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  1. Happyoldgit

    Soft top exMOD 90 rear seat belts

    No response so moving this to the Defender section and leaving a link in the Military.
  2. I've used plastic DPC [damp proof course] on a roll for similar jobs in the past.
  3. Happyoldgit

    Good dust mask ?

    Good masks
  4. We are expecting a large upgrade to the forum software and registration captcha to take place soon. Please take this into account if you encounter anything untoward. Please report issues in the thread in the Forum Matters" section. Thanks.
  5. Happyoldgit

    Sealing between the windscreen frame and the roof?

    Landrover just filled any gaps with mastic.
  6. Happyoldgit

    Dual Sim phones

    I've had Otterboxes for the last couple of phones - and they are good, very good. I got a Spigen shock case for this X4 and a pack of tempered glass screen protectors. I've dropped it a few times and so far so good [touch wood].
  7. Happyoldgit

    Dual Sim phones

    I bought a dual sim Motorola X4 a couple of months ago and all seems fine. Actually prefer it to my last iphone [which of course was not dual] which gave up the ghost after a year or so. I don't do contracts any more - nor do I like spending silly money on fruit or other make phones.
  8. Happyoldgit

    Rotodama Rediscovery

    From the front it looks as though it should be towing a string of little carriages full of screaming kids around a run down holiday camp. Hi De Hi!
  9. Happyoldgit

    True or false? Defender unveiling?

    Total waste of my time.
  10. Happyoldgit

    True or false? Defender unveiling?

    Urgh, corporate back slapping.
  11. Happyoldgit

    True or false? Defender unveiling?

    £1 for the leccy meter?
  12. Happyoldgit

    True or false? Defender unveiling?

    Someone has nicked the dry ice machine and big bit of cover up cloth...
  13. Happyoldgit

    True or false? Defender unveiling?

    Jump pack anyone?
  14. Happyoldgit

    True or false? Defender unveiling?

    Thought it was just me....
  15. Happyoldgit

    True or false? Defender unveiling?

    They really do need to just get on with it as I'm bluddy bored with all the conjecture. Reminds me of the fuss over a certain birth this week, all those people waiting for the delivery of a Royal baby and speculating what the sprog will be.

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