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  1. Ed Poore

    Heavy towing

    I've got to say that in my 110 I've never noticed the temperature gauge go above it's normal resting position about 1/3rd of the way up. I've towed the Full Fat a reasonably short distance (~20 miles) up and down some small but very steep (low range required) hills. But also towed the Hampshire Air Ambulance's 'pod' for many miles. Maybe the 1.2 transfer box does something for that in that the engine is potentially working less while cruising. I've got what I think might be Silent Coat across the engine vehicle (floors, sides and roof) and it does make a big difference both to noise and also internal temperature even though it's fitted on the inside of the vehicle unlike John's. There are also (ragged) carpets on top.
  2. Ed Poore

    Rebuild 110 as a 90 Softtop

    110's have larger diameter rear springs than a 90, also their brakes are bigger as well I think.
  3. Ed Poore

    Rebuild 110 as a 90 Softtop

    Hasn't @miketomcat got a 45...
  4. Ed Poore

    Silverstone classic

    One of the first times Dad went to the Goodwood Revival. One of the races had a starting line up worth around £12 million (for something like a dozen cars). At least half of them required a full rebuild at the end of the race... Hell if you can afford it at least enjoy it. He spoke with one of the owners and apparently it's only raced once a year at Goodwood, they then spend the rest of the year rebuilding it for the next year...
  5. Ed Poore

    New (to me) press

    Well that's one way to knock up a free ground anchor spade... Cut on plasma, weld brave in. Put in press and voila! Still some work do to but for 30 minutes including thinking time wasn't too bad and was getting late so stopped making noise.
  6. Ed Poore

    Cashel Forest, Loch Lomond

    Bah just get a 110 and then you only have to crawl into the back (and in my case compete with two Labs). Slowly converting the back to be more configurable, building my own version of Mantec's load system, but stronger . In my defence because I've got L322 seats in both the front and second row the Mantec system won't fit even if I could source it.
  7. Ed Poore

    Relay crimp terminal Identification

    Without a sense of scale they just look like standard 1/4" terminals. Note there are many different varieties because some of them have little tabs on for locking into holders like this.
  8. Ed Poore

    Anyone going to Kelmarsh who lives near Moi ?

    Well if no one else can I could pop up to meet you on the M4.
  9. Ed Poore

    Anyone going to Kelmarsh who lives near Moi ?

    He's nearish Haslemere without giving the game away. I'm near Farnham so if you were heading down the M3 I'm only 10 minutes away so could save you the trip to deepest darkest West Sussex.
  10. Ed Poore

    Tool organisation (in vehicle)

    I think it's more the fact that if you have the prop you'll never use it. Guarantee the first time you leave it behind you'll break one irreparably like Nige's on his thread about the axle strengtheners...
  11. Ed Poore

    Tool organisation (in vehicle)

    Hopefully he meant UJ? Although not something I'd relish changing on the side of the road.
  12. Ed Poore

    New product from xcess4x4

    If you've bent it I've got a normal one surplus to requirements . At least I'd expect it to be a normal one from a disc braked 300Tdi 110 CSW.
  13. Ed Poore

    Does anyone know this Defender

    More details here by the looks of it https://www.offroadlifestyle.com/2018/05/16/il-defender-secondo-tornado-motorsport/
  14. Ed Poore

    New product from xcess4x4

    I've found TIG puts in waaay more heat than MIG but maybe that's cos I'm slow? Was sort of tempted but bit blingy for me and don't really have a need and don't have any spare cash so that solved that. I had the same thought over the holes and mud. Curious to know how a dimple die setup would compare to domex on strength vs weight vs cost.
  15. Ed Poore

    Tool organisation (in vehicle)

    Simples, have more tools than you have space for then you'll have to squish them in . The peli's we use at work (I think we've stopped using genuine Peli's to ship our products because they never come back) come with pick and pluck foam. If you're that bothered then I have a friend with a big laser cutter and she can cut foam on it I think. Normally I'm carrying some welding equipment so gauntlets can add some padding. In all seriousness I usually suffer from the first problem...

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