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  1. Flat power tool batteries - what to do ?

    I'e got a Makita drill and the batteries for that have been fine.
  2. Flat power tool batteries - what to do ?

    Missus bought me a Makita angle grinder year before last, it's hardly run in yet the supplied battery and the unbranded one that I bought some months later are both refusing to charge now. No warnings, nothing.
  3. We will remember them.

  4. My 24 year old 200tdi rebuild

    Excellent thread Ralph
  5. Time for a new LR/4x4, suggestions please

    Isuzu's are ok but in my experience some spares are a bit spendy.
  6. Policw spec DC100 spotted in Spain!

    The dog has obviously been on steroids.
  7. Water inside LED Indicators

    Ok I'll wade in... I had a full set of LED lamps [Bolton Bits IIRC] that I fitted to my first new Puma and then took off at trade in time and fitted to the new vehicle, I think that makes four vehicles they served absolutely faultlessly on and they are now sat in my garage waiting for a new home. They were indistinguishable in looks from the originals from a foot or two away yet gave out a far crisper light. Ok later Defenders do have the sealed lens bulb in the back lamps but the LED's proved far more dependable than bulbs and certainly a world away from and far, far better than earlier lamps with separate lenses and front accessible bulbs.
  8. Clydesdales - now you're talking! I used to haul my Suffolk's around in a Vans Fautras trailer which humans and equines alike found to be a much more pleasant, and quieter, experience than any IW we used. Our 7.5 ton horsebox beats both hands down though. There should be plenty more Fautras trailers about on your side of the Channel Arjan I found them excellent to deal with direct for spares etc.
  9. Nailing a horse trailer body onto a suitable medium commercial chassis cab is sometimes done with varying degrees of aesthetic success. One thing to be mindful of is ramp length via height of body. The increased height of vehicle chassis as opposed to the height the trailer floor sits off the ground will probably require mods to the ramp length.
  10. Possibly easier to source and adapt a trailer body and add a GRP fairing over the cab.
  11. 6 speed TDi

    Yep, and others have fitted grease nipples to the shaft joint and cut access holes in the shaft housing too. Thing is it's a known issue since the introduction of the 6 speed but one that LR have never recognised but will usually fix if the vehicle is still under warranty. That's little comfort of you suddenly loose drive though. It's luck of the draw as some shafts go on while others give up the ghost, obviously the transfer box needs to come off to get to it.
  12. 6 speed TDi

    Don't forget the common issue with the 6 speed as fitted to the TDCI's is their unfortunate habit of sometimes leaving you with no drive due to sudden failure of the intermediate shaft between the main and transfer boxes. This is a reasonably common issue that is due to lack of lubrication of the fine splines during initial transmission assembly at the factory. That said having owned Puma's I never personally suffered failure but that really was down to luck and maybe knowing the issue it was me being gentle with both feet. First gear is low and good for starting off when towing but for on the flat road starts on a flat road without a trailer I'd generally use second.
  13. Forum Logo - Show off your graphic design skills

    For my part I would prefer to see the .com retained. As Mav rightly points out LR4x4 on it's own means diddly squat so it needs to show an online association.
  14. 2.2 puma 6th gear selection sensor?

    Hi Roger and welcome to the forum. I've had several Puma TDCI's and don't recall anything specific about a change of engine tune characteristics in 6th gear high ratio, are you referring to low range as I have a feeling the ECU does alter tune in this ratio.
  15. I'm back.........why is it?

    Welcome back