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  1. Look at the belt - in between the Vee’s are there shiny bits of rubber imbedded in the grooves? Now the 300tdi’s are getting long in the tooth the pulleys seem to be wearing and / or rusting, which causes the belts to wear and rubber debris to clog the belt which then causes the belt to oscillate and chirp. I went crazy chasing the chirping, new tensioner, new water pump, new alternator, new front cover bearing etc, would cure it for a short time but would keep returning. The only permanent cure on my engine was to change all the pulleys for brand new ones. It has been perfect now for four yea
  2. Looks to be blowing at the rear as usual for 300tdi.
  3. That will have bent the bulkhead outrigger which is new chassis time in the eyes of an insurer. I used to do work on a 2005 90 which had an identical hit, the outrigger was bent back slightly; to any enthusiast it was a couple of hours work, new wing and bulkhead outrigger but as it was a company owned Defender insurance was involved and it was written off and due to chassis damage. Ended up being broken at salvage yard in North West six months later.
  4. The heads are actually the correct size - these Bearmach replacement clips are intended for the later Puma doorcards which use the much better EZM500050 fittings with larger head.
  5. Same front hubs front and rear on a disco 300.
  6. I am pretty sure I fitted my truck cab with the woolies channel without dismantling it. I definitely didn’t dismantle my Puma CSW rear windows to fit the channel as they are factory bonded to the side panels, I just used silicon spray to slide it all in.
  7. You’ve got the wrong discs - your new brake discs are for Defender 90 rear not 110 rear. The 110 rear used the same discs as the unvented 90 front.
  8. There are three variations of the 300tdi non edc pump. First one is for the early 94/95 non EGR engines, doesn’t have the throttle position sensor on the top. Second has the throttle position sensor. Last one is fitted to the late engines with AS10 immobiliser - just has a metal cover over the stop solenoid which can be removed. All of these work fine on any non edc engine.
  9. When I had a 300tdi 110 the diff had a knocking and felt rough. I had a spare disc Salisbury which was no better, I ended upI replacing it with a good drum braked diff and axle casing, and converted it to disc, intending to use the best bits off the disc axles for the conversion, however everything was so worn I ended up fitting new stub axles, new half shafts, new drive members, new disc shields and new calipers. It was not all that expensive, and everything fitted. I think the only thing I had to do was drill a hole in damper mount bracket for the disco shield, All that was any good off my d
  10. Azt500020 is not really a bush as such, it is an alignment piece - it fits to the mounting stud and aligns it centrally to the capping tube when the side panel is fitted.
  11. The Puma pedal boxes don’t have the pedal height adjustment screw on the pedal box like the older pedals, so the pedal height is less of an issue - they just have a pedal travel stop screw instead.
  12. You must’ve received a 2.4 pedal then! To be honest I have never paid much attention to the pedal height from the floor. I have just set it up so there is free play before the pedal operates the master cylinder. If you fit the long spring then it is kind of defeating the object of swapping the clutch pedal. The long spring is a major contributor to the stiffness of the original pedal set up
  13. Quaife have done some strange things - my ten spline ATB diff was machined to accept the 4.7 crown wheel without any spacer, and uses non standard taper bearings that cost nearly £100 a pair.
  14. You will need to redrill the footwell for the lower left hand bolt and blank off the original hole. The pedal box is modified as the 2.2 footwell is a different shape to previous Defenders to allow room for the DPF.
  15. You may have realised now if you have received the pedal box that it is off a 2.2 Puma so the lower left hand bolt fixing is in a different place to allow for the different shaped 2.2 footwell. I would be fitting a LOF clutch spring to it at the same time.
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