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Defender chassis measurments


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Has anyone got a tape measure handy near their defender.

I'm after a couple of rough measurments

1) the distance between the chassis rails where bumper mounts, outer to outer.

2) the distance from the outside of front wing to the inside of the chassis rail on same side.

3) the width of the chassis rails

Cheers everyone!!

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1)630mm between chassis rails inner to inner, 780mm from outer to outer

2)500mm from wing outer to chassis inner

3)the chassis varies in width along its length from 80mm(ish) to 90mm(ish), its around 80mm at the front dumbiron/bumper mounts

All measurements are from a brand new 130, and as such may vary from an earlier Defender since the chassis manufacturing process changed with the introduction of TD5

Lewis :)

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Thanks Lewis. Do you know if they will have changed significantly from the older models?!

No, not significatly, otherwise the bumpers would need to be diffrent. The only time i have had problems was with jate rings off of a Wolf didnt fit my mates "82 RRC without some minor bending - the RRC chassis rails were about 10-15mm wider

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