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Discovery 2 rear wing


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Need to relace the rear wing on my disco and am fortunate enough to have another car in the right colour. I have atarted to remove it and only have the top edge to go which is held in with an ahesive. The edge I cannot see how to get a blade in to cut it. I can cut the roof to get access if I need to but would sooner do it properly.

Can anyone help. Ideas appreciated.

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Hi, I replaced my whole rear left quarter a few years ago, I cant recall how exactly I separated the top edge but I did it without wrecking anything, I think I used sharp knife/ blades. I cant recall if there was a bolt or two up the top seam too?

I do remember the top interior trims were off.

I got a seal finish near good as factory on the top which shows by lots of rubbing smooth and tightening the panel up to get the thin bead of adhesive gradually until it matched the other side, then I smoothed it over and over whilst it was setting using a metal tool shaped to the right profile. Black tiger seal on mine as a dark blue car.

Sorry I cant be more specific I just cant remember...but it can be done without messing the roof or anything. I think I started on the rear corner and the wing came off good enough to use again if it had not got a big dint in it!

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Thanks for the reply

Have got it off now with a little care and taking my time. The window has an inner frame that is bolted and sealed to the body work. The top edge was where I was struggling so now I know how it goes on it will be much easier to get the old one off. Once the bolts on the top edge are removed then it is possible to run a very sharp knife along the top edge from the outside just under the gutter. The sides and the bottom are cut from inside the car.


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On 2/13/2019 at 10:21 AM, petrolhead63 said:

I suppose I had a head start...I bought from a breaker the replacement so could see its fixings! the one coming off was scrap too so was not to worried about it.

If I could have taken the old one off first it would have given me a much clearer idea of how it came off. I had a complete car with a good wing and a car sitting outside that I had to keep the wing on. Now I know how it goes together I will not have any issues with the old one even if I was to cut it off.

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