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  1. I have not had any issues with my Marsland chassis either although the person that changed it said it was out of alignment which has since been proved as not the case. Yes the Marslands chassis comes from GKN and as part of the issues I have with my so called expert chassis changer (more an egg spurt), I had an Certificate of Authenticity supplied by GKN. When I ordered my chassis it only took 3 weeks before it was ready, but that was two years ago and I was offered the choice of rear crossmembers. Toby
  2. I have exactly the same issue on my TD5. I thought it was the rocker cover gasket and replaced it a couple of times before I looked into the problem abit deeper where I found that I have a small leak on my cam carrier joint right at the very back of the engine. This drips down the back and ends up dripping from the bell housing like the crank seal has gone. As my leak is just an occasional drip it is staying like it at present as it is a head off job to fix (head bolts go through the cam carrier). Toby
  3. That makes absolute sense. Thanks. Toby
  4. Hi All Can anyone let me know if there is a low pressure clutch inhibit (or anything else) that will stop the AC clutch from operating on a 2002 defender TD5? After last years chassis change, the wife would now like the AC functional again and since the system was degassed I have purchased a new dryer and will fit it just before the system is recharged. New O rings have been fitted to the pipe flanges and other than filling with gas I should be ready to go for nitrogen purge, leak test and some Freon. So I thought I would just test it all worked and cannot get the AC compressor clutch to operate. Evaporator fan all works and I have checked the condenser fan and compressor clutch with the Nanocom on test and all works perfectly for the duration of the test. I assume from this that the circuits are all good but something is telling the clutch not to operate when I operate the temperature control and fan switch. I did swap the fan relay and clutch relays around and carried out some brief electrical testing for live feeds etc and all seems good but not knowing the system very well, I thought I would ask here before I look deeper! Toby
  5. The turbo also looks like it was full of water!!
  6. I have just fitted one and have to say the clutch in now as light as my wife’s Audi ( it was bloody heavy before) The instructions say on 5 minutes to fit - took me an hour with lots of swearing, but well worth it. Toby
  7. A friends Defender TD5 got a problem with the immobiliser and would start run for a couple of seconds then stop. We didnt have access to a Nanaocom at the time and it ended up at the stealers. Apparently the engine will start and look for the code from the fob, if it doesnt find it in a couple of seconds it cuts the engine. Toby
  8. Try a stone or something else caught between the shield and the brake disc. Toby
  9. I used a series 3 diesel filter on my V8 ninety for 10 years and a similar filter on my petrol series 1 since 1987 with no problem. Toby
  10. The CV jointed shaft I had made used an SD1 joint at each end which didnt work very well. This was changed to UJ at the diff end and still didnt work!! As you have already pointed out the Toyota double hooks joint, this was welded in, balanced and worked brilliantly so much so I had a spare made which is under another V890 now. They are greasable (including the centre bearing) and, so far I believe, indestructable! The flange bolt PCD needed altering slightly to fit the Landrover PCD, but was easy to do. Toby
  11. As another alternative, HJ Chards in Feeder Road Bristol have always done me proud for propshafts and will supply most if not all bits you could need. They even made me a CV jointed prop for a V8 90 back in the early 1990's. http://www.prop-shaft.com/
  12. Just waiting for the concrete to set so I can get into my workshop then I will tackle it. Toby
  13. Thanks - I thought it was more challenging than that!! May be that is why it seems to be a source of so many squeaks! Toby
  14. I need to get the air conditioning panel including the fan and evaporator out my 2002 TD5 so I can get to the lower heater box bolts and get it out to replace the bulkhead seal. The air conditioning has been degassed and the refrigerant pipes into the footwell have been disconnected, has any one got an idiots guide to removing the panel that goes full width of the lower dash at knee height? I am sure I have seen one somewhere but cannot find it now. Toby
  15. Complete new filter head didn’t fix it, but a new regulator did. Got another starting problem now but I am sure that is a power problem to the glow plugs! Toby
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