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Truck Cab to Hardtop Conversion

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Not too long although there are a few fidly bits.

The pick up rear tub doesnt have the reinforcers for the checkstrap or the rear door catch strengthening plate. The little capping sections where the tailcate catches are different too, but will straight swap over from a HT/CSW tub. You will need all these little bits. I think the hinges may have some extra strengtheing too but I cant remember. Everything will swap over providing you have some basic tools (drill/riveter/spanners etc)

The roof and sides are quite heavy so you will need a helper.

If you want a HT I have one from a 2001 td5 in green and am after a truck cab.


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I would allow yourself a weekend to do the conversion.

The last one I did took all day - with assistance.

An article in Land Rover World Magazine (Sept 2006) gives a good guide.


get someone to help

try swap on for other that way you both know what comes from where and whats missing.

the strengthening plates for behind the panels where back door hinges go are need

take time do it right!!

best a luck

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