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  1. Not if you get the Puma ones galvanised they aren’t
  2. Obviously. But if you are replacing them the Puma ones are the best
  3. There are actually three versions, the original three part version, the later one piece welded version, and the very late Td5 / Puma one piece version. These last version are all one piece pressed construction, eliminating the visible weld beads and reducing the potential rot spots.
  4. Somewhere I have some M6 plusnuts I bought back from Australia, can’t seem to get them in the Uk. I can try and dig them out. They were bought as for a particular application M6 rivnuts were too small for the hole.
  5. Rbc100111 fit fine on defender front.
  6. Glass is same dimensions 1958-2002
  7. You need to find a gauge out of an old 300tdi defender, or get an adaptor to reuse your original sender with the 300tdi engine (if there is such a thing)
  9. I have had these seals swell up on pattern calipers before, they blocked up the gallery completely leading to the brakes only operating on one side of the caliper.
  10. You need 300tdi gauge. 300tdi sender doesn’t read correctly with Td gauge. It doesn’t even read correctly with 200tdi gauge.
  11. With wiring and connections like that is it any wonder it isn’t working?!
  12. Britpart foam late seals are excellent, far better than the genuine landrover ones which dont fit properly and come unstuck in hot weather.
  13. It’s a non return valve it goes in the direction of the arrow!
  14. oneandtwo


    In Britpart defence I have a 1x brand new genuine Land Rover wiper wheel box in landrover packaging sat on bench for my lightweight. I ordered a single Britpart OEM wiper wheel box to match it out of curiosity and it is identical to the landrover one, same multi digit production code stamped on the pressings.
  15. They were factory fitted to all HD / 130s before the Wolf wheel came out which replaced it. My old 110 V8 HD Hicap had them, I replaced them with wolfs and stuck them on an old series 2a. Vass used to sell them off at £20 a rim or £40 with the old 12ply 7,50 Michelin road tyre, these were all off snatches which had been re-equipped for Iraq. Those old 12 ply Michelin’s were a nightmare to remove, sidewalls were about an inch thick, my tyre machine wouldn’t touch them, it would just jam up so I had to bar them off manually.
  16. The smaller gear on the layshaft seems to wear first however you have to strip the box out to get a good look at it. Rest of it looks good, check the input splines on the od.
  17. The 1998 300tdi was the first year to have the new style non rebuildable lower steering column which you have. Personally if you have play in it I would purchase an earlier lower column as these have replaceable UJs and new upper and lower UJs. The old style column you can’t normally give away as they never fail so shouldn’t cost you too much.
  18. That rear is worse than you think. The reinforcing web has rotted away on one side and there is a welded patch on the underside in the first place they rot out.
  19. It was about ten years ago that I did that swap! You are correct, the lower uj is still replaceable, it is the upper which isn’t which had failed hence me swapping back to the old shaft. collapsable section is at top part of shaft.
  20. I have in the past changed a Td5 column QME500031 for the older pre Td5 type - they are a direct swap. I changed back to the older type as the Td5 had sloppy UJ’s and they are not replaceable as integral to the shaft so I fitted the older type with replaceable UJs.
  21. If you fit a Puma / td5 filler neck you will need to tee off a breather from the filling vent line as the td5 filler does not vent through the cap when closed, it vents through a one way valve on a teed of breather from the filling vent, or separate breather line depending on age.
  22. majority of rebuilders use the collapsible spacer on all boxes. I rebuilt my late LT230, replaced the intermediate shaft bearings with identical Timkens, fitted the original selective spacer and the preload was out so had to use the collapsible spacer.
  23. Ive currently got two td5 Tonga green 90s and an Epsom green 300tdi 90. 99% sure that is Epsom with a dodgy paint mix in the can.
  24. That’s not Tonga, which only came out later than 97. The original door overspray looks like Epsom, which was most popular colour for that era.
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