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  1. Stat at bottom would need to be set much lower to function correctly. 88° out of the radiator is way too hot considering that's the temperature it's supposed to go in at.
  2. D2 axles needn't be any wider track than D1/Defender/RRC axles as you run with far less wheel offset. Wheel bearings, and they are actually decent too, can now be had for about £60. Fitted loads, to different vehicles I hasten to add. They are really easy to work on. The diffs and drive flanges are the same as D1. Other than that anything that applies to fitting the earlier generation coiler axles applies the same. I've seriously considered this for my Series for some time. The reduced scrub radius won't harm either. I'd also end up with the same axles on my competition motor, tow motor and my Series.
  3. Got it. For info. The GB shafts are still going strong. They have done lots of trials and challenges and I've been far from gentle with them.
  4. I have been running my V8 stage one front axle for about 5 years now. It has custom shafts and AEU2322 CVs with machined down drive flanges. Initially I had Rakeway EN24 shafts but the short shaft is that short it has very little material to spring and snapped. I then upgraded to 300M and have never looked back. Running with a pegged Ashcroft Locker with 4.7:1 gearset.
  5. Why not go with an Ashcroft ATB rather than a full locker? It might suit your usage better. Still go pegged and HD shafts with it. I wouldn't go HD R&P as well as pegged for laning. I've stripped a pegged front diff in my Series but it was landing full throttle from a climb up the side of a stone quarry with the locker in so entirely driver error on my part. It took a lot of teeth off. I have Ashcroft rear Series shafts and they have taken much abuse without issue. The ATB over full locker would give greater reliability as you are eliminating the whole air and switching systems. Also, I've found, the ATB diffs aren't as demanding on the shafts similar to the way an autobox gives reduced breakage.
  6. Not been on here for a while. Over the summer I fitted a set of 12" travel Bilstein 4600 Series dampers on the rear of my 88" with GB Springs 3 leaf parabolics. Obviously on new top and bottom mounts, 31" long! They replaced a set of Rough Country previously fitted and the ride is brilliant. I can take it foot to the floor across a quarry bed and not feel overly nervous. Straight line stability was the best improvement. The difference truly is night and day. IF I get time later I'll post up a thread on the brackets and mods, oh and that is on Revolver Shackles too
  7. I have seen the Gon2Far pictures many times over the years but I've only just realised that the front axle damper mounts are ambulance anti rollbar mounts.
  8. Soren, I completely forgot. Tomorrow...
  9. I have a D2 front in the workshop just missing brakes that I'm thinking of fitting under my Series. I'll try and weigh it for you soon Soren, but on sweat and grunting from lifting them around I'd say there is little in it.
  10. Very rare to get round shoes these days according to my local supplier. I saw somewhere someone adjusting a set in a big vice recently. Have you got any air in there pushing them out?
  11. We have a lab full of test rigs which run for days fatigue testing suspension components as well as all the computer simulated testing.
  12. I just put a front and rear pair in the scrap bin on Friday after looking at them for a good while thinking I must be able to use these for something fun. I then thought I just don't have the spare time get them gone before you start another crazy money pit overly complicated enhancement.
  13. It's not just the ALRC. D2 arm is different again, it has a banana bend in it.
  14. Afernoon Soren. Still winch challenging mine on it's leaf springs. Can't access the Lightweight page from this PC but I'll have a look see later.
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