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  1. You can buy long travel rams off the bay of evil for about 40 squids so that might be a backup option.
  2. Ed Poore

    300tdi radiator

    There is apparently a Saudi spec radiator available (not sure if for the 300Tdi or V8s) as when I was chatting over engines conversions that was what was recommended if chucking in a 6.5l V8 diesel.
  3. Ed Poore

    Robs 90 called Billy

    @landroversforever, have you considered 3d printing a battery adapter? There's a M18 to Ryobi adapter on thingiverse which could probably be adapted. I second muddys comment though. I got into them after experiencing their big 1000 lbft impact, but now have a lot of different tools. Get a decent socket on something and its unlikely its not going to come off. Hasn't failed me yet, only one it thought about was a seized crank pulley but a decent socket and that came off easily enough.
  4. Ed Poore

    X-Lite LED retrofit fail - Attempt 1

    If there's demand I could look at integrating it into one and trying it out.
  5. Ed Poore

    X-Lite LED retrofit fail - Attempt 1

    Was that aimed at me? The LED is from Plessey but they're custom made for my father for some lights he makes, this particular one would be a bit annoying for a vehicle because it's got a forward voltage of 12.4V which means you'd realistically need a boost supply to drive it. It's just an LED on a PCB at the moment - I just happened to have one on the table next to me when I came across this thread. So integrating it into a X-lite would require some fabrication but perfectly doable.
  6. Ed Poore

    X-Lite LED retrofit fail - Attempt 1

    Hmm. Just had a look at a custom LED (made in UK) I've got sat here next to my sofa and quoted 970 to 1040 lumens at 4000k. Not sure of it's current draw but could try and remember to wire it up tomorrow and see. Oh and that's a single LED about 8mm square. And as it's designed and manufactured in the UK it will meet its quoted output. Oh and they are not that expensive if I remember correctly.
  7. Ed Poore

    Forum relay - RR seats, Ipswitch to Hampshire

    Well if you need it then let me know - usually I consider a detour under 100 miles to not be a detour... I'm trailering a 40"x1.5m pipe up for someone and then bringing a Bridgeport with horizontal attachments back down.
  8. Ed Poore

    Snow/Ice vs Tyres/Chains

    Slow and steady is generally the name of the game, like with all things it's best not to break traction in the first instance. Experience is the cheapest and biggest help. Whilst I agree with John's comment you only gain experience by going out and trying. But go with a friend, preferably with some experience. Incidentally it is very worthwhile getting some proper tuition if you're relatively inexperienced. Mum gave me a one on one day with Jumbo at Woodpark Off road when I was 18 and I honestly say I struggle to think of anything I know about driving off road / 4x4s that he didn't teach me. Other than that it's just experience in lots of different terrains.
  9. Ed Poore

    Forum relay - RR seats, Ipswitch to Hampshire

    I'll be heading up to Newcastle in a couple of weekends (16th) to collect a mill, could potter up the A1M. Might be able to be convinced to do a slight diversion unless someone can get it closer to that route?
  10. Ed Poore

    Ashcroft ATB on road

    Finally found a link I could share:
  11. Ed Poore

    Robs 90 called Billy

    Does the Alisport radiator have a bevel running around the edge. If so I'd make sure that your clips / clamps are not resting on that. I had some Mikalor style clamps when I got my replacement turbo hoses from DPH Motorsports on eBay and they've been superb - slowly replacing all the appropriate jubilee clamps with those. Surprised you're getting leakage, implies something's not sitting right or the hose is perhaps too large a diameter?
  12. Ed Poore

    Ashcroft ATB on road

    Facebook won't let me copy the link on my phone but if you go to his Facebook page (Xcess4x4.com) then have a look at his photo albums there's an album entitled P38 / 110 Short Nose Diff Build. The only photo I have is of my diff guard
  13. Ed Poore

    Over cooled? heater issues?

    Hmmm, I'd be whipping off the thermostat and a) checking there's one there and b) checking it's operation. The reason for point a is that I snapped a crank and ended up swapping an engine as a quick fix solution. The substitute engine wasn't getting off cold so got around to whipping out the old thermostat (which I knew worked) and went to swap it in. Was a little surprised when I couldn't find a thermostat in the swapped engine. So perhaps the "fix" was to remove the thermostat so now it's always being cooled by the radiator
  14. Ed Poore

    Ashcroft ATB on road

    That's what everyone thought, even Ashcrofts at the time. Turns out Nige is a bit stubborn and doesn't think like everyone else . It is a blooming tight fit though. He'd done a trial with a 4 pin before and I've got his first pegged short nose Ashlocker. He did say it is a little scary taking a brand new shiny locker from the packaging and then putting it straight in the lathe... Ashcrofts still honour the warranty because it's been done by him but I've had no need to try it.
  15. Ed Poore

    Unimog 404 Diffs

    Sent him a message, he's near Guildford.

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