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Tyre Pressure Recommendations....

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I've got two sets of tyres, AT's and MT's...

Both BFG's

Car is 110 V8 3.5 litre (1989)

Tyre sizes;

AT's 265/75R16

MT's 235/85R16

When they were fitted I was advised the AT's should be 28 front and 38 rear

What's the voice of the forums....

(And since a friend is currently borrowing the AT's, should the pressures be different for a 90)

Thanks in advance...

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When I bought my 110 complete with new 265/75/16 BFG AT's four months ago, I asked the same question.

I was told that anywhere between 1.8 to 2.5 bar is fine. 1.8 bar is for off-road use and 2.5 fully-loaded on-road.

I've had mine at 33psi all round for a while now and, the front's especially, are too hard.

Western has mentioned this before. 28 psi front : 32 psi rear for this tyre size.

I was also told, quite simply, but somewhat unhelpfully if you think about it, that the pressures are too high if your tyres wear in the middle and too low if they wear on the outside.

No way am I about to experiment on that basis!

I'm gonna take Western's advice and see how I get along. If anyone should know....

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Yep, all done on Saturday with Les, old one had slippage marks & judder marks, reckon the slipping was down to grease or fingerprints on the pressure plate face, new one was well cleaned with a oil/grease free cleaning fluid that Les uses, I'm :i-m_so_happy::i-m_so_happy:

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