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  1. Your showing your age with the chisels and experience with the saw. 😉
  2. Or some good sharp chisels. (What we did in woodwork at school many many years ago. Ouch is that 40 years)
  3. The hinges go on the left side in the photo so the the weight of the door is supported.
  4. I have a Range Rover Sport and A Discovery 3 both with towbars that I want to remove. The sport has the standard removable one however I didn't get a key with it when I bought the car. I know I can get a new lock kit so is it a case of drilling the lock out or is there something else to do? The D3 has a Witter towbar which has no lock. There is a bolt on top wich I have removed thinking this would release the locking mechanism but no joy. Easy to remove the steady bars as they just bolt on the chassis
  5. That is what I was hoping to hear. I think I broke the gearbox in my TDV8 and am looking at buying a D3 for spares to help fix my two D3's so it will be very helpful if it is the same gearbox.
  6. Does any one know what auto gearbox is in the Range Rover 3.6 TDV8 and the Discovery 3?
  7. Well to start the year I had a Mini Convertible, my CSK, my P38 and two Discovery TD5's I have sold the Mini, a TD5 a Range Rover L322 HSE and a RR L322 TDV8 and now am ending the year with my CSK, my P38, 2 D2's, 2 D3's, 2 Range Rover Sports and a Range Rover Vogue TDV8 so all in all quite a good year. Most of them are running and Mot'd so hopefully on that note I will be able to finish some of them off and reduce my collection Have a great New Year everyone.
  8. I was looking after my baby so with a friend of mine when he got a phone call from his brother saying his car was broken down. Never thought anything of it and offered to help tow his Golf home about 25miles in an Old Range Rover classic with a Transit Di engine conversion. Anyway set off with my friend and little one and recovered him home as said I would. I did the usual warnings about keeping the rope taught and watch for my brake lights. Never felt him the whole way the tow was absolutely consistent. When we pulled up outside his house he had no brakes left neither the car brakes or
  9. Jason I have a Blue 1999 V8 Auto which I have had since the start of lock down. Was meant to be a project and then work got very busy. It was a Cat S when I bought it but cannot find anything wrong with it. It has 92k on the clock and a very nice burble off the exhaust. If you are interested it will have a full years MOT on it. Chassis is good, no welding to date but will need two small holes no bigger than 1in diameter welded for this MOT.
  10. Welcome to the forum. Can you post some pictures.
  11. I have General Grabbers on my P38 and last year they would not get grip in the field to allow me to escape. The field falls 3m in 70 along one edge and 3m in 50 along another. so across the corner it is 6m down from the highest point. My L322 on road tyres and with Mud setting on would not move the car. The field was sodden. In the end after a week I put a winch on it and pulled it the 50m to the gate. I want to be able to come and go in the field in the winter so I can use my paddock but as things stand this will not happen.
  12. Ed do you rate the Duratracs for off road use? They certainly appear to fit the bill.
  13. My L322 of choice has 78k on it with upgraged led lights and a body kit. Looking at prices it is probably around the £9k mark which is more than I paid Now isn't the time to buy an L405 those cars are about to take a thumping and that will be the time to buy IMHO. but L322's will also take a hit so am thinking of offloading before they do.
  14. I am thinking of selling my L322's now and buying a later one after the drop. The issue I have is the the one I want to keep currently has 78k on the clock. The downside is it isn't a 4.4TDV8
  15. The prices will possibly start rising in the next year or two as the replacement for the L402 is due. That will deflate the L402 and the L322 but lift the P38's and the classics.
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