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  1. The story of my P38 goes like this. In July 2019 I took it to be Valleted and when I got it back all hell had broken loose as they had flooded the BECM. Finally got the BECM rebuilt and installed in January but it wouldn't start so assumed that there was an issue with the ECU not talking to the BECM. Finally got that checked on Wednesday and we discovered that the cut off had tripped and the fuel pump had failed probably because it had been sitting for so long. Today I had the tank out and changed the fuel pump but there now isn't a spark. What do I need to check and in what order? (have been playing with TDV8's for too long and have forgotten how my P38 works.
  2. You arw probably looking around the 20k mark for a good early model but when the new model is released I would think that will fall to around 12 to 15k. Watch L322s fall and P38s rise.
  3. Have you seen how much a 10 year old write off goes for?
  4. WHat a rich man I need to wiat until they are at least 14 years old before I can afford them.
  5. I saw a photo with a reg plate in place ant it cwertainly didn't look as bad.
  6. I think it fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. The back end is horrendous. I agree about the Discovery 5 but this is far worse.
  7. I knew it a while ago and think it is hexadecimal just want to be sure so I can pair the key before I take the car in.
  8. I know the EKA code for my car and it is F3B6 Am I right in saying that it is 15 3 11 6? I just cannot find the definitions for the letters at the moment and my car is going to a dealer to have the ECU set to the BECM. Hoping to have it back on the road in the next couple of weeks only been ignored for 15months while I have played with my other toys.
  9. I know there is chassis rot and I have spent no time looking at the car but even if I gett £500 for it I am still well up on the Sport. 😛
  10. Ok but you will need to wait for daylight 🤣
  11. I did but I also got a 53 plate Discovery TD5 as well 🤣. SO I need to decide whether to break it or sell it for spares.
  12. You were lucky, back in my day we lived in a hole etc etc.
  13. I shouldn't need any parts as I have a car with all the spares on it. Given the wiring has fried it will potentially take the ecu's with it so am just going to replace them all to be on the safe side. The car only has 87k miles on the clock and is a very nice car apart from the obvious engine fire. Someone has really loved it.
  14. Lovely engine fire that I am now going to attempt to get back on the road. I have most if not all of the parts so this should just be a simple case of swapping them over after first stripping out the dashboard and half of the engine. Starting to cut out some of the burnt wiring this is the first signs of the really bad fire damage. ++ The wiring running on the underside of the scuttle panel has now been cut out which allows me into the back of the engine. I think as a precaution I will swap out all of the ECU's and any sensors that look obviously damaged. One component that has been damaged strangely is the steering rack which is at the bottom from of the engine as far away ad possible from the obvious seat of the fire.
  15. And sadly today the car is going away so on with the next project.
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