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  1. no problem have a couple
  2. Simon_CSK

    P38 earth lead

    David Thanks, I found the earth lead this afternoon correct and present. That is another thing that it isn't
  3. Simon_CSK

    Disco 2 Immobiliser

    Yes have everything required.
  4. Simon_CSK

    P38 earth lead

    David Yes RHD. I changed the engine 2 years ago after overheating it and with a torrid divorce am only now trouble shooting. I suspect the earth lead is the primary lead from the block to the body shell or chassis. Later on this morning I am going to run an HT lead from the block to the battery nad hopefully this will allow the car to start. If so my problems are all resolved but I would like to fix this cable properly. I will get a photo and post it.
  5. Simon_CSK

    Disco 2 Immobiliser

    Plan B then.I will change the ECU and BCU and try it that way as I have a spare. Thanks.
  6. Simon_CSK

    Disco 2 Immobiliser

    Have an immobiliser issue on my disco. It doesn't appear to want to turn off. I have replaced the receover in the ceiling with one I know works but still no joy. What else can it be?
  7. Simon_CSK

    P38 earth lead

    My latest find on my car is that I haven't reconnected what looks like an earth lead. The cable is flat to the offside rear of the engine bay fixed to the lip of the bulkhead. Can anyone tell me where it goes from and where it goes to? Also could this be the reason I cannot start the car?
  8. Simon_CSK

    Discovery II coolant leak got into electrics

    Ggeoff There is very often a problem with the starter solinoids on the TD5's I have had the problem off and on for years. crawl under the car and waggle the LT cable and try again. This is always my go to when there is nothing from the starter and it has never failed. Once or twice you need to try it two or three times to get it working.
  9. Simon_CSK

    Discovery 2 rear wing

    If I could have taken the old one off first it would have given me a much clearer idea of how it came off. I had a complete car with a good wing and a car sitting outside that I had to keep the wing on. Now I know how it goes together I will not have any issues with the old one even if I was to cut it off.
  10. Simon_CSK

    Discovery 2 rear wing

    I still need to take the damaged one off so I may do a video. Once you know how to take it off it is easy.
  11. Simon_CSK

    Afternoon all. New RR owner.

    Welcome Sam
  12. Simon_CSK

    D2 rear bumper wanted

    Just bought a D2 for the engine for my 2001 will lnow how good it is later in the week when my brother collects it.
  13. Simon_CSK

    D2 clutch switch circuit diagram

    No problem. I know I changed both.
  14. Simon_CSK

    D2 clutch switch circuit diagram

    If you change the ECU I beleive that you need to change the BCU as well to avoid conflicts.If it helps I have the BCU ECU and a key from my 2000 ES but it didn't have cruise on it so you would neet to activite it with the Nanocom.
  15. Simon_CSK

    Discovery 2 rear wing

    Thanks for the reply Have got it off now with a little care and taking my time. The window has an inner frame that is bolted and sealed to the body work. The top edge was where I was struggling so now I know how it goes on it will be much easier to get the old one off. Once the bolts on the top edge are removed then it is possible to run a very sharp knife along the top edge from the outside just under the gutter. The sides and the bottom are cut from inside the car.

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