted the part supply chain would want their cut regards Stephen
  4. Keep me in mind until I check these ones please regards Stephen
  5. A quick question as you guys will know better I've just bought a 300tdi D1 and it has these alloys on I was wondering if they would be ok for my future double cab project thanks in advance regards Stephen
  6. Some more treasure for me today just out of curiosity is the bulkhead worth saving not really had much to do with 90 stuff regards Stephen
  7. At some point in the future I don't see why not, at least I know what I'm doing now and my second diff should get done quicker once I start it regards Stephen
  8. A rough mock up of original and modified diff housings side by side pictures not great sorry regards Stephen
  9. Thanks It shouldn't I've been pretty meticulous in welding it up and the dye pen results were encouraging, however I am looking at making some form of custom diff guard to protect from knocks and give additional strength regards Stephen
  10. Well that's the external diff welding complete Decided to dye pen it just to make sure I have no cracks No cracks but a few pin holes which I expected with the cast iron welding process. Diff stripped down and internals put into the parts washer at work Just need to remove inner circlip back grind and put a bead of weld around the inside regards Stephen
  11. That's how I see it regards Stephen
  12. Post welding = paint and gaskets to finish back axle and then wrap it up until I'm ready to fit it. Then spend a couple of months doing the front axle. nothing ready on lightweight to receive axles as yet, but when both axles finished the bodywork will come off to start on axle fitting, all mounting points will need strengthening / upgrading for the very heavy axles. props are a wee while away yet but once ready I'll make some regards Stephen
  13. Weld, pine, wire brush reposition weld pine wire brush reposition you get the idea. Bouts of welding over the last couple of days, progress but slow Its gonna take a wee while but on the positive no cracking and pinion turns easily, not that I check it as frequently now, I think there is enough weld now that it's not going to shift position regards Stephen
  14. Forgot to add even hot you can't just crack on and get it done, it can only be done in short runs ie: the max run length is 10x the diameter of rod you are using so 3.2 mm rods equates to a max run of 32mm which has to be stress relieved by piening, every run so a lot slower than other arc welding regards Stephen
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