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  1. Feck, @rse, drink - drink!!
  2. Just to let you know that there have been a few changes in the moderating team. Firstly a big thank you to John [Headhunter] & Luke [LandyManLuke] for all their efforts and support over the years, although they have given up their moderator roles due to personal commitments and matters they both remain members of the forum. Next: Please welcome Pete [Bowie69] and James [Retronaconda] onto the team. Both are well established and respected members who have agreed to help keep the forum on the rails and assist its journey into the future. The above means the existing old codgers moderators have had a bit of a change around of their usual places at the A&M bar. The line-up looks something like this: LR4x4 FORUM Matters: geoffbeaumont, Bowie69 International: Hybrid_From_Hell, Happyoldgit Modified Vehicle Builds & Special Projects: Daan Getting out and about: Retroanaconda Competing in Land Rovers: Daan Tools and Fabrication: Hybrid_From_Hell The Video Shack: Retroanaconda Land Rover Technical Archive: Western Request for Part Numbers: Western Members Vehicles Forum: V8 Freak, Bowie69 Series Forum: Daan Defender Forum: Western, Retroanaconda Freelander Forum: Western Discover Forum: BogMonster Range Rover Forum: V8 Freak, Bowie69 Military Forum: Bowie69 Evoque Forum: Western For Sale: V8 Freak, Happyoldgit Wanted: V8 Freak, Happyoldgit Lastly: We have decided to rationalise the Market Place section and merge Sell & Support into the For Sale Section. Fear not, you can still make contributions from the proceeds of your sales, just add the details to your post and if the sale is successful, send the money to Nigel (Hybrid_From_Hell) via the contributions link or ask for payment details.
  3. I just purchased a pair for my tipping Ifor. As an aside my 2016 Ranger has no trailer tell tail lamp in the dash at all.
  4. No these matched the existing indicator lamps fitted as standard on the XS Puma's - namely clear front and amber rears. Tail lamps are red. In looks they are hard to distinguish from standard OE units. They do not have plinths. Yes you need to replace the standard flasher unit across all models that were originally fitted with standard filament bulbs.
  5. Vehicle?
  6. Some of the great unwashed must like them as there are enough D5's getting about.
  7. <shameless plug> Whole set of RDX LED side & indicator lamps sat idle in my garage along with flasher unit/s. Were used on my last Puma and the one before that......
  8. TBH they are all getting on a bit now and most will have been through a variety of hands, some sympathetic, some most definitely not.
  9. Insurance certainly is a game no matter the item covered. Totally off topic but equine insurance has to be one of the biggest rip-offs. You insure the horse for injury / sickness & vet fee cover and during the period of cover it injures itself but the vet and you manage to nurse it back to fine health - at a cost. You claim for the fees and treatment and the insurance duly pays yet come renewal time you find the insurers have excluded and will no longer cover those bits of the animal that are now fully healed and back to normal. To use an analogy with motor insurance - you dent a wing, claim on the insurance and they cover the cost or repairs - but come renewal time discover that they will no longer cover that wing for any further damage.
  10. Well if it's forum related being an admin of said forum might mean I may be able to assist
  11. Is this personal or forum related?
  12. 2 pack finish? As Mo says some of those galvanised parts do look silver painted - bumper included. Treadplate
  13. What sort of money do vehicles like yours fetch in France these days then?
  14. Me too, invest in a pipe bender and use the originals as a pattern. Never had one harden and snap in the past.
  15. Moved to Defender forum and title changed