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  1. Having your concrete slab sloping slightly away from the garage will also help apologies if I'm telling you how to suck eggs regards Stephen
  2. On my shutter door there is a hollow round section of rubber seal that compresses when door is at the bottom works well regards Stephen
  3. I've used thin rubber belt at work to keep dust and water out if you attach so it causes the rubber to deform slightly thus putting some pressure to the ground to act as a seal it should be ok the other method would be to cut out a narrow drainage channel and cover with some heavy duty mesh or punched plate so water runs away and you can still roll over drain channel could also be scraped out occasionally regards Stephen
  4. L19mud if you cut two bits of hardwood to the profile you need and then clamp your aluminium between allowing for how much you want to fold over you will find it hammer forms easy enough with a bit of patience I'm talking about the profile for the capping if you want to form the curve for the body curves a couple of bits of wood / angle iron in vice will suffice and then a length of half pipe to form the aluminium around for the curve regards Stephen
  5. I also noticed that but after straps have loosened off with use and weave is not so tight it might be different also if your up to your neck in mud it might be a pain to feed through the narrow slits on a standard rim regards Stephen
  6. I'm with supaimpy when I put my 200tdi into lightweight I used 300tdi manifold etc way easier to sort for rest of exhaust run regards Stephen
  7. Under cover of high winds my sankey trailer body attacked my lightweight as if I did'nt have enough to do lol regards Stephen ouch
  8. Lo-fi I would have a go if I were you, you certainly have the skills and machinary to do it just a case of obtaining the right materials I have two home made plate folders one fits in the vice and will fold 2mm plate over about 20" and the other one is floor standing and will bend 2 mm aluminium over 43" but not substantial enough for steel sheet it was made to form aluminium when I made my wifes dog agility equipment. I am at some point looking to make a heavy duty box and pan folder so have started collecting materials, for the fingers I have a 4 Foot long loading shovel bucket tip that really just needs cutting into fingers, as with everything too many projects and too little time regards Stephen
  9. I think you said part of it yourself the bulkhead work is not difficult its just cut, shut, weld and repeat and going by some of your recent projects not very technically inspiring therefore quite boring it probably does'nt help that you have a new toy to play with and just want to explore its capabilities I have the same problem when I purchase a new to me bit of kit however some days I do get brain drain with certain projects and doing something relatively mundane like a bit of bulkhead fab put's me back on track chin up it will come back regards Stephen
  10. I'm with mmgemini on this as I buy individual snap on sockets and keep them on a clip rail however I am finding that more often than not some car manufacturers are changing bolt head sizes just to be awkward in my opinion therefore previously redundant sockets in a set are now usable so I guess its individual preference as to what you buy my Doblo has 18 and 16 mm sizes which I would not have needed years ago having said that I do have a 1/4 drive socket set that is very useful regards Stephen
  11. Replaced most of my cordless gear over the last couple of years with Milwaukee dammed good gear regards Stephen
  12. I take it they are only of any use if you have some sort of spoked wheel can't see how they would work with standard land rover rims regards Stephen
  13. Forks completed apart from paint regards Stephen
  14. All the best to the forum community 2020 for me means hopefully moving house and gaining bigger work space only issue with that is it temporarily stalls projects but all for the greater good regards Stephen
  15. Not so good on doing the link thing got blade from folkestone fixings if you put makita b-46296 in the search box it should come up regards Stephen
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