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TD5 Nanocom Error Code

V8 Freak

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Wondering if the knowledge of those on here might help me....

I was doing some work on the truck today and read the faults on my ECU. 

Got this one...

8-1 air conditioning fan drive over temperature (logged)

I cleared the code and it registered again when I ran the engine.

I've not had time for further investigation and intend checking the condenser fan itself...

Any other suggestions of things I should consider?

Anyone had this code themselves?


Thanks in advance


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You can test the condenser fan using the Nanocom - I cannot remember where it is but I found it while playing around with it. I also have this error code up all the time and like you I clear it and it comes back every time the engine is started. I seem to recal that other defenders that I have plugged into also have this error code up.


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