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  1. Yes many thanks to Tony and Val for their excellent hospitality and for inviting us in the first place . Both Sarah and I enjoyed our first winch event. Thanks also to team mates Les and Nigel for making it good fun. Will post pictures as soon as i get them developed. Thnks again Billy.
  2. How do 1 alter the resolution. Thanks Billy.
  3. Thankyou for that everyone i've managed it at last , thought it was more complicated than that. Billy
  4. Heres my beast hopefully it will have a bit more lift before the birthday bash
  5. How do you post pictures on the forum. I have managed to get picture onto photo bucket.com but i'm still not sure how you get them onto the forum as it seams really complicated. I'm not sure what you put in what box in regards to http:// IMG @ QUOTE CODE List etc. Have tried to follow the tutorial at photo bucket but its still not clear to me as I'm not that technical on the computer.
  6. Yeah hows it going Les youve gone all quiet.
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