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  1. Sorry if this has been covered in the forum but couldn't find any answers... Anyhow I was looking for the 2020 date when the "billing off road experience" was and found "billing land rover show" on the same date but in the aquadrome site! Have I missed something? ? https://www.billinglandrovershow.co.uk https://www.thebillingoffroadexperience.co.uk
  2. Had the same problem with my series, replaced flexi and all was good.
  3. Imho, Genuine seals are the best way to go if your landy is a keeper as aftermarket ones more than often fall short... literally!
  4. Ok thanks for the explanation, makes sense now.
  5. Ok. The 90 is not used off road so I'll probably leave out this seal out, any potential probs in leaving the seal out? Thanks
  6. Evening all.. so I'm rebuilding the axel on my 1988 rear drum braked 90 and on fitting the wheel bearing kit there is a oil seal FRC8222 in the box. If correct this outer seal runs on the outer hub seal spacer (pics below if uploaded correct) BUT some fitting guides state the seal is not needed on a 90" I is confused Can anyone confirm if I should or shouldn't this, FR8222. Thanks.
  7. As boris113 said, using the trolley jack method that's the best way I have found to do the clutch!
  8. As long as my 70's 'untested' tent from eBay is complete and not rotten we'll be there
  9. So at long last there done, The camera has picked up on slight colour differences but it's not noticeable in person? ?? Thanks again all for your tips and hints
  10. Snagger, what's the phiscal difference between shouldered and non shouldered tubes? Just that I did my ball joints recently and wondering if I fitted corect ones on my s3 71. Thanks
  11. Land Rover (@LandRover) tweeted at 0:31 pm on Fri, Jan 29, 2016: Here it is, the last #Defender to roll off the production line at our plant in Solihull, UK. #DefenderJourneys https://t.co/VxyFyRw5Tz (https://twitter.com/LandRover/status/693048798113878018?s=09)
  12. Work in progress... Thanks all for tips... More pics soon
  13. Thanks Dave88sw that makes sense with the hot water. Not sure on the vinyl so might go with the techno pattern material, not as sticky in the summer?!
  14. Thanks for your thoughts on this, my confidence is growing! ! Will place my order tomorrow. Good ideas on the plastic and silicone method, plus an extra pair of hands that seems to be the way to go. I'll update this thread with some before and after pics, soon as santa has been
  15. Soooo I have a 1988 90 and plan on doing retrim on all three front seats including the foams. Is it really as easy as the vids show on YouTube and are there any pitfalls, hints or tips on doing this as it's a job I've not done before!!! Thanks in advance
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