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Defender 2008

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Hi thanks for your reply yes I have put new battery on  but it just turns over for 1/2 a minute then stops can’t get it to start I have been told it is the  immobiliser  But I have no fob and the key has no chip in it  I had a code p068a  I have put a new pawer train relay on but  still no start  had no  trouble  With it till battery went flat it is a defender 208  

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Right ok. You say you bought it two months ago but the battery has gone flat now? Do you mean the vehicle has not been used in that time? Have you had any work done on it recently, bought supermarket fuel before the problem occurred.

P068A is a common, almost standard, fault code and standard indication which is supposed to indicate  ECM Power Relay Load Circuit: De-Energized Performance Too Early but is often thrown when the OBDII socket is used to power a fault reader.

Faults can also be:
Fuse(s) faulty
Ignition Switch faulty
Wiring and/or Connector(s) from/to Power Supply Relay (J271/J317) faulty
Power Supply Relay (J271/J317) faulty

And the solutions:
Check Fuse(s)
Check Wiring and/or Connector(s) from/to Power Supply Relay (J271/J317)
Check/Replace Power Supply Relay (J271/J317)

Check the battery connections and external earth straps, there is also a plug behind the instrument cluster that can corrode and cause issues. Check all the fuses are good and contacts clean. When was the last time the fuel filter was replaced? Tried disconnecting the battery for 10-20 mins then reconnecting. Do the instrument gauges ever read strangely? You could have a harness / OBDII  or ECU issue. Other potentials are the VCV valve and MAF sensor.

FYI There was a Tech Service Bulletin issued about 10 years ago that covers starting issues and the potential sources much of which is outlined above. 


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