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Over cooled? heater issues?

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I know this comes up a load; 

I have a defender 90 1991 200tdi when I bought it, it always ran a little hot, it always stayed scarily close to but below the red section on the temperature gauge but never went into it. From memory when it was like this the heater worked but with the usual feebleness that you expect from a neglected old landy. 

Anyway I had a galv chassis put on and told the fellas that did it that it always ran a little hot; when I got the landy back this was completely solved; don't know how but the temperature gauge never gets over 1/3 of the way through the white area, I often do little short trips so figured I wasn't going far enough but i've done 150+ miles today with no issues and again despite 150 plus miles at 70mph the temps only reading 1/3rd the way through the white area on the gauge. 

I have been speaking to my mate and he said the two things might be linked, if I were to have an air lock in the system this might prevent coolant either A, reaching the point where the temperature sensor is and B flowing into the heater matrix - explaining the lack of hot air. 

What do our resident experts think? What should I try? what should I test? If I want to flush and refill the system what do I need and how to I go about it to ensure no air locks? 


Help appreciated as I'm all at sea. Just niggling me!


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Hmmm, I'd be whipping off the thermostat and a) checking there's one there and b) checking it's operation.

The reason for point a is that I snapped a crank and ended up swapping an engine as a quick fix solution. The substitute engine wasn't getting off cold so got around to whipping out the old thermostat (which I knew worked) and went to swap it in. Was a little surprised when I couldn't find a thermostat in the swapped engine.

So perhaps the "fix" was to remove the thermostat so now it's always being cooled by the radiator :ph34r:

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