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  1. Ed Poore

    Crank Pulley puller

    This is easier. No air line , and I should know done 5 sodding crank bolts in the last few months!
  2. Ed Poore

    Crank Pulley puller

    Piece of flat bar, big bolt and some M8 (I think bolts). Make your own. I would have but I've got a mate who's already made them all!
  3. Ed Poore

    Best horn replacement

    The horns on my L322 weren't bad and just 12V so might be worth having a look.
  4. Ed Poore

    Best horn replacement

    Twin horns you say?
  5. Ed Poore

    Robs 90 called Billy

    I'll give you a hint, if you didn't have a bulkhead then seats out of an L322 with some minor modifications fit into a Defender. And the electrics are easy to get working. Waaay more comfortable and proper armrests built in. Ironically give you more space too for some reason, although steering wheel is a little close if original size.
  6. Ed Poore

    What’s going on?

    I keep snapping cranks Not sure the runaround P38 would survive some lanes. Still hopefully sorting out a new crank in the coming weeks and if things go smoothly will have it in over Easter. Then I can take the P38 off the road and start experimenting with a Speeduino / Megasquirt. Then it'll be the tough decision of whether the 4.6 goes into the Defender . Given my commute will have gone from 10 miles to 10 yards guess it's a no brainer.
  7. Ed Poore

    Trackers good bad and ugly

    From my reading part of their service is liaising with police so more likely to recover vehicle. Here (assuming I cam find it) if you want it.
  8. Ed Poore

    Trackers good bad and ugly

    Mike I've got a skytag lying around here somewhere that you're welcome to. Got it off someone else but never re-registered it or installed it. With my upcoming move back to Wales it won't be as necessary .
  9. Ed Poore

    Robs 90 called Billy

    Nige is near Haslemere in Surrey.
  10. Ed Poore

    Armchair diagnosis: snapcrankeritis

    Missed that bit...
  11. Ed Poore

    Armchair diagnosis: snapcrankeritis

    What that it's forged? I'd have said that the witness line through the centre of the lobe infers that it's more likely to be cast (albeit good quality since it's such a fine line). The grain structure doesn't look particularly coherent either (look top left of the break) which again to me would imply casting. The picture below is a failed cast crank and to me the grain structure looks similar (poor photo above) but then again I'm no expert.
  12. Ed Poore

    Armchair diagnosis: snapcrankeritis

    Well here's a picture of the first crank. Ignore the rust - it was outside when I went skiing. And as of today I might have a plausible explanation. The exterior crank pulley got transferred between engines because (ironically) the "new" one was very rusted up. I wonder whether I damaged the pulley getting it off after the cambelt change because both engines did a couple of thousand miles after cambelt changes and both then failed. So perhaps the damping bit of the crank pulley was damaged and subsequently cause the harmonics to destroy the crank.
  13. Ed Poore

    Armchair diagnosis: snapcrankeritis

    Nah too fat - don't want to be another @GBMUD in his Freelander. Although to be fair the L322 does have significantly more ground clearance and a better traction control system.
  14. Ed Poore

    Armchair diagnosis: snapcrankeritis

    Many ££££ - at least the Cummins 2.8 re-power that they've done is. To be honest if I was going down that route I'd be sorely tempted in light of some stuff that may come up in the next few months to get a 3.6TDV8 and ZF 6HP26X running stand-alone
  15. Ed Poore

    Armchair diagnosis: snapcrankeritis

    I'm currently leaning towards a new crank and rebuild. Possibly since I've got two engines now converting one to a 2.8 but not sure how much of a benefit that gets over just a straight 2.5 with VNT. May get the two cranks out and pop them up to Robin and see what his diagnosis is - find out whether they're cast, if they are then a forged one is a definite improvement.

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