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  1. I did my 99 plate defender 110 and I found it ok to do, you could do with an extra pair of hands as mentioned above but it wasn't too bad at all....
  2. That's the one I got, thanks for that
  3. Just had a look on their website and they have a loctite one which looks about right. That's a job to purchase tomorrow. Thanks for the help
  4. Cool well I will get the new gasket, what sealant did you use?.
  5. The old seal didn't have any obvious damage but I put it back with some red gasket sealant and was unsuccessful. Saying that it was an old tube of sealant so maybe I should try a new tube. Seems to be leaking from the rubber D to the rear of the block.
  6. I've got a 1999 TD5 110 which I have finally found the source of the oil leak on!! It's not the FPR as first thought but turns out to be the cam cover seal which I suspect is part number ERR7094G. However I need some help! Do I buy the genuine seal @ £26 or do I get the remake at about £9? Plus does anyone know what torque the fixing bolts should be re-fitted at? Cheers....
  7. Right well it isn't the FPR as the oil I found this afternoon is coming from the engine joint above but not the black gasket on the top rocker box. I assume there is another seal in there ? I've tried to add a photo of the location but can't seem to add it.
  8. It is, I've got no oil from anywhere to the front or sides of the engine it is literally in the position of the FPR. I've given it a good clean round and will run it and see if I can find a source
  9. So I have dug down to the FPR and smelled round as much as possible but I'm finding oil in that area but it isn't smelling of diesel. I've nipped up the bolts on the top engine cover but there is no obvious sources of oil....definitely no smell of diesel though either?? Any more thoughts?
  10. Well tonight I have sourced the illusive tube from the aforementioned kitchen roll, however I'm now not popular and the roll was full when I found it!!! Oops.... I will have a good smell round tomorrow night when hopefully it's not raining sideways in Durham!!!
  11. It's just a bit weird as it didn't smell like diesel and looked very much like oil, however I will have another look and see. I've got to say it is exactly as described above along from the bell housing to the transfer box.
  12. Hi, just looking for some help. My 99 plate 110 TD5 has developed a leak...no surprise to many, but she been a good girl to date! It seems to be coming from around the location of the fuel pressure regulator or at least in that location. It is then running down the block and dropping of the bottom of the housing. Many feeds suggest it is the FPR, however why is it a source of leaking oil? Is the solution to replace the gasket? And do I replace the o rings while I'm in there? Any help would be appreciated. Cheers Stuart
  13. Have found this though which shows a mini roof colour as aspen white http://martinlewis.co.uk/ml/mini-paint-colour-codes/ mine is Ex Cumbria constabulary so maybe they used that.....
  14. i know its wierd, they are convinced so im wondering if it is a Rover colour?, needless to say its a brilliant match.....hurrah!
  15. Well i finally managed to get a colour match for my td5 110, after numerous people telling me it was Chawton white it has now been confirmed as Landrover Aspen White, but i cant find any reference to that on any colour charts. Is it there or have i just developed a new colour?.....needless to say i have had a batch made up and the colour is spot on so if anyone is looking for a colour match then i would be happy to pass on their details in south Durham area.
  16. well im going to start with changing the seals on the bulkhead vents as they dont seal very well in a couple of places, and also replace the screen bracket seals then seal the foam joint under the windscreen with a bead of silicone and go from there. If all else fails im going to buy a duck!
  17. ive checked the doors and have a aluminium upstand sealed into the floor to protect the ingress from the bottoms of the doors but thanks for the help it is all appreciated. I have concerns about the guttering under the windscreen and the seal along there. thankfull ive invested in a breathable cover which is on her tonight with the bulkhead vents open to see if she will dry out a bit, or if nothing else get rid of the damp smell....i just wonder if all of the snow in Durham recently hasnt helped and let water get above a seal level...happy days
  18. So I checked over the 110 tonight and found that under the rubber matting in the front footwells are soaken again. I havent had this is a while but its back. She sits on a slight incline with the front facing up the hill. Im wondering if the water is coming in from the gutter under the windscreen or maybe the bulkhead vents, but id be interested to see if anyone else has had this problem and resolved it... ps....before you tell me they all leak i already know......
  19. Thats what i thought but it looks like they may have chosed a Daz or Persil White instead of an easy to match colour....probably going to have to get it colour matched i think...and sell the Chawton white sprays i bought...bugger..cheers
  20. So i got my Ex Cumbria Police Defender about 18 months ago and now im going to have to tackle some bodywork, but wait for it here it comes......ah yes its not in the Chawton white as you would expect with a 1999 vehicle, i has been resprayed in something else. The chawton white is too creamy and mine is whiter if that makes sense.......so heres the question.....do the cops use a standard white or not? if not its sprayshop colour matching for me!
  21. Hi, just looking at the cross member on the rear of my 110 and thinking its about time it got a new coat of paint and a bit of rust treatment. Any guidance on a satin black paint to give excellent protection, or even ones to stay clear of..... Cheers
  22. Anyone else had a leak from the top joint on their power steeting pump. Ive got a T plate '99 td5 and noticed some dripping from underneath. Dried it all round then found the dripping again. Looks like the top of the pump has 4 bolts round the edge of a square panel and a central nut. The leak seems to be coming from the joint that runs round on the top of the unit......so i guess then my question is......what do i do to resolve this?
  23. Yer its not electrical and must be the gate in the gearbox. Have checked the oil level and have topped it up. maybe the lack of oil made it more obvious. who knows
  24. will give that a check today. im wondering if the gear box gate wasnt working before and has now worked itself loose so i can hear it....
  25. have done it with the keys out and the click is still there......its sounds so sparky.....pardon the phrasing.....
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