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  1. Simon_CSK

    Alloy Wheel Style Name

    They were 18" fitting on the P38 have never seen them on a Disco. I have a set of Hurricane Alloys spare which I think are much better looking and have them on both my Disco and my P38
  2. Simon_CSK

    TD5 ECU

    I have tried to get it on to a computer but everyone I take it to is too busy to deal with an old D2 so it sits outside their workshop for a couple of weeks until I get annoyed. I have loads of spares so inbetween times I replace the parts.
  3. Simon_CSK

    TD5 ECU

    So far I have replaced the wiring loom under the rocker cover them main loom, changed over the throttle potentiometer and changed over the ECU and BCU with no effect. Whatever I do the engine just ticks over. My brother suggested potentially a fuel leak causing a drop in pressure any other ideas as to what can be causing this?
  4. Simon_CSK

    TD5 ECU

    Ok that rules that out as an issue. Once the main loom is replaced it should be sorted.
  5. Simon_CSK

    TD5 ECU

    Quick question. Would the engine tick over without the crank case sensor connected? I have been stripping the old engine wiring loom out to replace it and think one of the wires may be broken. Given the age and milage of the car I am not to concerned about replacing this regardless.
  6. Simon_CSK

    TD5 ECU

    Ally Just trying easy things with parts to hand. Unfortunately the looms on the other two disco's have more oil that the one in the car so there is little point in switching that. Am thining I could replace the wiring from the injector loom to the ecu.
  7. Simon_CSK

    TD5 ECU

    Locked and Loaded lol That rules out the ECU and the BCU as both now switched and still just ticking over. That leaved the injectors and the engine wiring loom.
  8. Simon_CSK

    TD5 ECU

    I have a spare ECU and BCU so will try that next in leu of the diagnostics. Gives me something to do before Monday.
  9. Simon_CSK

    TD5 ECU

    John Thanks for the reply. Have sprayed contact cleaner in huge amounts everywhere with no change. Tried to change the throttle pot on Sunday but that made no difference so we are back to the loom or the injectors. Getting it put on a computer on Monday.
  10. Simon_CSK

    TD5 ECU

    The parts canon is well and truely loaded I have two full ES's for spares so there are no shortage of certain items. Think it is going into a garage to get it sorted I know it will be something obvious once it is on the computer.
  11. Simon_CSK

    TD5 ECU

    Ally where is the throttle pot? I have a couple of spare disco's so it will be very easy to switch them over.
  12. Simon_CSK

    TD5 ECU

    Mike Yes the AA plugged it in and the throttle response was on the button.
  13. Simon_CSK

    TD5 ECU

    It started off with misfire and the throttle dropping off to tick over. But restarting cured it. It got progressively worst to the point is would only tick over.The AA were called and there was oil in the red ECU plug which he cleaned out with contact cleaner. That seemed to cure it and I got home 30 miles with only one splutter. The next day the car would only rev to 1800 RPM so I ordered and new loom for the injectors. After that was fitted it would only tick over and that is where we are today.
  14. Simon_CSK

    TD5 ECU

    Changed my mind with this I think what I need to do is get the injectors tested.
  15. Simon_CSK

    TD5 ECU

    Great thanks how do you sync the BCU?

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