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  1. Yes. Ran them for more than ten years. No issues other than slight click back through the steering on full lock, which I can easily live with. i have now converted to CVs and custom HD shafts, but only for reasons of shaft strength. No series shafts stand up to 35” tyres and diff lockers.
  2. I have P38 steering on my series Nigel 😉
  3. Scallop the crossmember for clearance like the military ones. That’s the usual way to do it.
  4. Zeus seal kit. Works well as it puts the seal against a different part of the shaft so works around the worn shaft. I had one in mine for years before I did the P38 conversion.
  5. Agree completely! I actually thought he’d made a typo and wanted an LT77. Almost nobody calls them an LT76 and most people will have no clue what you’re asking for. Ask for a series 3 gearbox and you’ll be on to a winner. They are **** though, they break way too easily. I gave up with them years ago - how about just going for an upgrade?
  6. Yipe! You can buy flex sections in various sizes to cut and weld in. They’re not expensive - must be a cheaper solution
  7. If it’s a standard landrover part swing into Keith gotts in Alton they will almost certainly have one on the shelf.
  8. Why not just omit the half shafts - job done
  9. I have this one from screwfix. https://www.screwfix.com/p/erbauer-air-hose-reel-x-15m/2517h quite happy with it and air hose seems to be decent quality. jon
  10. Check the inertia switch - possible it’s got knocked during the repair work and needs resetting.
  11. Why on earth didn’t you go 24spline on the inners?
  12. Cough, 200tdi and 34” simex jungle trekkers
  13. Mine came from China via eBay, and works perfectly. I think it cost about £10. It came with the compression fitting and I just needed to drill and tap the hole.
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