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Defender TDCI cuts out in reverse/when press brake

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I've got a very strange problem to try and get to the bottom of.  It's a 2010 Defender TDCI that was all running fine until the other day.  It starts normally on the key and runs absolutely fine until i touch the brake pedal or put it in reverse.  As soon as i do either, it cuts out.  I've disconnected the brake light switch and the reverse light switch and the vehicle then runs and drives absolutely fine, but this obviously isn't a lasting fix as i need the lights working.

Does anyone have any ideas?  At this stage i don't know where to even begin.



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ISTR an issue with the brake-pedal switch on a bunch of LR and Ford products. The switch has several sets of contacts and controls several circuits - one is the simple brake-light supply, the others tell the ECU you've hit the brake [so it can disengage cruise-control] and tell the ABS about what you're doing.

Fit a new switch, and adjust it properly.

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