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  1. Not that it matters now as you have left the mud shield off, but this is how my one looks like and think you were right the first time. Something else must be wrong if it was binding. Toby
  2. It’s different because it is a Salisbury axle on the back end of a 110 of that age. I hope you counted how many turns the nut turned before it came off?
  3. I have to agree with Chicken drumstick here, I have had two V8 90's both were tuned with one having a 3.5 (Boxer set up) and the other a V8 developments 4.3 EFI engine (Raised compression, stage 3 heads, H218 camshaft and remapped). They both had 265 tyres and 1.22 TBoxes (original was 1.192 27D on V8 90's) (and LT85 gearboxes) and while they were good on the motorway 5th gear was just an overdrive cog and not much use for anything else even with the 4.3. I remember having to change transfer boxes and fitted a spare 1.4 which made a hell of a difference in that it felt bloody quick, put a big
  4. While your injector loom does need replacing, I think you are getting fuel run back when you park it on your slightly up hill drive. Try replacing your fuel filter housing and think it will be fine. I think you can get the fuel non return valve separately now but unsure how well they work. Toby
  5. Found it Ralph - they have put the gearbox back with the loom running down the wrong side of the selector housing! So the tail with the plug on was on the wrong side. It is not the only thing they messed up... Toby
  6. Thanks Ralph, I am going to have another look tomorrow as the light worked until the gearbox was done and know the plug is up there somewhere! I must have pulled the cables as I have lost the diff lock light now and that work yesterday!! Toby
  7. Hi All I have just had my gearbox replaced with a nice Ashcroft version after I lost 5th gear. I have had a few issues since which I have sorted out but I have found out my reversing light is not working - just when I needed it. I have found the switch with its 4" of so wire and plug coming out the 5th gear extension case but cannot find the other plug to attach them together. I have to admit that the weather was rubbish (and still is) so I didn't preserve, so can anyone let me know it it comes out the main loom (engine) that comes over the top of the transfer box and enters the seat box?
  8. I had some brand new BFG KO2's sent back not long ago as they could not balance them - they tried several times and checked the rims for straightness. There was no problem with the previous Goodyear duratracs. The symptoms were death wobble between 40 and 50mph, but to be fair to the tyre company, I said I would do the preloads first just in case. I fitted new upper pins and bearings and set them slightly tighter than specified and it made sod all difference. New tyres fitted and death wobble very much reduced, but not eliminated, so don't rule out the tyres just because they are BFG!
  9. Same here Ralph - I drove up and picked it up. I have never been asked either and I even took the old chassis leg with the number on for the first MOT after if had been fitted. Toby
  10. You get one if you ask. I just wanted everything in order and have it all on file in case I got asked about the chassis change at any time. It also helped when the installer claimed the chassis was out of spec until I found out he was measuring it with a wooden ruler!!! Turns out the chassis is spot on and now know the installer was a complete dipstick. It took me ages to fix his other cock ups! Toby
  11. For what it is worth my declaration of conformity was actually a declaration of authenticity! Toby STATEMENT FOR DEFENDER GKN SIGNED EMAIL 2015.pdf
  12. I got a GKN declaration of conformity certificate with my Marsland chassis a couple of years ago.
  13. On my TD5 it is plumbed into the fuel cooler circuit. The additives leach out of pellets in the filter slowly over a period of time. The kits seem very expensive - try looking for scrap Cummins engines (C series or bigger - the 6b doesn’t have them as they are not wet liners) and take the head off one of these. Toby
  14. I have never seen a boost pump fitted in conjunction with the coolant filters even on the original fitment. I just tee into any suitable sized pipes such as bleed lines and is relatively easy. On my V8 I machined some reducers from some ally bar as the connections on the filter head are quiet big (I cannot remember the size off hand) but all simple stuff. Ideally they should be mounted so the filter hangs down to stop air locks, but I have had no issues with it as it is. If you Google truck coolant filter , I am sure it will find loads of information. Toby
  15. Not sure if this is any use to anyone, but I have run a coolant filter on all my land rover engines which stops all this sludge build up in the cooling system. Not only does it filter the coolant but replenishes additives in the coolant. These are fitted to many truck, generator, marine engines etc and were originally fitted to keep DCA levels correct to stop cavitation on the backs of wet liners. You could argue that it is overkill on small diesel engines but it really keeps the coolant system very clean. Many of the coolant filter heads are integral with the engines now, but my one came
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