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  1. In 2007 I bought a New Freelander HSE on PCP.At the end of the deal I was going through a divorce and my business hit very hard times so it had to go. I relaosed that over the period, 3 years, I lost £18000 which was just crazy. I replaced it with a P38 that unfortunatly lasted only 9 months before problems. Had a Mondeo for 9 months before I bought the Disco. I do somewhere between 200 th 30k miles a year and would wipe out the value of a new car. And as you say cost a fortune to keep on the road. I now have a collection of cars and don't loose £6k every year.
  2. Did tin worm get the chassis or was it sold as a road going vehicle? Sadly mine now only has sentimental value. Athough the insurance did recently write it off and paid me out for it.
  3. I just found this from 2015 while looking at some of my old posts. I find it very interesting that we were discussing the merits of a new galv chassis which at that point Dunc described my car as a keeper and I said not necessarily. Just goes to show that 7 years after the initial project I am still reluctant to give up the car and still use it every day and has just passed the 200k mile mark. I do have other cars but this is the main user and I am still very happy with it.
  4. That is the littler bu**er I am talking about. Have fitted an o ring and it seems to be holding but am wondering what the correct o ring is.
  5. Easy 12 hours I would wait until daylight when the rain had stopped
  6. Oops dyslexia rools ko The old headlights are next door to useless so I would avoid at all costs. That was the reason I did the conversion. That said there should be no reason why one cannot reverse the process that I did would mean getting th elight box metal work from and older disco.
  7. Did the job recently and can say it was easy and achievable. Need to cut out the old headlight boxes and do some rewiring but it is very straightforward. Much better lighting too with LED bulbs.
  8. The heater return pipe on my Range Rover (P38 4.6) is leaking at the inlet manifold. It there a gasket that fits on this or is it an o ring? Basically how does it seal?
  9. If you do that you need to be sure that you don't forget the new code. I would sooner I can call up Landrover and ask them.
  10. I never noticed any difference
  11. Gary I have changed my engine twice and doubt I kept the Ps the same. Also I have never coded the injectors and both engines have run fine.
  12. Quite often I use my mobile phone to connect digitally. Much better coverage and much better choise.
  13. Did you mange to revive the BeCM?
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