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  1. 10, 20, 30 or 40 years ago I might have been able to get enthused or irritated with the new model but pah, in the grand scheme of things it's just another vehicle full of gizmo's and marketing BS to enable the great unwashed to believe they can conquer vast tracts of wilderness while sitting on their arses. It's just another car FFS
  2. I'm just not getting that cosy warm feeling that I get when I feel something is good value for money. For a lot less outlay I can buy a 4wd pickup that will enable me to drive in near car like comfort yet carry a load of messy materials out of harm's way in the buck locked away under a canopy if needs be. I won't be buying another one of JLR's new pseudo Defender offerings just yet.
  3. Usual marketing formula, lots of lean, unshaven Islington outdoorsy types climbing glaciers and exploring in the woods on their days off.
  4. What are those hamster cheek pouch type things on the sides?
  5. Quite a narrow customer base then. Outdoors as in "adventure" sports, "saving" African wildlife and with a beige canvas edged in leather fetish?
  6. Look, the poor bugger has already tried to cut his wrist in despair.
  7. All very formulaic. Designed to appeal to the urban dwelling metrosexual with surplus income who dreams of hugging lions and conquering the last of the remote places on the planet.
  8. Before I became happy I used to be miserable. Now I am happy that 110 would still make me miserable, why? Products, other than refrigerators and deep freezers, that use the "cool" word for marketing is beyond contempt.
  9. That's easy: Enough to make the vehicles appear higher up in the reliability ratings.
  10. Well whatever, it's still all urinating in the wind until they eventually get around to unveiling the damned things and then sheeple start laying out their cash in order to be real world test pilots for and on behalf of JLR. Mind you Defender production ended [after how many years was it?] but the last model was still full of known issues such as gear to transfer box intermediate shaft splines failing just in gereral UK road use etc.
  11. Very true. Wait a while and I'm sure a certain Mr Packham will be sticking his oar in...
  12. This long, long, drawn out peek a boo, drip, drip, drip of a debut is a real turn off. Nothing but BORING [to me] marketing bull-hype which does not excite me in the least, it's akin to a kids game and with that display JLR are doubtless hoping it has created an air of expectation and desire among the wannabe bush hat / canvas with leather trimmed man-bag crowd. Pathetic.
  13. In the interests of sexual equality perhaps it would be a good idea to demonstrate that it appeals to ladeeeeeez too? 😁
  14. Hardly ever see a Morris 8 or 10/4 these days too.
  15. I'm not contributing to this until I know what the prize is!!😁
  16. Oh well just me then, but I've always been a bit special 😛
  17. Seriously, deep down didn't we know all along that it was going to end up looking Skoda Yeti-esque with a JLR family front end nailed on and a bit bigger in size?
  18. 33 pages of conjecture and speculation on on and such is the dearth of solid info on the real thing it's now down to discussing Lego models in the hope that they look a bit like what the real thing will. Funny old world.
  19. Oh what! You mean the dusty alarms in A&M aren't going to burst into life as everyone out here legs it to the middle of the playground shouting Fight! Fight Fight! Boring 🙄
  20. So, does the panel think that the new Defender will have soft touch knobs and switches so as not to cause undue roughening of sensitive fingertips?
  21. Wow it's been a long while since we had a bit of rough and tumble on here <rubs hands in anticipation of handbags at dawn>
  22. Indeed, but enquiring minds always needed to discover how the axles were held in place...
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