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  1. by putting in a replacement engine it gives yoú the opportunity to use the car and troubleshoot problems with it while also having the benefit of therapy sessions in the workshop rebuilding the engine. best of both worlds.
  2. The central locking should work normally only the alarm will go off when you open the door. Certainly does on mine. Get the EKA code from the dealer if you don't have it and input it as per the manual. That will disable the immobilizer and allow you to start the car.
  3. I always found it easier with the V8's to put in a second hand engine. Unless there are historical issues you want to preserve the engine route is a lot less hastle and with a know running engine you will be good to go in no time.
  4. Will the white box fit in the back of the Landy?
  5. Can you drive a smaller socket on it or use a bolt extractor socket? If you can drive a socket on it can you add some heat?
  6. I am very chilled most of the time however with hindsight I should have moved the trailer sooner and released the ratchet straps holding the car. Maybe even remove the car from the trailer. I certainly should have moved the wheelie bins, that may yet prove expensive.
  7. Yes the last thing I was doing to it on Sunday afternoon.
  8. I only had the engine and gearbox to remove. Everything else I wanted is on the other P38 fortunately. I was clearing all the fluids so I could get it scrapped. Petrol was the last thing and I am now certain that ther isn't any petrol in it,
  9. There is one behing it my P38 and three L322's parked on the road. As soon as I realised it was out of control II moved the three L322's on to the road well away from it as they were initially parked in close proximity. My P38 is currently imobilised so I put a ratchet strap on the tow mar of the trailer and tied it to one of the L322's to move it away from causing damage to the house or anything else. Had a look at the trailer this morning and appart from the two tyres I knew about I was expecting brake cables and electrics to be burnt out. Electrics are gone but the brake cables and two tyres appear to be good. Have bought 2 tyres so once I have them on I will take the trailer and get the Range Rover scrapped then assess fully the damage to the trailer.
  10. Thanks It is amazing how quickly it can go wrong. When working on the fuel system please all be very careful. We all know petrol is volatile but you don't realise how much so until something like this happens. I was very lucky, I had a sleepless night last night going through in my head what could have happened.
  11. One of many. But no great loss as it was a donor. Have lost a good V8 and autobox. A bit of excitement for a Sunday evening.
  12. Can anytell me is the tailgate from a 2009 to 2013 fits a 2005 car? I cannot see how it wouldn't
  13. A note of caution when draining fluids from your car. The Fire Brigade put this down to a static spark around the fuel tank. Fortunately all were safe with minor damage to the house and the trailer and two written off wheelie bins. VID-20200802-WA0004[1].mp4
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