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  1. I have had the Allisport full width for probably ten years. It’s still intact and all fins present, although far from shiny now. It has however outlived two copper radiators. I had to buy new mounting brackets from Allisport last year as the originals had rotted away, however the new ones are stainless as supplied with the intercoolers now. Be aware you really need to fit the aircon extended grille panel with the full width cooler, which is no bad thing as I think they look better anyway. I did have it with the standard grille panel but you have to trim the lip and the lower grill mounting
  2. By all means buy it then, but you won’t be able to fit your fuel tank without modifications. and you are going to have to weld tabs on the rear face of the cross meter too as that one has the adjustable rail designed to sit on the inside face of the later rear tub rail, not the outside. and your tow hitch won’t fit without modifications because they changed the mounting arrangements in 1998
  3. If it can be done without legs it is a better job and less rot prone.
  4. You can work around the different rear tub mounting rail instead of tabs, but the old type fuel tank and cradle will not fit, it changed in 1998 to the plastic tank arrangement.
  5. The door pillar is too long where it meets the tub wheel box on all the ones I have had from memory - the last one I have done was the one pictured and that was three years ago now
  6. I have changed lots of these, they come with part of the door pillar spot welder to it, which has incorrect dimensions. I drill out the spotwelds on the pillar side and prize the panel off from the pillar leaving just the bare panel, which can then be bonded on, and countersunk rivets used on the side wing to panel joint where it is hidden by the corner. I haven’t got a picture of separating the new panel but I have a few of the repair process - this tub was reversed into a wall and crumped the rear corner and crossmember - fitted new crossmember, new rear panel and managed to pull the side wi
  7. Late model defenders are 63mm inwards from edge of seatbox.
  8. The seats moved inwards approx 1” in 1990 and a narrow centre seat was introduced, hence your 86 seat position appearing out. do you still have the centre seat fitted?
  9. I made the same as Steve b - scaffold tube with four tangs welded to it, and an old 1/2” socket welded to the inside of it to proved a square drive, which worked very well when I did my 2a a few years ago. Stupidly I chucked it away after using it and now I need it again! I almost purchased the one on eBay a few months ago until I realised it was totally useless - I did tell the seller who agreed it needed redesigning! And I agree the HNJ one is rather overpriced for a bit of plastic. In the meantime I am doing as the Haynes manual suggests for a series gearbox - “the operator m
  10. The wheel cylinders are always imperial on series land rovers - the metricification in 80/81 covered everything else on the brake system but the cylinders remained imperial.
  11. I have binned three 300tdi heads recently with the same cracks between the valves
  12. Yes, I would absolutely recommend it. I have had it for almost a year now and it is still perfect working order. It won’t match a decent (CP etc) air gun but it has undone far more than I was expecting it to undo and at the price they cannot be faulted - they can be got for less than £30 on ebay now, everyone I know who has tried mine has since purchased one. it may not undo your Micra arms but for £25 they are well worth it. I might actually order another now while I am thinking about it!
  13. All rear bulkhead have them, even chassis cabs. They are required for the spotwelder arms to access the tub floor when the tub is constructed.
  14. I have just scrapped my 2004 Metropolis edition Td5. These were the best and most expensive Discovery 2s sold and were fitted with every available option, plus DVD system and Sat nav system in roof. This was a cosseted example and had never seen a muddy track. On the outside it still looks lovely, but dig below the surface and it is riddled with rust. The chassis has completely gone at the rear end, however, more surprisingly, since stripping it I found that all the door frames are rotten, yet completely hidden by trim. The seat frames are rotten due to sunroofs leaking and soaking the ca
  15. I have had to replace two “stainless” straight through pipes in the past - the pipes may be (poor grade) stainless but they are welded to mild steel flanges via a mild steel mating piece which rotted away in less time than it took for the Britpart rear silencer to rot away.
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