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gearbox leak into bellhousing


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OK, finally had a look a the defenders gearbox (LT77) last week and like I expected the drain plug was holding ATF in. So I assume that as a minimum that the front oil seal on the shaft has gone.

I need to do the clutch (either worn out or ruined by the ATF, don't know which) so I will do the oil seal at the same time.

Looking at the parts catalogue it would appear that the casting over the shaft has the oil seal, gasket, washers/shims,bearing

the oil seal would appear to be either


or FTC5303

and the bearing RTC6751.

The bearing is a taper roller, so I guess I may be able to replace it, however looking at the WSM it looks like I would need to check the shims for correct clearance and preload.

Anybody ever needed to change these to stop a leak, what is the chance the bearing has gone as opposed to just the oil seal wearing out and/or the gasket failing and allowing a little leakage.

Should i order the bearing and oil seal and gasket and just wait and see what the score is when I open it all up?

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There should be a small amount of play in the input shaft, so that it centres itself with the clutch. If the bearing is worn, you should get a similar 'rushing' noise that you do with a worn clutch thrust bearing. If you have the time for your truck to be off the road, then just buy the seal, and see if you need the bearing. Perhaps where you buy your bits from will let you take the bearing back if you don't need it.

Les. :)

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