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  1. One snap on one and two from machine mart to make the stack been abused for 15 years and still going strong regards Stephen
  2. Lamp finished apart from wiring, a coat of clear lacquer and a lampshade most likely with some sort of game bird on it photos are from all angles ( not sure on some of the colouring may have to rub off ) regards Stephen
  3. Some more detail and a bit of heat colouring regards Stephen
  4. Not yet some more detail to go on the gun and then fit it to the stand regards Stephen
  5. PM me next weekend with an address and I'll post some of to you on Monday regards Stephen
  6. I use these very strong but around £15-17 per box if you can give me a week I'll send you a box foc regards Stephen
  7. Some more progress for anyone that's interested regards Stephen
  8. Quite a while back on one of my mog axle posts somebody said the above title so here goes Started a project this weekend that I have been considering for a while elements of this are often carried by landrovers in the country ie game keepers but ultimately putting fabrication skills to the test Mods if you are not happy please remove and accept my apologies for posting So the project is to make a standard shotgun lamp Some of the bits cut pieces shaped shaping finished welding up and blending All put together and where I'm at now Going to fab a cartridge belt as part of the stand then buy a suitable lamp shade to finish hope to be complete by the end of next weekend Regards Stephen
  9. No I have added some lubricant regards Stephen
  10. Started refurbing the springs separated them first cleaned them up undercoated painted and finally back together regards Stephen
  11. You could apply some heat to hinges to help with removing pins a small blow lamp will do the job nicely regards Stephen
  12. Standard 20mm nut ( 30mm socket ) I replaced mine with nylock nuts from work so nothing special regards Stephen
  13. Great stuff I'm sure you will go from strength to strength on your welding in the future regards Stephen
  14. Today's labours regards Stephen
  15. As follows no particular order just a brain dump Suzuki GS 250 Kawasaki Z650 Vauxhall Viva my first do'er upper Series 2a swb the one that got me hooked TR7 Ford Cortina mk4 VW Polo Hyundai Stellar rust bucket 3 x Series 3 lightweights my portal project having been with me for 28 yrs 2 x Series 2a lightweights one I still have 4 x 109 Station wagons 3 x 88" Station wagons 101 forward control wish I still had it was bought to do up but relocated to Scotland and had to get shot of 2 x Bond bugs 3 x 300tdi D1's 2 x 200tdi D1's Fiat Doblo great car still have it Ford Ranger Wildtrak still have it Fiat Ducatto motorhome Peugeot motorhome still got it Yamaha LC 350 Kawasaki 1100 Eddie Lawson Replica 2x ZXR 750's GPZ 900 R Kawasaki KLX 650 Yamaha XT 550 Loaned to a friend for a job interview who wrote it off and lost his leg big lesson learned there Honda XL 250 Honda XL500 Husquvarna 400 Triumph tiger cub Triumph 3ta speed twin Ossa 250 twin shock Bultaco Sherpa Last but not least 3 x ride on lawn mowers two I still have
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