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  1. On my TD5 it is plumbed into the fuel cooler circuit. The additives leach out of pellets in the filter slowly over a period of time. The kits seem very expensive - try looking for scrap Cummins engines (C series or bigger - the 6b doesn’t have them as they are not wet liners) and take the head off one of these. Toby
  2. I have never seen a boost pump fitted in conjunction with the coolant filters even on the original fitment. I just tee into any suitable sized pipes such as bleed lines and is relatively easy. On my V8 I machined some reducers from some ally bar as the connections on the filter head are quiet big (I cannot remember the size off hand) but all simple stuff. Ideally they should be mounted so the filter hangs down to stop air locks, but I have had no issues with it as it is. If you Google truck coolant filter , I am sure it will find loads of information. Toby
  3. Not sure if this is any use to anyone, but I have run a coolant filter on all my land rover engines which stops all this sludge build up in the cooling system. Not only does it filter the coolant but replenishes additives in the coolant. These are fitted to many truck, generator, marine engines etc and were originally fitted to keep DCA levels correct to stop cavitation on the backs of wet liners. You could argue that it is overkill on small diesel engines but it really keeps the coolant system very clean. Many of the coolant filter heads are integral with the engines now, but my one came
  4. Anyone know the part number for the rubber grommet which fits around the air conditioning water drain pipe on a 2002 TD5 Defender? It is the one that goes through the passenger footwell on the angled section with the pressed stiffener ribs and exits right behind the front wheel (stupid place!). I am moving my drain due to the rubbish position and the rust that has formed around the hole. Thanks.
  5. The tyre place had a good look and can find no impact or squishing but you never know what happened to them in transit to be fitted. As you say at least they are being decent enough to replace them. Toby
  6. Just to update, it looks like the BFG's are going back with a manufacturing defect in one and suspected in the other!! The tyre fitters are struggling to balance them and have moved them around the rim a few times with no improvement. They are balanced at the moment but have two rows of weights and four high on each side of the rim. When the tyres are on the balancing machine, they are not even round (by quite a long way) so they have given up and getting two new ones for me. The rims have been checked and are apparently fine, so suppose that is decent enough that they are being changed with n
  7. I paid £344 for two BFG K02 (265) fitted. They did also swap a tyre on a series 1 rim for me to - so may be not so bad? Toby
  8. For my tuned 4.2 when I had it, I used a discovery/rangie 3.9 radiator which has a thicker core. I had this recored and when they did it made I got them to make the width less so it fits the 90/110 front. I never had any cooling problems after that. I think, I recall that the bottom pipe needs changing to 90/110 style though. I think i sent the old 90 radiator with it so they could make sure the mounts lined up and so they could reuse the bottom pipe connection and from memory it was cheap! Raysons in Taunton did it but was a long time ago. This gives you the engine oil cooler as well if
  9. I do a fair amount of road miles and the landy is my company car for a while. So mud tyres are out and in all honesty I dont really need them. We live on the edge of Dartmoor and other than tracks, winter weather and towing that is all the off roading it does. If I do need the extra traction, I have axle diff locks that get me out of most situations although that may be a source of another post as my front one appears to have some serious slack (and knocking when taking up drive) in it but not on the crown wheel and pinion. While the Duratracs were good and ticked all my boxes, I just can
  10. Seems to be a tyre shortage in the West Country! Most independents and chains only seem to be able to supply what the suppliers have in stock. Duratecs probably not back in the U.K. for at least a month! Toby
  11. Well, thanks all. I got some prices for two BFG AT KO2’s yesterday and they ranged from £185 to £204 fitted Each 😮 Looks like COVID will be another reason to jack prices up then!! I may have found two Duratracs for £148 fitted each - fingers crossed!! Toby
  12. Thanks Snagger - that’s one for the Goodrich then.
  13. I have Goodyear Duratracs (265) on my 110 all round and they have served me very well. I need some new ones for the front, but there apparently seems to be a supply issue at the minute. While this is probably down to Covid, it is not known when they will become available again. Another option is to change to Goodrich AT but have heard some negative comments recently with the relatively KO2 tyres. These are also more expensive! I know that what one person thinks is not what everyone else thinks but what are the general opinions of the KO2 and should I persevere trying to get the Duratracs
  14. Cannot believe that I am writing this as I am colour blind, but it looks the same colour as my Landy which is Epsom Green. Obviously take that with a pinch of salt!! Toby
  15. +2 for Magnecour. They were the only leads that allowed me to go wading without even a misfire (this was a 4.2 with a distributor) - the engine would regularly run in water like this, with the fan spraying it everywhere without even a misfire. Lucas leads and many of the others would just breakdown after a short period of time and would stop dead at the first sign of water. When I spoke to the chaps at Magnecour, they almost guaranteed that it was the longer leads that were failing, but forget why. Toby
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