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  1. Stellaghost

    Riveting stuff

    what an excellent idea will be adopting that in the future How very true Regards Stephen
  2. Stellaghost


    Seriously jealous
  3. Stellaghost

    Riveting stuff

    Perhaps I've just supplied the bullets 😈
  4. Stellaghost

    Riveting stuff

    Something else i purchased recently they are called clecos a type of removable rivet i used for them test fitting panels before riveting up I'm finding them quite usefull got mine from amazon
  5. Stellaghost

    New to me toys

    The 3 in 1 will come in handy for brackets etc the sander will be fitted with metal grinding abrasives for cleaning stuff up I also fancy making some knives at some point but need to get started on making a forge first the benders are for roll cage and suspension arms for my portal project once I can get back on to it I seem to remember someone on the forum cursed me by saying it would be nearly ready for its first outing lol but I do say having the right toys makes life easier regards Stephen
  6. Stellaghost

    New to me toys

    Some new gear for me all working just needing a clean up quite a few more formers with the benders although one needing new former that fits within the legs
  7. Stellaghost

    A BIG, BIG thank you !!!!!!

    Hi Arjan just seen this looks simple and effective regards Stephen
  8. Stellaghost

    A BIG, BIG thank you !!!!!!

    Great news Arjan very pleased it fits within the roll cage good luck with the rest of the project Regards Stephen
  9. Stellaghost


    To be honest I,m not bothered about MOT exempt as a yearly MOT stops you putting jobs off I'm more interested in getting it tax exempt the DVLA guy asked about age related plate but I told him it was'nt an issue Will keep you informed on progress as sending docs away this week DVLA recons about 4 weeks to process Regards Stephen
  10. Stellaghost


    I'm doing something similar at the moment as my Q reg ex military lightweight was built in november 1973 I phoned DVLA and got a really helpful guy who told me I need a V10 form filled in for historic tax a current MOT, my proof of manufacture certificate and my V5 Might be easier than that for you as not having to prove age but you will require the V10 Hope this helps regards Stephen
  11. Stellaghost

    Air intake hose

    What length are you looking for I have a couple of short lengths of wyrem flexible ducting that would do the job Regards Stephen
  12. Stellaghost

    Welding chassis

    Have done loads of welding with battery in place but I always make sure earth is as close as possible to area to be welded Regards Stephen
  13. Stellaghost

    Crank Pulley puller

    Milwaukee every time for me got several cordless tools all exceeding performance of previous gear always used to be makita but not now
  14. Stellaghost

    Starting turning on an old lathe

    Looks like one but just cut steady away too greedy and you will wreck the tip Regards Stephen
  15. Stellaghost

    Newbury Sortout 7th April 2019

    Had a very good day at Newbury great to meet some of the forum members to put faces to names thanks guys and most importantly Arjans roof has completed the first part of its journey

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