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  1. Landrovernet Down?

    As this does not really concern this forum I'm taking the liberty of moving it out of the LR44x4 Matters section which does.
  2. Landrovernet Down?

    If you can't access another forum then just ask on her surely, we don't bite.
  3. Troubleshooting CB radio

    To keep it simple my advice would be to see if you can borrow a rig from someone else and try connecting that to your existing antenna and power setup and compare the results with your set by getting signal checks from others in the area. Rigs have come a bit since the 27/81 days and before but there is usually still room for a one or two tweaks.
  4. Troubleshooting CB radio

    What antenna are you using and where is it mounted?
  5. Popping back in.. just to annoy HfH :-)

    Nice to see you again, are you waiting for LR Assistance in that pic?
  6. UK type approval penalties

    I don't suppose the vehicle is classed as a commercial is it as I believe those have different criteria for type approval. With the comments above in mind you also have to ask yourself what your insurers will say either when you inform them that you have fitted that tow bar or after an accident while you are towing.
  7. High time for a new NATO Green paint thread

    ^^^Been there and done that loads of times for a range of vehicles from military to high class but always nice to get the opinions of others as regards suppliers of decent high build stuff with a bit of body to it
  8. Due to the imminent acquisition of an FV2500 series military trailer in need of a coat of paint I will be looking for a new supplier of decent satin finish NATO green synthetic paint. I'll be after something with a bit of body that covers and hides blemishes well. While I do have spray facilities and a big can of cellulose NATO green I'm not looking to isolate / prime then cellulose, instead I'll be looking to go down the quick rub down & roller / pad the finish. My question is who is the current "go to" outfit for decent NATO green?
  9. Wingtop protectors for Puma 90

    Yep, Puma ones are narrower and shorter. TBH I never bothered with them on any of my Puma's as unlike earlier models the bonnet isn't flat so isn't so handy to use to scrabble up onto the roof. Also, drilling dozens of holes into brand new wings seemed to kind of defeat the object of trying to protect them! Different kettle of fish if the vehicle is a few years old and not so "precious".
  10. A couple of new moderators and cabinet reshuffle.

    Feck, @rse, drink - drink!!
  11. Just to let you know that there have been a few changes in the moderating team. Firstly a big thank you to John [Headhunter] & Luke [LandyManLuke] for all their efforts and support over the years, although they have given up their moderator roles due to personal commitments and matters they both remain members of the forum. Next: Please welcome Pete [Bowie69] and James [Retronaconda] onto the team. Both are well established and respected members who have agreed to help keep the forum on the rails and assist its journey into the future. The above means the existing old codgers moderators have had a bit of a change around of their usual places at the A&M bar. The line-up looks something like this: LR4x4 FORUM Matters: geoffbeaumont, Bowie69 International: Hybrid_From_Hell, Happyoldgit Modified Vehicle Builds & Special Projects: Daan Getting out and about: Retroanaconda Competing in Land Rovers: Daan Tools and Fabrication: Hybrid_From_Hell The Video Shack: Retroanaconda Land Rover Technical Archive: Western Request for Part Numbers: Western Members Vehicles Forum: V8 Freak, Bowie69 Series Forum: Daan Defender Forum: Western, Retroanaconda Freelander Forum: Western Discover Forum: BogMonster Range Rover Forum: V8 Freak, Bowie69 Military Forum: Bowie69 Evoque Forum: Western For Sale: V8 Freak, Happyoldgit Wanted: V8 Freak, Happyoldgit Lastly: We have decided to rationalise the Market Place section and merge Sell & Support into the For Sale Section. Fear not, you can still make contributions from the proceeds of your sales, just add the details to your post and if the sale is successful, send the money to Nigel (Hybrid_From_Hell) via the contributions link or ask for payment details.
  12. LED trailer indicators and dash tell-tale

    I just purchased a pair for my tipping Ifor. As an aside my 2016 Ranger has no trailer tell tail lamp in the dash at all.
  13. LED side / Indicator / Brake Lights - How to / can I ?

    No these matched the existing indicator lamps fitted as standard on the XS Puma's - namely clear front and amber rears. Tail lamps are red. In looks they are hard to distinguish from standard OE units. They do not have plinths. Yes you need to replace the standard flasher unit across all models that were originally fitted with standard filament bulbs.
  14. weird heater gauge

  15. D5 spotted in the wild

    Some of the great unwashed must like them as there are enough D5's getting about.