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  1. Will check when I get time. Thanks Don't know but will check. Thanks
  2. The car is now being used regularly for the first time in 3 years so everything is starting to be used again. Before I put the car in for the MOT check I made sure all the brake sliders were working, the calipers were free and the pads had plenty of "meat" on them. Over the last couple of days,I am not driving the car fast, I have noticed that the brakes require a lot of effort to make the car stop. Am I right to assume that the accumulator has failed?
  3. So a bad set up with the H gate could cause the problem? I haven't set up the selector prpoerly yet and didn't know that was connected to the computer. Obviously everything is.
  4. Driving the car today I gave it a little gas and the gearbox kicked down as it should, then got a gearbox error followed by fuse 6 failed. I have had the fuse 6 failure before and when checked the fuse was in tact. Can someone tell me what fuse 6 does and what is the likely gearbox issue? Low fluid?
  5. Yes . Makes total sense. I think it is the chip that stores the info. so simply transferring the chip from my old clocks to the high mileage clocks should be enough. Depending on my soldering skills.
  6. So Ed to those who haven't a clue about electronics it is the big chip in the centre of my first photo which stores the Odometer and that can be removed to bu**er up the BCEM and reset the mileage to whatever. That looks doable and should be able to take the chip out of the high mileage, reset the BECM to 0 insert my old clocks to update to existing mileage then reinsert the chip in the high mileage clocks which are now zero and the BECM should reset to the existing mileage.
  7. Only have the one that is the donor and the broken one. Neither of which I really want to break any more that they are already.
  8. There are 3 chips on the separate odometer board. What are the chances?
  9. Am I right in thinking the mileage must be stored on a chip?
  10. Peter Correct to some degree however I did change to another speedo head which had 125k on it, 7k higher than my current head. This one also had faults however when I changed back the speedo reading went back to my original the only difference now when I start up I get a message that states I have an odometer error.
  11. I have an issue with my Speedo in that for some reason it doesn't work. It is electrical and hasn't worked for a number of years. It did however flicker into life for 0.6 miles today and got me thinking that perhaps I should get it functioning. I have onother head which is from a (Very) high milage ar and whilst I accept the mileage should make no difference as I don't intend to sell it I don't really want that milage on my MOT history. When I opened up the speedo I noticed that the odometer is on a separate card connected with a ribbon wire. Does anyone know if the odometer memory is in this card and can this be interchanged with my own card to keep my mileage correct?
  12. And pop it did. Was only a very minor movement was quite surprised. The sunroof is now synced. Another little niggle sorted thanks.
  13. Took mine for a run today to test drive it after fitting LPG and agree big smiles. I like my P38 very much but have recently addedd an L322 HSE to my collection which is so good that I am in the process of changing it to a TDV8.Range Rovers just keep getting better and better but think I need to do something about my CSK.
  14. Having spent the last 12 months getting the car running, curing the water leaks and converting to LPG I think I am just about there with only the cosmetics to spend time on. When syncing the windows and sunroof today I noticed that the sunroof wouldn't open. I think at some point I may have manually closed it and this may have diengaged the motor. Can anyone give me more insight into this and how to fix it. The motor is certainly working.
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