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  1. Happyoldgit

    The "Pass the Bucket" 4x4 For Sale on Ebay Thread

    Tasteful, especially the paper mache dashboard.
  2. Happyoldgit

    Air Portable Utility 1/2t S3

    Memories of the one I had back around 1980, loved it.
  3. Happyoldgit

    Best engine

    Can't be bothered to read the article but "best" in terms of what? User serviceability? Dealer serviceability? Longevity? Cost of spares? Availability of Spares / in what market? Performance / and for what task? Economy? A bloke who maintains his own 25 year old Defender used for leisure purposes and commuting is going to have different views to a utility company running a fleet of late model 2.4 & 2.2 Puma's purely for business purposes. Haven't read the article as "best" means different things to different people.
  4. Happyoldgit

    Look what I brought home last night ..

    Oooooh <swoon> I'm rather liking what I see!
  5. Happyoldgit

    trailer insurance

    This. Make it different to all the others. Mark with white or signal paint on all the panels, wheels, everywhere. The more it looks different and unique the better.
  6. Happyoldgit

    Leaking Fluids Mystery

    Puma Defenders don't use Adblue. Fuel lines run along the top of the chassis rails so I would expect to see the chassis wet. Looks like water dripping from the air intake pipe to me. Has it been washed recently? Does it have a snorkel?
  7. Happyoldgit

    2.8 Tdi Dihatsu conversion power plant

    Be mindful that some pre 2015/16 2.2 & 3.2 Ranger engines suffered from oil pump issues sometimes resulting in catastrophic failure of the engine. The issue seems to be totally random.
  8. Happyoldgit

    Armchair diagnosis: snapcrankeritis

    Is the vehicle your daily driver? Those failures would seriously brass me off.
  9. Happyoldgit

    Off Roading In Portugal

    Welcome to LR4x4! Nobody is going to "hate" you, there's plenty of room for everyone here
  10. Happyoldgit

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    Fake news bollox. Jeez just like the gazillion page threads in other forums based on nothing more than photoshopped images and the waffling of over paid but slightly thick journo's. BTW some people actually have their defender dashboards covered in stitched leather with contrasting trim. Some of you people are just so yesterday 😉😉😉
  11. Happyoldgit

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    Just look at that, how the hell are you supposed to know what that bloody great round thing does unless it's marked "steering" or "for going round corners"?
  12. Happyoldgit

    Refurb Hydraulics, Machine Mart 1 tonne engine crane.

    Find the local hydraulics place that the local farmers and industry use, chances are they will have seals etc that will get the job done at the right price.
  13. Happyoldgit

    Road Tax

    A rise of around £20 p/a increase wouldn't put me off. Running costs, VED are never going to come down and decent yearly reduction in insurance seems to be a thing of the past too.
  14. Happyoldgit

    Road Tax

  15. Happyoldgit

    Online buying Advice

    👍🏻Good news

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