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  1. Whenever I've had stuff galvanised I've used Chris @ CLH Trailers as he always galvanises his trailers. Based off weight of parts. Not local but I think the company he uses is in South East Wales or Bristol area. Might be worth a call, always very helpful might be worth mentioning my name.
  2. Bit more left to do and tidy up
  3. 3mm sheet. I cheated on these and had to run a slit down the bend and weld on the inside. Clamped the sheet between two 3/4" plates in the press frame because it was handy (on a bench would have done just as well) and then used another thick bar of steel and brute force to start the bend. Once that was stated I could put a pair of bar clamps onto the bar to continue the bend. Made two L shapes, one for bottom and inside edge and one for outer and top so that we could get at the inside to weld to all edges. The first slit I did freehand with a grinder the second I actually used my chop saw (Evolution Rage 3s) which did a much neater job. The slit was about half way through the sheet so still quite a lot of meat left and then obviously it got a nice big fillet weld done. Luckily the bottom brackets for the jacking points were substantial so Andrew could weld them into those and the cross member was decent too. It had just rusted out where water pools at the front.
  4. Well little bit of DIY bending and my mate did some good welding. Bit dark to take photos but bit of a teaser with the bends, reasonably pleased with them.
  5. In Land Rover news we've (he's) cut out the old rot and I've made one L shaped piece to trim down tomorrow ready for fitting. Would be quite nice if I can actually get around to finish my press, not finished yet but its strong enough to bend 10mm plate (accidentally I might add). Maybe with the benefit of the plasma it'll be finished quicker.
  6. Ummm, he left the plasma overnight with me... Although there is an open offer to borrow it whenever I need it.
  7. He may well have one buried in the back of the car, certainly got a MIG although ironically exactly the same model as mine but setup in gas mode rather than flux-cored (had some reels with it when I picked it up).
  8. It may turn out to be another one of those expensive fixes - he's bringing along a plasma cutter and I suspect I'll want one afterwards...
  9. Well back on the subject of Land Rovers (as if we ever left ...) had a proper look at them this afternoon with a mate and the bottoms aren't actually that bad so we might see if we can cut off the "box" section leaving the rest intact. I'll give it a good scrub up and plenty of paint and underseal and see where that gets us. Also leaves the chassis number intact.
  10. Thanks, they're not bad. Tali has yet to travel in anything other than a Land Rover yet so definitely on topic.
  11. About 2 years ahead of you... No picture of Tali but the rest of the family, Rosie, Tundra, Sandy and Lyra from left to right (mother, uncle, grandmother of Lyra). Unfortunately I've only got my phone and can't upload the video but maybe this link will work: https://goo.gl/photos/YTDAe2k8kb6iiJHx7
  12. When I get back from walking said dogs I'll see if I can post a video of a rip roaring snoring pup...
  13. Tali (born Christmas Eve) Lyra (mother - 3 1/2), had a litter of 12 - 8 survived.
  14. Well when I popped back home to feed the puppy at lunch the steel greeted me down the side of the house so guess what I'll be starting tonight... I think if I ever get pulled over and they start querying things I suspect they'll start with the full set of electric L322 seats .
  15. A very valid point raised there Ralph, thanks!