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  1. I also thing caravans are probably the worst culprits, they're big and have no substantial weight to them so any cross-winds as I experienced will catch people unawares. If manufacturers didn't try to stay under the 750kg limit then I think you'd have a much more solid caravan less prone to tail wagging. Never actually towed a caravan though and not sure I ever want to.
  2. It might breed some complacency but having done my fair share of towing there have been a few situations where if the system is as good as they say it would have been a great addition. Weight isn't actually so much of an issue - usually if you're shifting 3.5t then it tends to be fairly low down in the grand scheme of things. Towing a 2t milling machine on a 1.5t trailer from Birmingham to Pembrokeshire was sublime but the centre of gravity was pretty damn low. Moving stuff from Surrey to Wales again was usually running at about the 3.5t mark but it was all heavy stuff down low in the tra
  3. I wouldn't be surprised - this was an option on the Disco 4, remember trying it out pre-launch at Gaydon. We didn't get to experience the anti-sway, difficult to simulate (safely) I guess. Did try out the hitch-assist (zoomed in on the tow-ball as you reversed closer to the trailer) and the reverse assist which showed you where the trailer was going to go as you turned the steering wheel.
  4. I've used a spark plug socket with some electrical tape to "calibrate" it to the right diameter before. Done it by eye and also turned one down out of a scrap of steel. Friend of mine if he has a knackered gearbox cuts the input shaft off with a grinder to turn into an alignment tool.
  5. From memory Soar-Y-Mynedd only gets slightly slippier in the wet, it's over the top of the mountain (clue is in the name). Gets fun in deep snow and ice mind. Brechfa just gets muddier in the wet, some puddles can get deepish but nothing to bother a standard vehicle. The stream / river crossings don't swell up like Strata so there's no flow issues to contend with sweeping a vehicle away.
  6. Further south and west you have Brechfa Forest which has some real gems - all perfectly drivable in a normal Defender. If you want some more scenic routes then although not challenging there's the Elan Valley (Claerwen Reservoir) but you'll almost certainly have to do a U-turn at the end. There's also Soar-y-Mynedd near the western end of Strata Florida.
  7. One of the Jeeps I laned with in France used industrial cling film... Can't remember how they got in and out - perhaps through the sunroof. There were some neat magnetic panels for the D3s and D4s in the group but they probably won't work on aluminium
  8. Um, fairly sure Strata is currently closed for repairs (or at least most of it). If I remember correctly they were hoping to have finished repairs by now but winter weather and Covid has put delays on it. https://en.powys.gov.uk/article/2444/Temporary-closures-of-Public-Rights-of-Way-in-Powys Shouldn't have an issue with a standard vehicle in the slightest - OK mine is twin locked and winch but running standard suspension setup and never had an issue before any of that, remember it is a green lane after all. I did it in my L322 a few years back so 18" tyres on a Defender shouldn't be
  9. You don't have to fit the supercharger if you do go down that route. If you never buy the supercharger then it'll be more difficult if you do fancy it later
  10. It depends on what you do to be honest. Milwaukee tends to focus on particular markets every few years, e.g. they captured the mechanics market with the impacts etc., then they moved onto site construction etc. Makita / Dewalt might have a wider selection of tools in, for example, carpentry side of things. The other thing not to discount with Milwaukee is the 12V tools - they aren't just a weaker version, they typically do a different range of tools, e.g. I know quite a few people who rave about the ratchets which are really only available in 12V versions. That might be the turning point
  11. The thing I love about the new Milwaukee grinders is the brake that stops the disc spinning after you release the trigger.
  12. I think my little Milwaukee 1/4" driver has at least the "opposite" of this. It's got some form of load sensing for driving in screws etc., when the torque ramps up substantially from what it was initially then it stops. Never actually tried it out - even on it's weakest setting wood these days is so carp that it simply ploughs the screw all the way through. Neither would I. I've got the original Fuel Hi Torque 1/2" impact that's something like 1200lb-ft and it was the first Milwaukee tool I bought so had to buy the kit. Two 5Ah batteries, fast charger and the impact itself was north o
  13. If the AJ6 is going to be too long then what about a shorter engine such as the AJ-V6?
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