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  1. With new lifters leave them submerged in engine oil overnight to allow them to fill the cavity.
  2. You were driving a Land Rover go for the grass, 🙄
  3. I would have a look at the camb shaft. A while ago I rebuilt the complete top end, took the heads off and reground the valves, new camb, timing chain and lifters. Best V8 I ever had.
  4. I have now got the TDV8 almost ready for an MOT and have had it on the road for a proper test with suspension isses fixed. Having got the Vogue TDV8 and the Sport TDV8 I would say the sport is much more responsive. I was going to run it myself but have now bought one with a much lower mileage so am going to chip that and make it breath more easily.
  5. A couple of months ago I bought a Range Rover Sport from a salvage company to play with however it didn't come with the log book. No worries I have a receipt from a reputable company so wasn't that worried. Applied for the book in January along with 3 others which I now have however there was a query with the chassis number on the Sport and they asked that I confirm it. So I sent them a photo again no concerns as I am dyslexic I can easily muddle numbers and letters up. Got a letter this afternoon and basically the alarm bells are ringing strong and loud the fear being that I had bought a
  6. Mark on the ground the positions of the wheels. I would think that will get you close enough. Just make sure the engine is at the front and the tow bar to the back though 🤣
  7. Is there any differences within the block or are the two blocks basically the same?
  8. Anderzander Thanks for your reply however the engine was stripped of some of the ancliiaries when it was fitted to the earlier car, but from memory there was no EGR system on either.
  9. Can anyone tell me the difference between a P10 engine and a P15 engine and how other than the engine number can one determine which engine I have? I have a good running engine I have taken from a salvage vehicle and is currently in my D2 that I am now breaking up.
  10. Some epople have far too much time on their hands.........brilliant. Love it.
  11. I wonder if it was made that way or if the fault developed?
  12. Agree with your reasoning as there is much less to worry about and everything required to be changed will be clearly visable rather than ECU in the shell that can be covered by trim etc.
  13. The vin tag is the least of my worries but will bear it in mind
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