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  1. Happyoldgit

    Off topic - 2 stroke engines

    Duly fitted along with a new carb, gaskets, primer t1t, fuel pipes, pickup filter, air filter & plug. Ran ok but then the shut off microswitch in the handle failed so it's gone to a loving new owner. It was an ex contractor machine anyway so could be termed as well run in. I subsequently invested in a nice, shiney new Stihl of similar size.
  2. Variation on a theme.
  3. What Fridge says. No point in reinventing the wheel..
  4. Happyoldgit

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    But, but, but JLR are in the business of building new vehicles, not endlessly supplying bits for umpteen year old examples of motoring history from yesteryear. To my mind "The legend" only came about as a result of Land Rover magazines and a few books promoting the vehicles as such, and that was not that many years ago.
  5. Happyoldgit

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    "I know it's 8:30 on Sunday morning dear and am well aware that we are due at your mothers for lunch at 1, but the Morris has just tripped over 3000 miles since the last oil change so I'm just going to do that and change the plugs and points and give her a decoke, pump the tyres then a wash a leather before we set off"
  6. Happyoldgit

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    I was quite happy with the TDCI's I bought new, no grumbles about the dash or superior heating and longer legged gearbox. They were excellent while still under warranty and a phone call would result in a LR Assistance van arrive PDQ. I only got rid of my last 110 XS USW that I had covered less than 10,000 gentle miles in two years from new when two dealers were unable to rectify a non electrical, purely mechanical clunk around the back end, frustrating when the vehicle went back and forward for a variety of new bits including rear diff. In the end they started getting arsey about picking the 110 up for warranty attention and delivering courtesy vehicles ["new policy is you have to come in and sign for courtesy vehicles sir"] so it was time to end a 40+ year relationship with LR's. Sure I had an idea what the issue was. Sure I could have started pulling it apart myself but no, not on your Nelly after forking out £30,000+ for a new vehicle still under warranty. With dealerships at 50+ miles away it's a morning out to deliver a faulty vehicle and again to pickup after they say it's been fixed, only to find it hasn't. It's a was a new truck that I needed to use, not a DIY hobby in itself along with untold faffing around with dealers who had little interest in the model which by that tie was looked upon as a run out dinosaur from another era. All the "heritage" twaddle is so much marketing BS. The vast majority of people don't buy new vehicles in the expectation that they can fix it themselves, not any more and especially not in the UK. Older simpler vehicles yes sure but not new stuff. It ain't the 1950's any more. And breathe..... 😁
  7. Happyoldgit

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    ...so getting back on topic.... I read on another forum that individuals are now booking build slots for the yet to be revealed new model. Obviously it is not obligatory to purchase the vehicle built in these slots.
  8. Happyoldgit

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    But surely the whole ethos in the civilised world now is manufacturers don't want blokes modifying their lovingly designed products and that servicing is restricted to their chosen dealerships.
  9. Happyoldgit

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    The other guy is striking the same pose, I suggest that it may be to convey a caring and all embracing metrosexual image to match that of a vehicle presumably designed with plenty of storage for various manbags.
  10. Happyoldgit

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    Bit careless in masking the windows.
  11. Happyoldgit

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    Ladies and gentlemen, may I tear you away from discussing the ins and outs of the humble coil spring and instead draw your attention to this feature in the Daily Mail... A Royal and what they say is the new Defender.
  12. Happyoldgit

    Off topic - 2 stroke engines

    One on order
  13. Happyoldgit

    Off topic - 2 stroke engines

    Funny this topic should crop up as my Stihl FS450 brushcutter is playing up. I tend to run the tools over winter too so fresh fuel gets flushed through regularly but this thing has started to loose power and die when hot. I put a new carb on it a couple of years or so ago and it's never really been right. Instead of having two adjustment screws the new car only had one. New carb, filter, plug, gaskets and priming bulb ready to be fitted soon.
  14. Happyoldgit

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    Huh? World Land Rover Day???
  15. Happyoldgit

    Am I mad? Probably...

    Out of all the Land Rovers I've had the 2.6 LWB remains one of my favourites.

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