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  1. Simon_CSK

    Parts described as OEM

    Not meant to be harsh so sorry. But it is an excellent idea and a real shame it doesn't cover all the Land Rover vehicles
  2. Simon_CSK

    Parts described as OEM

    Looks like a good idea for a website but I was sure that Land Rover produced lots of different vehicles? They have failed to cover the Disco's, Freelanders, and Range Rovers disappointing. Maybe something to keep an eye on for the future.
  3. Simon_CSK

    Discovery 2 headlamp conversion

    I noticed in that conversion they set the headlamp up for the dip beam to be switched from relays. They are H7 bulbs could one not change the bulb type and the plug so the bulb was a dipping type so that in both lamps there are full beam effectively giving more light?
  4. Simon_CSK

    Discovery 2 headlamp conversion

    Doesn't look too complicated
  5. Have just bought a Discovery 2 face lift for spare to fix the engine on my 2001 D2. Can anyone tell me what is involved in switching over the later headlamps to the earlier model. Shame not to use the parts when they are easily available.
  6. Simon_CSK

    V8 Range Range Rover not starting

    And I think I know how and therefore why it wasn't starting. If the air being taken in throught the air intake was escaping throught the joint in the two sections of this inlet it then potentially causes the fuel to be drawn up to the joint. That will weaken the mixture going into the cylinders and prevent the engine from firing.
  7. Simon_CSK

    V8 Range Range Rover not starting

    Thor on the 2001. That was my thinking. But the petrol was getting back up the air intake somehow.
  8. Ok this is an issue that started, or didn;t as the case maybe, over 2 years ago and am now getting round to fix after refitting a replacement engine two years ago. I cooked the engine on my 2001 Vogue in 2016 but due to divorce, remarriage and moving home once or twice I am now getting round to fixing. It seemed that everything from the computer was correct it just wasn't firing. Had this before when I changed and engine and it turned out to be the inlet manifold not tight enough. Today I stripped the to top of the engine down and found four of the bolts holding the two sections of the inlet manifold together were loose and when the sections were separated there was paint on the faces from the gasket and the gasket itself was damp with petrol. I have now stripped down the top to valley gasket and prior to the rebuild next weekend I want to run a tap through the bolt holes. What I would like to know is was thread tap do I need? Is it possible that the loose bolts cause the car not to at least splutter? What torque settings should the inlet and the two parts of the inlet tobe set at?
  9. Simon_CSK

    Is this practical

    I have a Hawkeye for the P38 so really only need the software key. The most likely solution will be a TD5 transplant and it should be much easier than a conversion. Having done it recently it should be an easy swap as all the bolts will be free.
  10. Simon_CSK

    Is this practical

    That was plan A but having fitted the engine in May and then had problems with electronic causing the care to go into limp mode I got thinking about alternatives. Am looking for a complete car as it will yeild spare parts, not that I need any as I have two other spares at the moment, and I will at least have an idea that the engine runs. The electronic really have me stumped most of the time.
  11. Simon_CSK

    Is this practical

    Not thought about an alternative diesel engine as I wouldn't have a clue where to start with the electronics and integrating it with the ecu
  12. Simon_CSK

    Is this practical

    70mph most of the way for the TD5 whereas the P38 a 4.6 I was doing only 60mph. It is a good 420mile trip so great for a comparison test.
  13. Simon_CSK

    Is this practical

    Mike I took the Disco to London in October and averaged 22.5 going down and 23.5 coming back the last time I took my P38 down I averaged 23. With those maths it would have been cheaper to take a V8 and I think it will only get worse.
  14. Simon_CSK

    Is this practical

    My Disco has 187k on the clock sitting on a galvanised chassis. I rebuilt it in 2013 and did 40000 over 4 years before the engine died on me. The car owes me nothing. In May I fitted and engine from another disco I had been using after I blew the gearbox on that one. Unfortunately the turbo blew a couple of weeks ago and that has taken out the engine. I was slowly getting the Disco where I wanted it to be before the engine went again. The reason I an considering the swap is that petrol is cheaper and there is a drive back towards petrol cars so my feeling is that the gap between petrol and diesel will rise. I can convert the Disco to LPG after the V8 conversion and it will be good for many miles. Iunderstand V8s better than Diesels anyway so after the initial swap I am more confident with the car. Having the donor will keep the costs of the conversion reasonable low as everything will be available. For me it will get the use as I cover about 30k miles a year over all my cars.
  15. Simon_CSK

    Is this practical

    Having wreaked the engine in my D2 and looking at the price of Diesel it got me thinking. How easy would it be to convert to a V8? In theory if I buy a V8 Disco with a rotten chassis, there should be loads about, is it simply a case of switching everything across? Fuel Tank, fuellines, block, wiring , ECU and BCU?

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