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  1. Good review. Still not sold on the looks, price or that I would probably feel guilty chucking a load of muddy, dirty, sh!tty cr@p in the back. I'm quite sold on the 4x4 pickups with a canopy in that respect which is why I like my Ranger so much and will probably buy another if my current health issues permit. They are relatively cheap to buy and designed to do a job, I'm not sure what 'job' this new Defender is supposed to do, strikes me it's a more plastic and gadget filled people carrier than anything.
  2. The touchscreen in my Ranger works well, the biggest hassle is hitting the right bit of screen if the vehicle is bouncing about, I have to sort of brace the side of hand against the nearest edge of the screen which stabilises the finger enough to select the right control. The daft thing is that things like heater, aircon, fan etc can be controlled both via the touchscreen or by traditional buttons.
  3. I have two pairs of large, side hung, wooden doors on my twin bay garage come workshop. The frames are still good but the tongue and groove infill is well past it's best, I suspect to the due south aspect and old tar based barn paint that has been slapped on over the years. One or two of the frame side timbers are getting a bit iffy too. There's an awful lot of weight and leverage bearing on these timbers. Before I was taken ill last year I had a couple of roller shutter suppliers / manufacturers out to look at the building, discuss and quote. Fortunately there is more than enough r
  4. Awful thing, the turning circle might be interesting. The Perentie on the other hand looks a little more acceptable..
  5. Thank you. I'm sorry, my fault, looks like I drew the short fuse recently.
  6. Sorry I am hardly new to the history and ethos behind the various models so you are lecturing the wrong person. I'm too tired to dance around on the head of a pin though, therefore I will thank you for your comments will let my pearl's of wisdom can stand.
  7. I can't help thinking that conversations like these rippled away when they brought in the weaker all synchro gearbox, introduced the new fangled Series 3 plastic dash, dropped wire grilles and replaced them with plastic, and a plethora of other things over the years / decades. I'm invariably struck for the need to mention off road gear as if it was an automatic kudos generator. So what if you buy a vehicle, use it solely for commuting, pulling a caravan or boat or whatever?.Not every 4x4 owner feels the need to equip their respective vehicles for an extended conservation safaris to
  8. I have slept since then, and I'm too lazy to dig the paperwork out, but if memory serves me correctly the last 4 Defender 110 XS CSW's I personally bought new with my own cash came in at around 30k. That was a negotiated price that included quite a few pricey toys to sweeten the deals. During that time there was a marked deterioration in customer service. Pick up and delivery of courtesy vehicles when warranty fixes were required [which they all did at one time or another] became a time consuming chore as nearby, long established, dealerships closed resulting in longer and longer trips to
  9. Now that is a useful and practical review from someone inan industry that used to be one of LR's main targets and customers. As has been said many times before, 80k and a weird model placement is a real had scratcher to many though.
  10. Agreed. In a fit of lust in the late 70s I chopped a Lightweight that I had lavished much money, care and attention on for one. Loved it, except I did the deal in midwinter with several inches of snow on the ground. Snowchains on the rears hardly did much for the loss of face when I found it couldn't manage the tiny incline to park in front of the house lol.
  11. Yep, been there, done it and all that. Don't need to prove I can still do it. That said the synchros on the T-84 in the Jeep are well worn so I had intended tp pull the box and rebuild it over winter. Fate messed that one up so I'll pay someone else to do it instead.
  12. When I think back to the countless days, nights, weeks, months I spent fettling, fixing and generally messing about with daily driver and hobby Land Rovers from the 70's onwards I realise what a waste of time it was. I would have been far better off getting rid of the worry, the interminable time on the phone ordering bits only to find when they turned up the stores bloke had two glass eyes when it came to part numbers, for ever dealing with the dire build quality, bolts made of boiled pasta and the general physical effort and instead when young keeping my hands scrubbed and callous free and g
  13. Here's wishing you a Happy Christmas and hope the New Year proves to be a better one for all of us.
  14. Thanks Steve 🙂 Yeah, I'm a pretty pragmatic sort and live by the one day at a time/ what will be will be approach. I'll just have to come to terms with the new me much as I did after the accident I had 30 years ago. Not sure why I felt the need to spill it all last night, but a lot of us have been here a long time, and its good to share with friends right 🙂
  15. I had another Covid swab at the local drive through today, standard procedure for anyone having hospital treatment - in my case chemo on Tuesday. As I kept the A&M team briefed throughout so will now let you all know that I was discharged from hospital a couple of weeks or so ago after being in for nearly a month. I self admitted suffering from severe stomach pains and unable to keep any food or drink down. The initial diagnosis was bleak, very bleak. However after more investigations, tests etc they came up with a treatment plan that if successful may, may provide a less bleak outlo
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