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  1. HI my 300 tdi bulkhead needs the usual repairs but rather than remove it and do it in a rush I have a spare 200 tdi bulkhead that needs the same amount of work, the plan is to do the 200tdi one at my leisure then do the swap over a few days - apart from the odd bracket are there any differences that could cause issues? thanks will
  2. great thanks the vehicle is new to me and has bright yellow springs all round(probably britpart), I am not sure if it has a 2" lift or not so will need to check -I did notice it wallows around corners at reasonable speed (40mph+) on the drive home after purchase so I will probably check the ride height and check out my options.. I will probably go the hd rear spring route tbh thanks will
  3. HI I have recently bought a 1998 110 csw and i notice that the rear centre shock in the A frame is leaking, is this the correct name for it as I cannot find any references to it on the web anywhere and was looking for a replacement it has a large circular reservoir at one end thanks will
  4. 2 kids and my budget is around 5k...i think i will keep looking for a csw project
  5. HI I am after your opinions\experience please I have been looking for an older 110 CSW but I am on a limited budget so a project would be fine..my main criteria is that i need to also transport my kids aged 7 & 13 as well a tow heavy loads at times. I was wandering if it was worth considering converting a 110 with forward facing rear seats as I will get a better vehicle initially for my money but the cost of doing a conversion properly looks to be in the region of 1K with the conversion kit & seats etc..would i be best to keep looking for a CSW or is this a worthwhile consid
  6. ok thanks they are the same pair on the front but a different make to the rear so I will get them swapped
  7. HI I have just bought an 03 plate Freelander and the garage have put 2 new tyres on the front - I have read on the net they should be replaced in sets of 4 to prevent vcu wear is the correct? thanks will
  8. Personally i would stick with the original box if its just for pottering about or ashcroft did do a conversion for either the lt77 or r380 to make them selectable 2 and 4wd avoiding all the drivetrain problems - then you just need to conversion plate for the engine to gearbox - i would price this carefully as 200tdi's go cheap nowadays and dont need any expesnive conversion/adaptor plates and you can bolt series engine mounting directly to them so no cutting/welding of engine mounts. Its amazing how the costs start to add up with these conversions so weigh it all up carefully personally i wou
  9. Interesting thread this - I have reciently fitted a valeo 130 heavy duty clutch to my 98 disco and i get a vibration at between 2000 - 2500 rpm that transfers through and is very annoying - i have checked everythingelse so it looks like my gearbox may be coming out again just to rotate the damm clutch 180 degrees
  10. it does sound like a poor earth somewhere - there are some small earth wires located just under the fuse box in the engine bay that fix to the inner wing - are they ok?
  11. To answer my own question - you can use a 200tdi pump lock screw as its a perfect fit but i did not need it as i replaced the cambelt at the same time
  12. I want to remove the fuel injection pump on my 98 300tdi and as i have the tool to keep the pully in place it should be a fairly simple procedure however unlike the 200tdi pump there is no pump locking screw and keeper plate - just a hex hedded bolt which makes no differance if you remoce it or not - the new pump I have is exactly the same yet the haynes manual shows a 300tdi pump with bolt and keeper plate anyone else come across this - it maybe the case that you dont have the option to lock the later type pumps anymore? incidently - got a great deal on a brand new injection pump from Matf
  13. I fitted these to my series and it really made a differance - just be careful to drill the hole just right so its a good fit - relativly simple job all in all
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