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  1. Simon_CSK

    V8 problems

    Bowie yes that is a very good point. You couldn't get much further away but the offer is appreciated and if you are ever passing then you will be welcome for a brew just look for a house with multiple Range Rovers and a Discovery all in black 🤣
  2. Simon_CSK

    V8 problems

    FF Agree with you but it is my pride and joy. and they charged me £217 to change the spark plugs and seal no 8 injector, and compression test the engine 😲 I will try putting diesel down the bores and see if we can get the rings to free off. Aparrently two or more bores were at 50psi and a couple at 75psi. None of them were good enough to seal so I could be fighting an uphill struggle. The garage reconned that the piston rings were broken.
  3. Simon_CSK

    V8 problems

    Excellent. The garage was saying that the car wasn't worth the money to repair it. Other than the engine I just need to get some new locks on it and sort a few scratches and dings it acquired in storage.
  4. Simon_CSK

    V8 problems

    So from what I am hearing it just needs some gentle coaxing to get it running properly.
  5. Simon_CSK

    V8 problems

    Why ATF? The garage used oil and my brother suggested diesel. I am not sure if the car will start. I appreciate that once running it should heat up and free everything off. Now I know what the problem is I am quite happy to try and work away at it.
  6. Simon_CSK

    V8 problems

    Had my p38 in the garage to be checked to see why it wasn't starting and it transpires that after some fettling they got the car to fire but when checked the compression across the engine was down at 50psi. Not sure yet which bores but the engine has been sitting since October 2016 not doing anything and prior to that is was lying outside for a further 2 years. My thinking is that the rings have stuck . The garage assures me that I have a spark and fuel and everything else is fine it is just the lack of compression. What I want to know is what can I do to free the rings?
  7. Simon_CSK


    Was initially thinking a budget of £5k but am now thinking £15k+ and get a lowish milage 2010 or newer.
  8. Simon_CSK


    About 30k. But I am getting my P38 and my Disco back on the road with the intention of sharing the milage around 4 cars. A V8 petrol doesn't scare me but I was told to avoid them due to overheating complictions.
  9. Simon_CSK


    Bishbosh Was speaking yesterday to the local Land Rover specialist when I was booking on my P38. We were discussing the L322 and he is of the same opinion as you. Certainly go for the TDV8 and if at all possible go for the 4.4 over the 3.6. So a dilemma. Do I but the 3.6 with cash or do I take a loan for a 4.4.
  10. Simon_CSK


    The price of an EGR from Rimmers is £234.00 each and assuming I need 2 that is close to £500.00. So that and a gearbox service are rocommended from the get go for piece of mind. Doesn't seem to be too difficult. And a blanking kit can be bought for £35.00 giving more pover and better mpg 😈😈 Overall you guys seem happy with your cars despite them costing dosh to keep on the road but that is the joy of owning a Range Rover or two or in my case three.😮
  11. Simon_CSK


    Am looking from 2005 to 2010 depending on miles, spec, condition etc. Have seen a couple of Overfinch's which I really like otherwise I am very open. Looking at the price of the 4.4TDV8 I am thinking it os out of the budget even doing a finance option it would mean going for a high mileage which I really want to avoid. There is only a couple of things that are immovable, it has to be black and have a cream or lightstone leather lol.
  12. Simon_CSK

    Discovery ABS issue

    I have regular problems with the three amigos on my disco and are nearly always cause by the ABS sensors. The sensors can be checked simply with an multimetre put across the terminals on resistance, If the resistance keeps moving then they are ok if it sticks at a level thrn it is US. If in doubt there is a you tube vid on testing the ABS sensors. at the very least it will rule out one fault.
  13. Simon_CSK


    My birthday is in July and am planning to buy myself a present of an L322. I have an good idea for what I want but would appreciate pointers of problems I need to look for. Gearboxes and overheating are two issues that I am aware of. I am looking at either a TDV8 or a petrol V8 on LPG.
  14. Simon_CSK

    Vehicle transport recommendations

    The only time I have known him to have a problem with either a pick up or a delivery is either traffic or a breakdown. But the last time he had a breakdown he was arranging some of his many contacts to pick up an collect from his broken truck.
  15. Simon_CSK

    Vehicle transport recommendations

    Maverik Your Lightweight and a Range Rover Sport on the transporter. Probably just on my brothers legal load limit.

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