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  1. Time for a new LR/4x4, suggestions please

    Toyota Land Cruiser 100 £8k will get you a decent one
  2. Stub axle speedi sleeve or change?

    Okay, so I was bored and trawled through my thread myself and the info wasn’t there, but a quick google found this:
  3. Stub axle speedi sleeve or change?

    I did both my rears, it wasn’t terribly hard, just a bit of a faff. If you trawl through my 90 thread the info *may* be in there for which ones I used. I think it was around Christmas 2015
  4. Can anyone recommend a press

    I made it up to 22tonnes on the gauge just pressing an A-frame ball joint in the other day. Buy the biggest you can. If buying a massive one look out for one with a winch to adjust the bed height, it’s much easier
  5. Swivel housing advice

    I wouldn’t worry about properly inserted helicoils, but you could always use a timesert if you want absolute certainty. They are the daddy of thread repair
  6. I’m a big fan of 3M Clean and strip discs for paint and rust removal, they hardly seem to touch the parent metal Caveat: I have not used them on birmabright
  7. Are wheel arch spats handed?

    Great, thanks guys! I shan’t worry too much about which side they get bolted too then 👍
  8. I’m planning to refit the OE arch spats having removed them years ago to fit wider ones and now that I come to reuse them for something I can’t remember which was which. I’ve sussed our the fronts but I can’t decide if the rears are handed, and if so how to tell them apart. My tub is quite rough and bruised so it’s of little use as a template. Can any knowledgeable members help out with some info? Much appreciated, Lewis
  9. Chassis purchase

    I don't remember exactly what it was which I didn't really like about the shielder chassis, but I walked away from their stand thinking that when I buy that it will be marshland
  10. Membership Changes - Read Here !

    Avatars were available without being a supporting member - I've had an image since I joined in 2007. Whilst I have no problem contributing (and have done regularly over the years, and will do again shortly) the removal of avatar privileges seems a bit Photobucket-like to do retrospectively
  11. D4x4 diff guards and ARB156 lockers

    Have you asked Devon 4x4 for their advice? There may be a solution they can offer
  12. X-Eng handbrake conversion

    It's a good shout to clock the xbrake back plate, we had to do this ten years ago to clear a crossmember Some pics here
  13. X-Eng handbrake conversion

    I have one fitted on my 90, it's great! A breeze to fit and does the job perfectly I'm one of the hundreds of happy customers
  14. Electronic winch

    This ^^^ I have two EP9's running 11mm Plasma (or bowrope depending on which is clean). Perfect winch for a Land Rover, cheap, reliable, easy to get bits, easy to modify & easy to maintain
  15. Alternative engine to TD5

    You should look at turbocharging your 1HZ engined land cruisers. Safari do a nice kit with turbo, intercooler, air intake, exhaust and updated clutch. You'll find it transforms the otherwise underwhelming performance. We have a number of turbo converted 1HZ engined land cruisers operating at altitude at 5000kg GVW and find that the performance is adequate