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  1. No, I’ve always bought new calipers and swapped the pistons out for stainless.
  2. Britpart or similar used to supply them for pence - I had loads of them and I wouldn’tve paid genuine prices for one! They do fit around the reinforced axle BTW
  3. I changed my Puma 90 back to the old style, no problems. I also went back to the 300tdi one piece halfshafts too!
  4. I have had Britpart s/s pistons for many years in numerous vehicles, they are excellent. I’ve just removed a set of them from an old 90 I was using for launching boats, The caliper castings were knackered but I’ve removed the Britpart stainless pistons which are at least 5 years old and they are still like new, in fact I’ve just refitted them into new calipers. I had a set from Zeus many years ago and to be honest I couldn’t tell the difference . Some Britpart stuff is very good - their stainless steel swivel housing seal retainers and brake shield mounts for example.
  5. Compomotive used to make an exact replica of that wheel (which is a deep dish, not boost). Often Defenders of 300tdi / early td5 only came with four alloys and a steel spare under a cover so I expect at some point a Compomotive has been purchased to replace a steel spare.
  6. Simon, I’ve had three different sets of genuine wolfs on three different 300tdi defenders over the years and each time the wheel stud is flush to the head of the nut. I also have an old 200tdi 90 I bought recently just to launch boats with which is fitted with the frc7577 studs and wolf rims (not by me!) and can confirm they look daft with 10-15mm stud protruding as in attached photo
  7. Mine has side lockers in the rear tub- The steps are bolted to the floor of the locker and also to the outrigger. The brackets look fabricated by Roger Young (main dealer who did the fit out on it)
  8. ?? Original poster has supplied all of the above! Anyway, the answer to the question is that the nut is a Bollhoff “Seal lock” nut - these are designed to seal the threads of the steering box adjuster nut from leakage.
  9. I’ll take some photos on Monday if you like. I’ve never looked under it in the three years I’ve had it!
  10. One of the 20plus defenders I’ve owned over the years had the mirror glass replaced with the shiny side of a biscuit tin. Worked fine!
  11. My work vehicle is a 16 plate 110 van with side steps, no idea of make as they were fitted from new, double tube type, but they are / were available if it’s any help.
  12. When viewed from the front, on td5 / Puma the wings will look like they twist outward slightly as Land Rover inserted the intercooler / bonnet prop mounting plates in between the wing and the grill surround / slam panel at the top - the slam panel is then approx 10mm wider than originally design hence the twist / droop. You can pack the lower fixing points out each side (where the wing is bolted to the chassis just in front of steering box) to straighten them up.
  13. None of the damage is my doing! - These all came out of 300tdi defenders and discos that I have scrapped over the years, no idea of the history of them!
  14. Currently rebuilding my transfer box with 1.2Q gears, sleeved casing etc. On stripping the centre diff down, the bronze washers for the planetary gears had disintegrated and the gears had worn themselves into the housing. I then stripped two more LT230 centre diff which still had the washers intact however there is slight wear in the housings of both of them still - photos attached below. How much, if any wear is acceptable? (anyone got a decent housing spare for sale?) or do I just buy an Ashcroft ATB and be done with it?
  15. The bushes in the centre diff are bronze.
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