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  1. Cold starting issues - new build rover 3.5v8

    You have got the choke connected up and are using it?
  2. Need a Product name for my newest product !

    The “Beagley special upgrade”? or the anti rough-arse device?
  3. Need a Product name for my newest product !

    Drop Lock? Or drip lock or soemthing like that?
  4. Kempi tig 150

    I’ve got one somewhere, but god knows where. It really doesn’t tell you very much......
  5. Best Heater in a series

    I’m with fridge on this one. The original series 3 heater was pathetic. I now have a defender heater and it’s still pretty pathetic. The heat output is ok, but the blower output, by the t8me it gets up to the screen demise vents is woeful. I have a mikuni version of an eberspacher - it’s excellent, and cost me less than £100 - gives I stand heat that is toasty warm in a hardtop series with no insulation in double digit minus temperatures. I find that the 200tdi in mine never warms up fully when it’s really cold - after 30miles the radiator is still stone cold, and the temp gauge is below normal (and yes my thermostat is fine). jon
  6. Felt washer ?

    On the outer to seal the cap.
  7. New Leaf spring suppliers

    Yep. Wouldn't fit anything except parabolics either. i have allmakes ones, do what they say on the tin. No complaints.
  8. Felt washer ?

    You don't use them. There is an o ring that sits on the 24 spline drive flange which seals against the centre cup.
  9. Series swb 5 Speed Conversion - Help

    Standard series rear prop cut down to suit. Cant remember the difference in lengths now. I used to know but it was a long time ago. Amount of chassis mods depends on how you want to do things. I removed the series gearbox mount crossmember comepletely and used the defender mounts. The bell housing crossmember needs more modification for front prop clearance. I cut out the series one, and used a discovery one welded in its place. The disco one is slimmer, but much heavier duty. Series ones bend too easily anyway....,
  10. Series swb 5 Speed Conversion - Help

    I have a 200tdi on the stock series engine mounts, with an lt77 and lt230 in my 88" series. There is no issue with the trans length.
  11. Series swb 5 Speed Conversion - Help

    Having had all of your above options, I can categorically say that the best and nicest drive is the lt77 and lt230 combo. I wouldn't go back. jon
  12. Should I buy it?? 😅

    Item not available....
  13. Should I buy it?? 😅

    £13k for a series? Are you mad?
  14. Warn Winch Wiring Question

    Just cut them off. They are not required. No need to insulate or anything.