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Fuse3 puzzle....

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Now this has really got me scratching my head.

Other night, instrument & switch lights went out. No big deal, get home & change a fuse in the morning.

Out with the book & Fuse 33 is instrument lights etc. Take it out & it ok....DAMN!... Change it anyway, just incase...no different. Dig a bit deeper & find fuse 3, normally left high beam, has popped. Still got left high beam working though.. Change fuse & instrument light up! Then pop...off they go. Look at the fuse legend on the drop down fuse board cover & fuse 3 has a picture of a book in yellow. Also, iys a 10A fuse.. Cant see instrument & switch lights needing all that current.

Cant find any wiring diagrams that show anything else other than the left high beam coming off fuse 3.

I can only guess that fuse 3 runs a couple of things. No ides what though. Am wondering if any of these other mystery items has a massive short that keeps popping fuses.

Anyone out there come across this before? Or anyone have an alternative oddball wiring diagram i can have a look at?

Its a 2002 (52 reg) TD5 ES.

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I've been through this, unfortunately no official LR document shows the real diagrams for facelifts in this particuar matter... F33 appears in all as being for interior illumination too(beside side ligths) but on the facelifts is F3, the difference is visible on the interior fuseboxe's layout which are in the vehicles but on facelifts for F3 the manual is pointed where in all diagrams is shown F33, see the pics, facelift vs non-facelift fusebox


Fusebox facelift.jpg


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