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  1. Thanks Paul, Would you be willing to sell one of your complete Sumitomo 14 way kits? I'll actually need a couple of others which I am guessing are Sumitomo too... you don't happen to have these too, do you? C0390/ C0376 (Rear lights I believe?) C0391/C0377 - Rear wiper, heated rear screen, fuel level etc? The BMW part numbers I believe I came across last night... (see below). I'll see if my local dealer has any. Hopefully they come complete with pins etc.? Thanks again Sam
  2. Hi all, I'm in the process of doing a Cummins engine conversion using a late Td5 main (bulkhead) loom. I'm making my own engine loom for the Cummins; but in order to mate it neatly with the Td5 bulkhead loom I need to find and order connectors to suit. So does anyone know what type of connectors/multi plugs these are, and if they can be bought anywhere? C0449 C0448 Many thanks in advance!
  3. Thanks for the reply Retro - and not to worry, it looks like it may be possible after all! That's great to hear. So it is also possible to interrogate the 10AS without a main ECU being present then? Didn't expect that! So with a nanocom, I should in theory be able to add fobs and enable/disable 10AS features as required?
  4. Another thread revival!! @Retroanaconda, did you ever have any success with getting the 10AS alarm system to work in your project? I'm building a Cummins powered 130 using a new old-stock Td5 main loom (YMC500900), and wondering the same thing - whether or not it will run without the Td5 ECU present. Cheers!
  5. Hi all - my new (to me) 1999 Td5 Disco ES is very lovely in every way except for a lack of 'balls' or 'guts'. It starts on the button with very little smoke, runs smoothly and generally seems happy except that acceleration is what I would describe as pedestrian. Pulling away is painfully slow at times and it struggles to hold more than 70mph on the motorway. On some motorway hills it will slow to below 50mph with my foot flat to the floor. Things that have been checked/done: - MAF sensor unplugged, no noticeable change. (Reads 4.4 g/hr on Nanocom). - MAP removed and cleaned, was quite black and gungey - very small improvement. - AAP removed and cleaned, wasn't dirty, no change. - Injector harness changed - no improvement. - Checked for oil at red ECU plug - very small amount, cleaned with contact cleaner twice. No change. - Checked intercooler pipes - they seem 'soft' compared to old Tdi ones but are sound with no splits or leaks. - Checked turbo impeller for play - very little, normal amount. - No EGR present (would a 99 have had one?) - Will rev up to 4,750rpm/governer cleanly (perhaps a little reluctant but does get there). - Turbo wastegate is free. With my newly acquired Nanocom I have ascertained that the correct level of ambient air pressure (~100kPA) and manifold turbo pressure (~210kPA) are being registered, and the turbo wastegate actuator begins to open at around 160-180kPA with a reading of between 30-40%. The only recurring error I get is 'EGR valve stuck open' which I presume has something to do with it being removed? Any suggestions as to what I can try now? I'm at a loss really and would be overjoyed to be able to sort this and get it going properly!!
  6. Amazing! I'm currently planning out a very similar set-up for my 130 expedition vehicle, except using a mechanical injection pump on the engine. May I ask where you bought the 722.6 controller, and how much you paid? Will be subscribing and following this with much interest!
  7. Hi Western -- was that picture taken by you? If so, would it be possible for you to take an accurate measurement for me? I've got a dilemma, basically I need to know how much longer FTC3192 is than FTC5199 (R380 Td5 pushrod). FTC5199 measures up at about 99mm. If you could let me know what FTC3192 is it'd be greatly appreciated. Many thanks
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