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  1. Looking at the extreme 4x4 ones at the moment, they look like a spherical set up on the bottom, remote res as well, they also look longer for increased articulation and the colour scheme ties in with some stuff on my lightweight, will probably ring them next week to see what the crack is. If they are built by Ohlins I will most likely give them a try regards Stephen
  2. I would have definitely been up for that 20yrs ago, but now I'm looking forward to retirement instead regards Stephen
  3. How much articulation are we talking about Daan regards Stephen
  4. Ah, but quite is like being second no bloody use at all lol regards Stephen
  5. Ross where did you get your fox shocks from it you don't mind me asking regards Stephen
  6. Remember these started working on them All stainless so no worry about corrosion, will go well with braided lines when I get them regards Stephen
  7. Never had a pro comp snap and I used to do modified trials with AWDC, being realistic and due to the weight of the axles I know I'm going to need something better than pro comp, what I'm finding is not great feedback on what I thought was some of the better shocks ie: ome, terrafirma so I'm thinking of remote res ones, it's justifying to myself whether to go £160 or £260 per corner over future use But you right I'm more of a how high, deep and rutted type as appose to flat out, always loved the challenge of very difficult terrain, which is partially how my lightweight has evolved as in I can't get over, through that, modify and now I can, hence the quest for a stronger drive train and greater ground clearance Of course loads of people are running bigger tyres now and due to that changes had to be made, you do get a bit sick of getting hung up on diffs between the tracks hence the portal conversion regards Stephen
  8. Dont mind paying reasonable money have been looking at Fox and a few sites are saying out of stock, however I need to weigh up cost over actual use, the equip remote res ones are about £165 a corner but it would be nice to find some sort of a review as to what they are like, if they are made by Ohlins that would seal the deal for me as Ohlins make good shocks but more in the motorcycle field regards Stephen
  9. Not easily, take the pictures and figure out where yours sits in the rat to concours scale, have a look at pricing in landrover owner mag they used to do 3 different prices you expect to pay for different conditions of vehicle and suss out where you think yours sits and put a price in you think is realistic regards Stephen
  10. Had Ohlins on my bike brilliant shocks regards Stephen
  11. Maybe not a concern, depending upon how it was extinguished, but if any of the metal pipes were glowing or any other important steelwork was quenched too quickly you could run into issues at a later date as structure of steel will be altered ie: the pipes in the picture could fracture with vibration regards Stephen
  12. I would really really really like to go to this event in my mogweight at some point in the future regards Stephen
  13. Switch off from it tonight if you can, it's only nuts and bolts...... Problem being when nowt's going right, it effects everything and frustration is not a clear head. Sometimes you have to walk away, when your heads in a better place you can look at it with new eyes, 9 times out of 10 it will be something simple Been there myself on occasions to numerous to list regards Stephen
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