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  1. Steve Does the remote work? If iot does have you tried replacing the remote control receiver unit; this was a common fault usually affected with the introduction of broadband being on the same frequency and causing the P38 to stay awake and drain the cars battery overnight. Once you are able to start it you should be able to get the computer to programme the imobiliser out of the system
  2. One of the hoses was worn through by the pulleys and it overheated.
  3. I know what you mean. I fitted a replacement Engine to mine last year after it standing for 3 years after a divorce. Took me 7 attempts and a gearbox to get it running and have now screwed up the replacement engine a day after getting it MOT'd so looks like I need to sort it again although I have bought one with an LPG kit in it to make it a little more practical.
  4. There was a thread on this a month of so ago. I seem to remember there was someone on Ebay doing repairs for them.
  5. Paul If you are replacing them that often can I dare to suggest that you fit a genuine Land Rover one? Maybe a second hand one? 15000 miles is an incredibly short time for it to last.
  6. That just makes things very confusing. I would agree that the cruise control is built into the ECU I know this because I have has the engine light come on while I have been driving and this has prevented me from any input with the throttle pedal however by chance I did notice that I could control the speed with the cruise control and even increase it.
  7. Ok thanks. I am only on here at the moment
  8. I now have an L322 added to the collection so over the comming weeks I am going to have lots and lots of lovely questions so any help greatly appreciated. 1. The head unit has a full display but no phone connection or sat nav. I can get my hands on the full sat nav kit front another car that is sitting in my field. Is it just a case of transferring all the bits over? Plug and play style. 2. I had a message come up on the message centre which said Fuel Injection System seemingly indicating a fault. The fuel was very low but I stopped the car and earthed the positive to try and clear the fault but it didn't. Drove on to get fuel about half a mile put in £60 of premium until I realised I was using the expensive stuff. That cleared it after a little time. 3. want more toys like ventur cam and reversing camera. Do these require a computer to set them up?
  9. Sam It is definately a Petrol and will not be from any vehicle newer than 2001 as I have only broken petrols and of those 3 were Gems and two were Thor
  10. Thats great thanks and means I can fit the rear one I have to the front of the Disco that I robbed to keep mine roadworthy.
  11. I got home today and went to change a front tyre on my Discovery 2. When I refitted it I discovered that the wheel bearing was about to collapse. Fortunately I was able to take a wheel bearing from another Disco 2 I have to keep the car on the road. When I took it off I compared it to a rear bearing that I have taken off and have on the shelf and it looks almost identical to the front one. Are the front and rear bearings the same?
  12. I do know the P38 has a series of plugs that go in the base and can be wired through those.
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