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  1. Jon White

    Snorkel tube to roll cage bracket

    Why not just buy the Southdown ones if it’s a Southdown snorkel? They work well and are stainless.
  2. Jon White

    What diff lock or LSD for a 200 Tdi Series ?

    What gearbox, what transfer box and what size tyres?
  3. Jon White

    V8 into series 3

    Agree. They always seem to get separated. Learn what the components look like individually and keep your eyes peeled.
  4. Jon White

    V8 into series 3

    I don’t think anyone has made the kits for years. As fridge says they turn up used from time to time.
  5. Bear in mind that a defender column is longer than a series column, so it puts the steering wheel several inches closer to the driver when fitting.
  6. Jon White

    Defender Vs Series Track Rod ends

  7. Jon White

    Defender Vs Series Track Rod ends

    The only difference is the length of the thread where it bolts through the steering arm. The series ones are shorter. You can use a defender tre on a series, but series ones on a defender are a bit short and you can barely get the thread through the nyloc. Defender steering arms are thicker than series. the taper is the same, and the thread that goes into the rods is the same.
  8. Jon White

    Paint a winch drum ... or not?

    I did the same with my m8000 recently and was shocked at how corroded it was also. i galvafroided mine, but I have subsequently picked up a replacement drum at Newbury for £5 so will fit that at some point. jon
  9. Stub axle bolts are 3/8” BSF. Don’t believe they were ever metric, but it’s entirely possible that a pattern part supplier has made stubs with 10mm holes because these days metric is the standard....
  10. As all the above have said. Classic symptoms of a poor or missing earth. jon
  11. Jon White

    Running hot

    I found a 10v solid state one was too high a voltage - I believe the old mechanical one is a “nominal” 10v which in reality never really is 10v. I swapped mine to a 9v and it’s much better now. Jon
  12. Jon White

    Smith’s gauge refurb

    Speedy cables repair gauges
  13. Pull the diff out, sandblasting will ruin it.
  14. Jon White

    LT230 breather banjo union

    The thread size is 1/8 bsp. Just buy standard 6mm push in fittings they are pennies off of eBay either in straight or 90 degree elbow

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