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  1. does it actually boil over, or just show hot on the gauge?
  2. Yes you need to plumb the small diameter coolant pipe from the inlet manifold into the top of the rad. It's simple enough to solder another pipe into the rad to allow this. if your fan isn't turning on at a low enough temp then either the switch is faulty, or swap it for one that turns on at a lower temp. even a 4 row series rad is on its limit keeping a v8 cool. They're not really big enough. jon
  3. Why not just run inner tubes?
  4. Record vices used to be lifetime guarantee....
  5. I've used the Zeus ones. They work well, as the o ring in them runs on a different part of the shaft it saves having to sleeve the worn shafts. The Zeus kit only replaces the inner pressure seal however, so I chose to add a secondary standard seal to help keep the carp out. jon
  6. I use Milestone which free for up to 8 cameras and use a NUC as a recording server. I've also set up dynamic dns to allow me to use the iPhone app to connect to my home system to view the footage. ive a mix of it cameras, old analogue cameras connected via encoders, but have also simply used USB webcams. The webcams are blind at night however. Have a look at milestones software - we use the corporate version of the software at work, so it was an obvious choice for me. the problem with home cctv is always the cost of cameras, as decent cameras are not cheap, and cheap cameras are not decent. jon
  7. Dead easy to do with a bit of string. I've always done mine this way. It's so simple it's impossible to do wrong.
  8. Yes it's very worthwhile. heystee do a kit with a ram that bolts into the standard series steering but it's not the best - it still keeps the vagueness of the series steering. It's also silly money. most make up their own using steering boxes from defenders or P38 range rovers. mine uses a 6 bolt defender steering box coupled to the 200tdi disco pas pump with a defender column. Works well, takes a lot f the vagueness out of the steering, but it most definitely isn't a bolt in job, and requires fabrication. do a search in here it's been covered many times before.
  9. Electric fuel pump
  10. Never worked on anything that new fangled.......Proper old landrovers are all imperial! 1978 is the newest series I've ever touched.....
  11. What size tool fits things is irrelevant. It's the actual thread sizes that matter. I agree a lot of spanner sizes are very close - For example..... 7/16" af is pretty close to 11mm 1/2" af is pretty close to 13mm 3/8BS is pretty close to 15mm etc...... but you will find that the correct bolts and the correct threads are not metric!
  12. Correct. No metric bolts anywhere on a series it's all imperial.
  13. Hammer a bolster into the split where the eye in the end of the spring turns back against the flat of the spring. This will open up the eye a tiny bit and may allow you to drive out the metal tube. I've got them out this way before. otherwise go and buy a hacksaw - they are not expensive.
  14. The bolt said corrode and seize completely into the metal tubes in the bushes. Hacksaw between the springs and the hangers is the only solution. A boring and uncomfortable job, then replace the bushes and bolts with new. Done loads of them.... jon