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  1. You mean me? Nah, feast your eyes on some fluffy kittens instead 😁
  2. What do you mean "they" for some of the more - ahem - senior members here that should read "we"!!! 😉
  3. ^^^"Have you guys done any off roading before?" Asks the instructor. "Yeah I've done a little bit on an old Defender in Tuscany" says the guy in the brand new looking suede hat. ...I lasted all of two minutes of that. I just find these kind of videos so bloody irritating. Bah humbug.
  4. Blimey, 73 pages of "talk" but is anyone here actually going to order a new Pretender?
  5. Those videos featuring the multi vehicle convoy drives featuring lots of shots of soft handed trendies are certainly a real indicator of their target market types.
  6. @Dust'nSun One post and that's it?
  7. Welcome to the forum and thanks for being aware of our forum rules. Please clarify the purpose of your first post here. Thanks. Admin.
  8. 2.6 six pot, lovely old lump, exhaust note sounds like an old barge.
  9. Decide whether to keep this.. And if I do get it blasted then I'll respray, rewire, fit lights, re-stencil it etc to match this...
  10. If "they" want it, or a piece of it, bad enough they will get it .....one way or another.
  11. 40+ years of Land Rover ownership here so I well and truly bought into the ethos. My last few Defenders were bought new, however the ever shrinking dealer network, poor build quality, problematic warranty work and risk of coming back from somewhere to find some Herbert or gang of Herbert's has taken a shine to your doors, bonnet or complete vehicle meant the last one became a liability, the downtime an inconvenience rather than a practical pleasure. Sure I could have rolled up my sleeves and fixed the issues myself but on a 30+ grand vehicle - nah - I can't be arsed, I would only expect to do that on something well out of warranty - of which I've had plenty. At the moment the only LR product I would consider is a Series as a hobby vehicle but since buying another WW2 Jeep back in the summer I'm just not feeling the desire at present.
  12. They probably tested it onrocks that did not meet the right texture, lighting or colour requirements for the marketing department. Image is everything.
  13. Some more arty farty slo mo shots of the Skoda Yeti lookalike doing ordinary stuff in a pretty controlled environment driven by the same baldy bloke. Next?
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