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  1. Actually no, I have been quite happy with it. The screen is a bit bigger than the previous phone but not too big that it won't fit into a pocket and I soon got used to the additional weight - it seems like a well built but of kit. Signal strength is generally better too. Good buy IMHO. I bought a cheap digitiser and screen to replace the one that was destroyed on the previous phone. While not good enough to use regularly it enabled me to access the device and get off some data I needed.
  2. You could be right. Like it's predecessors the one I own at the moment [1943 MB] never fails to raise a smile every time I take it out - but it's not a viable option for every day use although I imagine some here would probably say otherwise - as I may have done 40 years ago.
  3. Well, I'm not perfect and the chemo may still be affecting the old memory cells but a late RR could be in the running yes. Thanks for the reminder.
  4. Substance? Only the WW2 variety but have friends who have had much later ones.
  5. Forgot. Possibly because I'm undecided.
  6. I knew that would get picked up on. I have my reasons so let's leave it at that - please.
  7. Thanks chaps, I really do appreciate the input. A few, but by no means comprehensive, thoughts... No sorry, I can't see me living with a RRC for day to day use, not for me, not now. To do so would be like travelling back well over twenty years ago to when I last owned one and my rural neighbours would start asking if I had hit upon hard times as to them it would just be an old motor - none would appreciate how much a good one is worth now. So let's stick to new / newish otherwise my eccentric and eclectic tastes will see me trundling about in a Riley RMA / RMC or perhaps a Bentley and a
  8. NFU or LV. Was with NFU for years but switched after several price hikes. LV have been very good.
  9. This is the thing, I'm looking around going meh, meh, meh, nah, meh, hmmm, then I see a smartly presented hardtop Wolf 90 refinished in a solid colour and it's an instant oooh! Sad and off the wall for me now - would have been ok for me 20+ years back but not now.
  10. No 3,500Kg but capable of mucho more off the public highway of course.
  11. Hmmmm. Dodge Ram no but I like some of the Jeep offerings.
  12. Yes they are but unless they have been properly looked after / restored / protected they will still rot like they always have. I know what you mean though, my last 2.2 110 CSW would have gained quite a bit in value since I parted with it. But how many times does a dealer need a £30k+ vehicle back to investigate and rectify a transmission clunk - lots of times it seems and all the while refusing to listen to the customer's input. They simply cannot get their heads around the fact that a customer might actually know a bit about the mechanics of the vehicle. Then when they start getting arsey abo
  13. I had a Shogun years ago, good motor but at the time anything other than servicing bits were silly money and often on back order. Them or me having to wait for bits to arrive from the east tainted the experience a it. Funnily enough the Isuzu I had was a different kettle of fish in terms of parts availability.
  14. RR Classic would not be a go-er for day to day use, not for me anyway. Last one I had was a late soft dash that wasn't very old, it was lovely but having one now would be so far removed from having a new or nearly new model it just wouldn't feel right. I'm sorry, I know I'm difficult to please 😔
  15. Nah, only 2500kg max towing capacity [my facelift Ranger is 3500kg] and more car oriented. I don't think I can get fleet discount on one either. Just not "me" if you see what I mean?
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