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  1. I feel like MegaSquirt will be my next purchase. I do not understand what 14CUX does not like.
  2. Sure I remember that. So I add 10% to milage on speedo. I've calculated that in theory and checked with GPS.
  3. Is it town or highway mpg that you mention here? Forgot to say I use multipoint LPG. I had 265/75/16 before and I had 9.4/11.76mpg. Lot's of people claim that they have 16/12mpg with standard tyres and I'm keen believe it. I would expect mpg decreasing with bigger tyres but not so much.
  4. Hi. I'm having 33x12.5x15 BFG KM2 as for now. And I think I have nothing more to do with my engine, double checked everything, replaced lot's of things, and I still have bad mpg. Currently it is 8mpg in town and around 10mpg on a highway. Also I do have a big roof rack which i think may play role in fuel consumption. Right now the tires are inflated with 2 bars and are very stiff on road. So my guess is maybe I want too much and it's usual fuel consumption with such tyres. Please, write your MPG if you have 3.9 petrol engine and 33" tyres and more. Thank you very much.
  5. I had a trip for 2000km and now I can say that fuel comsumption is now acceptable and is reduced by 1/4 of previous measurements. I am happy.
  6. Yesterday have bought a new thermostat. Then putten new one and an old one into glass and filled it with boiled water. The old one opened earlier then the new one. I have fitted a new one and my heater is much hoter than it was. I guess it helped:)
  7. Thanks guys. You have just made it clear that I need a new thermostat. Unfortunately mine is only 10k km.
  8. Recently I have installed digital thermometer and found out that my engine is running at 60-70C. Thermostat is around 88C as I know. So who knows, what is the normal operating temperature? 80C, 85C, 90C, 95C? I think that my temperature is low. OR it should be so. I'm confused. If temp should be higher then I suspect early thermostat opening. Also I experience high fuel consumption around 25L per 100km (11.2 mpg).
  9. Please, does anybody have disco1 CD changer pinout? I think it's Philips. I believe I can use inputs from cd changer to listen to my mp3 player. Had anybody done that?
  10. Higher watts - evil. They are not permitted on public roads, as said on Osram +80% package, for example. Philips Premium +30% will light as much as Philips Extra, but the price is significantly less. Don't buy bulbs with xenon effect or any other colored bulbs. But Philips Night Guide is ok as i know.
  11. camel cut. +for full articulation i think you will need 2" lift also.
  12. My VIN is SALLJGMM4VA713784, how do i decode colour code from that?
  13. I had just the same problem. Screw in you longer bolts. Take the biggest hummer you have. Bend them so that head of bolt will "kiss" hub's corner, not surface. Sorry for bad image quality but i think you'll get the idea.
  14. Thank you. Also here I've found a photo of ETC4330 and it looks a bit different. Maybe photo is wrong.
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