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  1. oneandtwo

    Steering box adjustment or UJs & bushes

    The steering box started weeping slightly at 10,000 miles in my 2015 Puma last year. It was replaced under warranty at dealer but they left the old one in the back and I still have it - I wouldn’t normally think of replacing seals in steering box as I know it’s normally a futile effort but would this be worth repairing due to its low age and use?
  2. oneandtwo

    Rear Door Latch

    You need to grind or file a second flat in the face of the striker so it looks like the one in the link. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Land-Rover-Defender-Safari-Rear-Door-Latch-Striker-Catch-Plate-FQB000040-/230699913833
  3. oneandtwo

    Rear Door Latch

    Yes, it is a genuine / oem part. My Puma has one from new, they were fitted to the last few years of production, idea is lighter handle and counter weight make it easier to operate door handle. Can’t say mine is much different from older type. If you have pre 2002 defender then door lock barrel is different Also if replacing an older lock you have to modify the striker slightly with file / angle grinder as there is an extra reinforcing plate which fouls the older striker.
  4. oneandtwo

    front brake upgrade?

    Years ago I had problems on a 300tdi 90 which had poor brakes. I traced it to the pattern callipers which had been fitted prior to my ownership - only the inner two of the four pistons were operating on both front callipers. I dismantled the callipers and found that the rubber seals between the two callipers halves on both sides had completely swollen up and blocked the passageways to the outer callipers halves.
  5. oneandtwo

    When will it end?

    We used to be able to buy our issued Defenders at work when they were replaced at eight years old, the price you paid was based on the last few trade auction results - two years ago an eight year old Tdci 90 was around £5000 + vat, now an eight year old tdci 90 is fetching £11000 + vat.
  6. oneandtwo

    Outer Wing Replacement?

    Sp4x4 ones are fine for the money, but if they are going on a decent defender (ie clear over base mettalic paint) there are slight ripples visible in them when viewed at certain angles / light.
  7. oneandtwo

    Defender 200TDI rocker cover bracket?

    The cables are secured to the bulkhead on later defenders anyway
  8. oneandtwo

    Servo problem?

    Those servos in good condition will hold a vacuum for hours after engine is turned off so pedal will not necessarily sink when engine is started. To test whether pedal sinks, you neeed to expel the vacuum first - pull the vacuum hose off the servo and then replace it again. Then start the engine and pedal should sink after a second or two. BTW the later servo and master cylinder with diagonal MC mountings is always referred to as 300tdi onwards servo but they were fitted to 200tdi with rear drums from 1992 onwards.
  9. oneandtwo

    Defender Vs Series Track Rod ends

    The length of the thread on the taper is different between series and defender from memory - a series one will fit a defender but there isn’t enough thread on the taper protruding from the axle components to properly secure the track rod.
  10. oneandtwo

    12v USB port recommendations

    I fitted a blue sea one from Mudstuff to my Puma - works really well but needed to be filed down a bit to fit in the vacant cigarette lighter hole in the dash.
  11. oneandtwo

    Steering Column and box thingy service?

    Take the bottom cover off and inspect the column lower bearing surface, and pop the side cover off and check the worm surface. This will give you a good idea of the condition without removing he column from the box. You may well find they are pitted... I have stripped down a number over the years and every single one has been pitted requiring a new column.
  12. oneandtwo

    300tdi injector specs

    Thanks. It seems that although the tester is all singing, all dancing, it still requires a hideously expensive add on module for testing the second stage opening pressure.., still, at least I can measure the first stage, leakback and pattern then match up a set of them. cheers!
  13. oneandtwo

    300tdi injector specs

    We have an all singing all dancing Hartridge testmaster2 computerised injector taste at work sat redundant that I was going to put to work testing the 30 plus 300tdi injectors I have spare. I was going to programme it for 300tdi injectors but can’t find the crack off pressures and leak back specs online - anyone any ideas?
  14. oneandtwo

    Need help finding paint code

    It’s Arles blue
  15. oneandtwo

    Caldwell rear sliding windows

    I have used Woolies trim rubber channel item no 50 in my Puma station wagon rear windows (these are different from the pre Puma station wagon windows - they cannot be disassembled easily), and also Wolf door tops and truck cab rear windows. I fitted it to the Puma windows in about 5 mins each side with no tools, just a can of silicon spray to lubricate it. Stopped the horrendous rattles and a fraction of the price of Garriosn outfitters.

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