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  1. Try Goodwinch, I'm sure David will be able to help
  2. Hi all, Fitting Megasquirt to a Rover V8 powered Westfield. Does anyone have a map we could pinch/borrow/steal for a 3.9EDS as we seem to be struggling. Thank you in advance
  3. Should have drove that Mr W, at least you're saving on tyre wear
  4. I has one but it only lasted one event. BOWROPE is what you want.
  5. The MSA permit has arrived this morning, Will this be the first MSA challenge of the new year??? This will be a "hunt the punch" style event at Little Witley, Worcestershire (WR6 6LE), This is not a huge site but it does have a lot to offer. As its a MSA event you will need competition licenses' spill kits etc. Scrutineering opens at 8:00 followed by the team briefing at 9:30 and start time being 10:00. For more information please see : http://www.midwestoffroaders.co.uk/index.php?pr=Next_Event
  6. Hi all, The Midwest offroaders are running a trial at West Malvern, Worcestershire this Sunday.This is open to anyone who is a member of an MSA affiliated off road club (please bring along a valid membership card) Scrutineering closes at 9:30 £20 entry fee For any further information and maps etc take a look at our website www.midwestoffroaders.co.uk Thanks Eddie
  7. The only event I've seen that states a license is required is the XTC I'm assuming this is because of he speed sections. As Nigel states it's not in any 2010 literature. If this is the case then surely the MSA would have contacted all the clubs by now?? Eddie
  8. This event has now been re-scheduled for the 7th February, See their website for further information. www.midwestoffroaders.co.uk Eddie
  10. Hi Guys, Here's a little more information for you. Little Witley Punch Hunt 10th January This information is off the Midwest offroaders club website, There's a downloadable map on there too. Scrutineering for the punch hunt will close at 9:30 with the event starting at 10am running through until 3pm Entry fee £25 Roll cages are compulsory for the Modified class. There will be a prize giving after the event for the first three placings in the both modified & standard classes. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Alan from Lifting & Crane Services Limited for spons
  11. Temperature taken from the sump. www.digi-panel.com/digidevicesweb/trannyoil.htm
  12. We use quite a large cooler (approx 10" square not sure how many rows) which is mounted behind the truck cab. I've fitted a fan but even with it fitted out of direct airflow I've had to blank of some of the surface area of the cooler because it wasn't even reaching operating temperature. Eddie
  13. Motor & Deisel do an adapter plate but it's not cheap, Good conversion though beacuse you can use the V8 torque convertor which is bigger then the Tdi one.
  14. Sorry, Yes it was a ZF from a RRC - didn't realise the oil was pumped both ways, All sorted now thanks for the info. Eddie
  15. Hi Guys, Can you tell me which pipe from the gearbox is which, ( which one takes the hot oil to the cooler and which is the return) 1 pipe comes out of the side of the gearbox the other from the bottom, Also which one has the temperature warning lamp in it? Thanks Eddie
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