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  1. Guys Thanks to all. I have looked at this photo and with the exception of the mother and pearl inlay on the dash, I can't see the steering wheel, the car internally is an exact match. As far as I am aware Landrover never put the black wood into a production car so that either leaves an Autoboigraphy or a Linlay unless someone has other suggestions. I personally am eagre to collect the car and see what she actually is. And see if there are other clues as to the origins of the black wood trim.
  2. Filip Since buying my first Freelander (new) I have loved the black car with beige leather interior. I think it is a great colour combination and closely matched my CSK. This one is an insurance right off with very minimal damage and needs a wing, which I have, a bonnet and a windscreen to repair it. The seats look like the softer leather also but the edge of the drivers seat needs repaired. The mileage does put me off but the fact that it appears well cared for is very much in favour. The wood is definitely black the Walnut doesn't go that dark and the maple is quite orangie. I am very torn as it would be a shame to destroy a rare car I think I need to do some research on it once I have collected it.
  3. The car has 188k on it and when I checked the MOT history it would appear to have been well cared for with only a few minor fails like bulbs and gators. The question for me is do I keep the black wood kit and change the colour of my wood or do I sell it. The car is for spares for my own one although I suspect this one is easier to fix than my own is to finish.
  4. Bowie I am very hopeful that it is a changed bootlid it make the purchase a complete result if it is a Lindley. I get the car next week when I will see it for the first time in the flesh 😲
  5. Dyslexia rools ko Mother of pearl
  6. I have just bought a P38 becuase it has an LPG system that I am going to fit into my P38. All the woodwork including the steering wheeel has black wooden trim which personally have never come across in anything other that a Linley. I know for a fact it isn't one because it is badged as a Vogue and the steering wheel isn't inlaid with mpoother of pearl. Anybody seen the black wood before?
  7. I am convinced. I really really want it.
  8. Yes I want it. Yes I can afford it if I really really want to I have space at the front of my house for at least three more land rovers and an acre feild to the rear which is empty except for someone elses L322 and my boat. My wife doesn't live with me at the moment and has said, a while back, I can have 10 cars and am only at 7 at the moment Not withstanding the above and as much as I would like to buy this car my head is going to rule my heart and I am going to be sensible. I need to spend some time making sure the ones I have are up to standard.
  9. The oil light came on the the Green one and wreaked the engine after oil starvation so the one that I am buying tomorrow is a right off to donate a very low milage engine. The one I bought yesterday is purely a money making excersise as it has a very valuable private registration. My black one is still going strong and now has 202k on it.
  10. And my other two discos my P38 my CSK and my Mini I suppose
  11. There is only two reasons that are stopping me. 1. I need to buy a house first and 2. I have already bought Discovery 2 this week and am about to buy another tomorrow 😲
  12. Would you believe that is the end game however it is much more anal that. My Land Rovers are mostly black with either a brown or beige leather interior. This L322 is also black with a cream leather interior. Boy I really want this but must restrain myself.
  13. But I have a 3.9 CSK and a 4.6 P38 already!!! My mini is fairly economic.
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