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  1. Invisible Defender

    I'm afraid that I find it happens no matter what vehicle I'm driving. There is so much traffic, impatience, poor driving, questionable road sense by those who were not taught to drive in the UK that such behaviour seems the norm these days.
  2. OT - Ford engine oil pressure way too high

    Ah yes, good point!
  3. OT - Ford engine oil pressure way too high

    If it were mine I'd drain the oil - and leave it to drain overnight - then refill with flushing oil, let idle, then drain and repeat before refilling filling with standard oil. Might work, might not.
  4. New Defender mule

    Hmmmmm, more conjecture and a bad Photshop job based on what? http://pickupand4x4.co.uk/land-rover-defender-2019
  5. Puma will not start!!!!

    I really can't remember as I no longer have my Puma/s but those relays are the first port of call when there's a no crank issue.
  6. Puma will not start!!!!

    Hi & welcome to the forum. Lift out the driver seat base and seatbox lid underneath and check all the relays are seated properly and that their connections are clean. Take them out one at a time to check and replace. Give that a go...
  7. Goblin Works Garage

    Stumbled across it some way in, within seconds I heard some twit saying something about slamming the truck and the obvious need to move the front spring mounts, I then noticed the galvanised chassis and rapidly came to the conclusion that it was a load of bollox that was not going to be good for my blood pressure so turned it off quick.
  8. Nearly lost the Defender!!!

    Drop him a bottle of his favourite tipple and offer to help at harvest, little gestures like that go a LONG way
  9. V8 Limited Edition Defender to celebrate 70th Anniversary

    Crikey, just read a similar thread on another forum and two people have stated that they are buying one of these £150k secondhand bitsa glamtastic, lifestyle trinkets. I thought the 30k+ new price tag on my last few Puma 110 CSW's was pushing it for something poorly finished that leaked, clunked and rattled.
  10. V8 Limited Edition Defender to celebrate 70th Anniversary

    Unless they do something about chassis, bulkhead and body protection they will still decay and blow windscreen block and frames and just about every other poorly prepped and painted / coated part just as fast as the last few new ones I bought. Still, they will probably keep the polishers and boasters happy.
  11. Road Tax

    Personally speaking I wouldn't mind seeing a lot more YAWIL's on our roads [Young Attractive Women In Lycra]
  12. Some idiots failing at recovery

    I imagine the difficulty could be that the ground has frozen hard after the vehicles became bogged?
  13. Charity, scam or delusion?

    Lol, what a crock. Anyone want to send me money so I can buy a new toy?

    Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas!
  15. The JLR dealer network in the UK is in the main no longer set-up to cater for the utility vehicle, showroom decor and sales staff are aimed at the high end business executive who only needs 4wd to get to his peg on this or that corporate shoot through to the family owner / user to ferry the sprogs to school and back and the occasional hauling of the daughters nag and trailer to Pony Club. It's all lifestyle and gadgets and the ability to tell the man in the suit at the service desk that the washer bottle cap is hard to get off. The vehicle is usually exchanged for a new one at three years when the warranty is up. Types like this keep the company nicely in profit. The Defender had / has a following but it's small beans in comparison.