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  1. Seems years since a few of us started that 127/130 group. Nice to see it's still ticking over.
  2. A moment of your time if you please.
  3. Of course you could advertise it in the for sale section on here Rob... ...oh, looks like you have😁 What sort of price are you looking for it?
  4. Judging by the tumbleweeds blowing about in the Evoque section here I imagine that some new style Defender owners will look at the flavour of this place in much the same way as we would view a Ford Model T owners forum.
  5. And we're off on another go around the circuit.
  6. Liver, Fava beans and Chianti spring to mind .....
  7. Jeeez 63 pages and much like similar threads in other places they just end up going around in the same old circles. The vehicle is now a physical reality. Like it, can afford it, buy it. Don't like it, don't buy it. Can't afford it, go without. All the what if's and maybes won't change a thing. Simple really.
  8. Is twatalogical the science of tightness too?
  9. Saw it at the cinema the night it was released, best thing I've seen on the big screen for years. Shame that Tom Neil, Mary Ellis, Joy Lofthouse, Geoff Wellum and others featured have passed.
  10. I think my days of buying new Land Rover vehicles has passed, it appears that you have to be one of the brown nosers in other forums to get any attention from dealers, let alone JLR themselves. Well let JR court their metrosexual weekend rock climbers, surf dudes, country park explorers and lovers of beige canvas. Sod 'em. This new venture though, I quite like what I'm seeing. Time will tell.
  11. 10, 20, 30 or 40 years ago I might have been able to get enthused or irritated with the new model but pah, in the grand scheme of things it's just another vehicle full of gizmo's and marketing BS to enable the great unwashed to believe they can conquer vast tracts of wilderness while sitting on their arses. It's just another car FFS
  12. I'm just not getting that cosy warm feeling that I get when I feel something is good value for money. For a lot less outlay I can buy a 4wd pickup that will enable me to drive in near car like comfort yet carry a load of messy materials out of harm's way in the buck locked away under a canopy if needs be. I won't be buying another one of JLR's new pseudo Defender offerings just yet.
  13. Usual marketing formula, lots of lean, unshaven Islington outdoorsy types climbing glaciers and exploring in the woods on their days off.
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