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So I have electronic points on my distributor with both a positive and negative feed. How do I go about wiring up a test lamp for timing? I've done it by ear/feel and runs well but spits/pops a bit as you let the revs run down during a run. I've never actually set timing up properly, always guess work! Also, if I set the timing, which marker do I use on the pulley wheel? It has a pointer then 5 marks. It's a 5 bearing 2 1/4. Serial number suggests high compression but the characteristic marking on the flat bit of the head is missing...

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The best way is to use a timing light that's triggered off the HT.  I have one that has a clamp (looks like a clothes peg) that clips to the lead from the coil to the dizzy cap and 2 wires connected to the battery for power.  It also has a sensitivity control.

For initial static timing you should get a flash as you turn the body of the dizzy past the trigger point, then start the engine and fine tune the timing.

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I'm not familiar with points you mention, but the electronic ignition systems I've seen give a pulse to the primary of the coil rather than the standing current you get with closed points, so a filament lamp may not work.

You could try a small (panel) light bulb in series with the wire from the contacts to the coil, or an analogue voltmeter between the primary of the coil and earth, the needle should kick when the coil is energised.  Start at the highest voltage setting and work down.

TBH a decent timing light is going to be an investment anyway.

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That's a new one on me. 

I guess it connects to ignition live and coil with earth through the baseplate?  If so a small bulb between the primary of the coil & earth may give you static timing.

If it spits as the engine runs down check the weights in the dizzy are free and the springs are OK.  It might help to run an earth wire from the baseplate to the engine block just in case there is a poor connection between the baseplate and the dizzy body.

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