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  1. Simon_CSK

    Disco 2 or Disco 3 ..... Discuss!

    In 2012 I bought an ES only to discover after 3 months that the chassis was worse than Swiss cheese. After my initial attempts to weld it up and discovering that there was no solid metal to weld to I set about a rechassis. I put on a galvanised chassis. In total it cost me £10k which included the cost of the car new brakes new suspension stripping out the ACE and ultimately the air suspension. Over the last two years it was parked up because of engine issues, a divorce and a new marriage (mad fool that I am) but in the last three months have sorted out the car and am looking forward to driving it again. It has 183k on the clock and I can honestly say I love it. It will get used every day of the week as long as it runs. There will be no depreciation because it is worthless anyway. In the last month I have spent on it £1500 which included fitting a second hand engine, new clutch, new sound system, and new interior because mine was old tired and shredded by my dog. My bench mark was my Freelander 2 which I bought new in 2007. Cost me £35k and got £18k back for it after 3 years. I figure if I run old cars, I have three, and they cost less than £6k a year then I am winning.BTW I do something like 30k miles every year. Occasionally have a breakdown.
  2. Simon_CSK

    Swapped my S3 109 for a D2 'landmark'

    I built my own dog crate for the disco to divide the rear into two because the two dogs I had at the time were always fighting. Printed plastic connectors to feed into small steel angle iron and then infilled with a mesh. Worked very well. I have removed it at the moment as I am about to replace my interior my old seats are well past their sell by date. On the subject of the radio I am in the process of fitting a double din head unit with sat nav. I have altered the dash section to take the unit so looking forward to getting that fitted hopefully tomorrow.
  3. Simon_CSK

    Disco 2 structure

    Want some. I have 4 on 2 shells.
  4. Simon_CSK

    TD5 ECU

    Thanks for all the help. I eventually got it sorted, yesterday. It turned out that the accellerator pedal I had replaced with was the wrong one so my duff one was repaced with an incompatable one. This then perpetuated the problem and led to my frustration. Having been without a Land Rover for three months I must admit that I enjoy being behind the wheel. Tomorrow my youndest son and I are going to change the interior as mine with over 183k on the clock is ripped to shreds, partly thanks to my pup and to age. If I have time I will be changing the dash and fitting a double din Sat Nav unit and some more USB charging points. Sunday I have some leaks to fix and possibly change my rear wing and quater. Back to reality. My mini can get parked up for a while so I can enjoy my Disco. Once I have the Disco looking nice I will start on my P38 as that hasn't run since I change the V8.
  5. Simon_CSK

    Fualt Code

    Te parts cannon changed the throttle pedal the ECU and the BCU. I bought a new engine bay wirning loom and an injector loom.
  6. Simon_CSK

    Fualt Code

    topside switch what is this? Before the computer used the spares cannon and replaced the ECU and the BCU and the result was still the same. i.e. would only idle and not rev We cleared the codes and it came back with 01 Ambient air temp circuit fault. Logged High 02 Ambient air temp circuit fault. Currently Active 03 Driver demand 3 fault. Currently Active. 04 Faults detected with driver demand. Logged 05 Faults detected with driver demand. Currently Active I don't know what the diagnosis gear was. All I know is that it was expensive.
  7. Simon_CSK

    Fualt Code

    At last I have finally got my Disco on a computer so now can someone help me interpret the results? Faults as follow: 01 Manifold pressure circuitt fault. Logged Low 02 Driver demand supply fault. Logged Low 03 Ambient Pressure circuit fault Logged Low 04 Manifold pressure circuitt fault. Logged High 05 Inlet air temp circuit fault. Logged High 06 Ambient air temp circuit. Logged High 07 Ambient air temp circuit fault. Currently Active 08 High speed crank sync lost fault. Logged 09 Coolant temp circuit fault. Logged 10 Fuel temp circuit fault. Logged 11 Driver demand 3 fault. Currently Active 12 Driver demand 1 out of range fault. Logged 13 Driver demand 2 out of range fault. Logged 14 Faults detected with driver demand. Logged 15 Road speed missing fault. Logged 16 Can error fault. Currently Logged 17 Faults decected with driver demand. Logged 18 Topside switch failed post injection. Logged 19 Injector 3 peak charge short. Logged. I don't have a clue what any of that means. If asked to guess I would point to injector 3
  8. Simon_CSK

    Alloy Wheel Style Name

    I had a set on one of my P38's when I first bought it but had extra set of Hurricane so I too them off for two reasons 1. I prefer the Hurricanes and 2. I could swap them easily with my Disco
  9. Simon_CSK

    Alloy Wheel Style Name

    They were 18" fitting on the P38 have never seen them on a Disco. I have a set of Hurricane Alloys spare which I think are much better looking and have them on both my Disco and my P38
  10. Simon_CSK

    TD5 ECU

    I have tried to get it on to a computer but everyone I take it to is too busy to deal with an old D2 so it sits outside their workshop for a couple of weeks until I get annoyed. I have loads of spares so inbetween times I replace the parts.
  11. Simon_CSK

    TD5 ECU

    So far I have replaced the wiring loom under the rocker cover them main loom, changed over the throttle potentiometer and changed over the ECU and BCU with no effect. Whatever I do the engine just ticks over. My brother suggested potentially a fuel leak causing a drop in pressure any other ideas as to what can be causing this?
  12. Simon_CSK

    TD5 ECU

    Ok that rules that out as an issue. Once the main loom is replaced it should be sorted.
  13. Simon_CSK

    TD5 ECU

    Quick question. Would the engine tick over without the crank case sensor connected? I have been stripping the old engine wiring loom out to replace it and think one of the wires may be broken. Given the age and milage of the car I am not to concerned about replacing this regardless.
  14. Simon_CSK

    TD5 ECU

    Ally Just trying easy things with parts to hand. Unfortunately the looms on the other two disco's have more oil that the one in the car so there is little point in switching that. Am thining I could replace the wiring from the injector loom to the ecu.
  15. Simon_CSK

    TD5 ECU

    Locked and Loaded lol That rules out the ECU and the BCU as both now switched and still just ticking over. That leaved the injectors and the engine wiring loom.

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