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  1. thanks guys , im looking for specs as want to buld one for my 90.
  2. Does anyone know who made the aluminium dashboardin the tomb raider hi cap for the movie? i read online somewhere it was a fabrication firm in Scotland.
  3. Can anyone send me any green lane routes for around the Yorkshire dales as im planning some laneing for next weekend? my address is avabrew@hotmail.co.uk Sam
  4. The original photo was a 130 but its just to give an idea
  5. Yes I agree with the rear overhand but I’m not building this landy to go off road more for towing and everyday farm use. I had a play on photo shop and this is what im aiming for
  6. I’m about to start building a Defender 100 inch hybrid using RR chassis with a 3.5 v8 on carbs with an LT95 4 speed box. I’m basing it on the 110 hi cap used in the first tomb raider movie “The Cradle of Life" but with a couple of changes. I already have a bulkhead with dash , 90 tub and seat box , wings and front end etc.... But after measuring a mates 130 I think a 130 hi cap tub should fit nicely without any modification, as i plan to cut the 90 tub down to make an extended cab or "king cab" , will this work ?
  7. Im makeing one out of a defender rear door i had left over from converting from hard top to truck cab. This will mean i can lock the tailgate and with an alloy load cover on will be able to stop things going walkies
  8. a negertive rant at the hunting ban too is never a bad thing , couldnt stop smileing when he ended up nose down in a ditch tho
  9. Yes i was impressed by it too , even with what looked like road tyres and yes brilliant entertainment
  10. Hi i am just watching the feature on "greenlaneing" on top gear in the Daihatsu terios with Clarkson , i feel that the presenters have given the wrong impression about responsible greenlaneing , off roading in general. Responsible off roading is not rallying around the countryside with no consideration for the environment , and the fact that is was a Disco 3 filming it. What do others think ?
  11. After 2 90 were attempted to get stolen from my unis car park and a friend’s td5 stolen yesterday locally to home i have been looking at extra security for my 90. Has anyone fitted the The Meck Lock System from MUD UK ? the web site claims alot from it Sam
  12. Im currently fitting a pair of forward facing rear seats in my 90 , that I got used off eBay. It came with the seats, belts and mounting kit. Does anyone have any instructions on where all the brackets go for mounting the seat belts correctly ?
  13. If I fit a bulkhead removal bar to my 90 CSW would it be possible to fit a pair of used Forward Facing Fold Up seats from Exmoor and a pair of Inward Facing Fold Ups behind them ? Sam
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