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Rear Panels


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Did the Defender rear tub change shape at some point? I have a set of replacement rear panels sold by a well known aftermarket company and they really don't fit, they're not long enough and the curve of the side panel is entirely in the wrong place.  The vehicle in question is a 1999 300TDI 90.

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I’ve fitted lots of those panels. I always drill out the spot welds holding the new reinforcing angle/pillar to the new panel. These pillars are always wrong and too long. This then leaves you with a plain panel which can be bonded onto the body tub. Don’t worry about the curve profile - the corner capping hides that completely. It’s best to do it on the vehicle if at all possible to keep it all square - I had one go out of square once when I did both off the vehicle.

I use sikaflex to bond the panel and then use a few countersunk pop rivets to hold the panel edge to the side panel (these are hidden by corner capping, use the two tub mounting position bolts to hold the panel while bonding and clamps down the door seal position.

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