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  1. New Defender

    You'd lose quite a bit of it's flexibility then. In my opinion one of the most significant benefits of using the air bags is Land Rover's cross-linking of the bags - in short you the benefits of fully independent suspension when on-road and then the benefits of a live axle when off road. Longer version for those that aren't aware (based of my L322 but I'm sure the Disco is the same setup): Basically when 'Special Programs' are off on the valves between bags on the front and rear axles are closed. This means when you hit a pothole (for example) only the wheel that hits it is affected. If you have a live axle then some 'shock' is transmitted through the axle to the other wheel. I've experienced this in the Defender when you hit big pot holes whilst cornering the front can jump sideways. With independent suspension it doesn't happen (drove over the same pothole in Waterlooville in both Defender and TDV8). When you activate the terrain response (maybe only in some modes not all) a valve opens between the air bags on each axle. This means that when one wheel gets pushed up, by say a rock, the air flows to the other bag pushing it down just as a live axle would. If you didn't have this valve then the air bag on the rock would compress and all you'd likely do is lose ground clearance as the middle of the vehicle stays flat. It also has obvious benefits that you can adjust the ride height for on-road stability. E.g. the TDV8 will hunker down ~1" if I remember correctly if you go over 100mph and stay above 80mph afterwards. Reduces some drag but also makes the vehicle more planted.
  2. Removal of 1991 vintage CSW original LR paint

    A friend recommended Poly Abrasive discs: https://www.toolstation.com/shop/Power+Tool+Accessories/d80/Wire+Abrasives/sd1920/Poly+Abrasive+Disc/p18114 Stripped back my van sides with these and they were an eye opener. Didn't cut down into the metal at all. Used three for two series 3 sides for the 110. Did melt my el cheapo mains 4.5" grinder gearbox but apart from the batteries needing cooling down my Milwaukee M18 grinder did the job grandly.
  3. New Defender

    Simple - heavier right foot to clear the obstacle. Similar power and torque figures to a 3.6TDV8 and 200kg lighter 'depending on configuration'.
  4. Can anyone recommend a press

    I built one - well still haven't finished it but it's been put to good use so far. I've got a free source of scrap off-cuts but what this place considers as off-cuts quite often tend to be 5ft+... I've just used a 25t bottle jack although I've currently got it in pieces as I'm modifying it to run upside down. Total cost so far has been some wire for the welder and £40 for the bottle jack. It's done most things I've thrown at it but I want to build in some more bracing as I've already bent some 1/2" plate I was using as a brace trying to push out a bush and the scraps forming the top bracket have bent slightly.
  5. New Defender

    Simple fix for that - put a set of L322 seats in like I have , haven't even bothered getting around to replacing the heavy duty springs I still have on there. To say it's transformed the ride is an understatement.
  6. Grinding noise coming from transfer box.

    I use them quite regularly - particularly for bits for the L322. They are a site sponsor of Defender2.net so if you're a member over there you can usually get a bit of a discount. Steve the owner also goes by several guises including boringoldgit on disco3.com I think. Depending on what the shipping is going to be it might be worth seeing whether there is anything else they can tack onto the order. For example if you're lacking some crucial tools then it might be worth seeing whether, if they don't supply them, if they could source them and add them to the parcel. Personally don't see a problem with that as long as you leave it a moment so the petrol can evaporate off properly. Don't know what effect the petrol will have on the EP90 inside the case but for the sake of a few minutes it's not worth the effort.
  7. Grinding noise coming from transfer box.

    From what I remembered needed quite a few whacks to break the initial seal when I pulled mine apart.
  8. Re-flooring my trailer

    Ultimately what I should have said with regards to CLH - for largish quantities it's cost (although normally rounded up by me to nearest convenient denomination). Smaller ones he normally has offcuts for free or a few beer tokens.
  9. Re-flooring my trailer

    James, Yet again I'm pushing it... Chris @ CLH Trailers has always been very helpful and cheap for supplies. Last time I was down there he'd also taken delivery of a load of the marine based ply stuff they use for flooring. And I mean a big load! I'm sure if you mention my name he'd be willing to sell materials to you. I'm down there on the 11th Sept so if you wanted to order some stuff I could collect it and bring it eastwards. I seem to remember you saying your folks were down this way / Sussex. I'm now part of a stalking syndicate near Gatwick so head that way reasonably often and could deposit it for when you're next down. Depending on size I'm also going to be heading back up to Scotland (just came back actually) for some more stalking.
  10. Td5 era 110 rear discs

    Just got back in touch with the seller and the axle came off a 2003 110 so looks like it's the later LR018026 discs. I'm going to pop down to the parts guy in the local MD at lunch to have a chat - he's pretty knowledgeable. Last time he managed to pull out a dimensioned CAD drawing of the calipers for my TDV8 do determine which was the correct one...
  11. Grinding noise coming from transfer box.

    I'd be inclined to drain the oil first. Check for sparkles indicating metal shavings. You then have the option of dropping the bottom plate off now there's no oil. That'll give you complete access to the high / low gears. You can then prod and poke to see if there's any play. Equally you can also put the gearbox in neutral and disconnect the props so you can rotate them by hand and feel for roughness. Something that might be useful is a piece of pipe you can put to your ear and poke around with the other end to localise noises. Helped me narrow down a squealing capacitor at work. Naturally chock all wheels suitably as you'll have no handbrake at this point! One possibility is to wedge the clutch down so you disengage the engine as well and you can probably spin the gears from the transfer box. Take things slowly and work through all combinations of gears etc and then hopefully we can narrow down the problem before you have to drop the box. Most of the above would need to be done anyway to drop it.
  12. Grinding noise coming from transfer box.

    An alternative way is dropping it out the bottom with a trolley jack. Useful to have someone to steady it but not essential. I managed to do it on my own dropping both R380 and LT230 but having someone else would have been hugely beneficial.
  13. Td5 era 110 rear discs

    I've taken the Salisbury off to fit the diff that Nige built up for me. I thought the new tubes came from a Td5 110 but appear to have narrower discs than certainly the Salisbury. The discs that came with it fit with the calipers from the Salisbury, the hubs are the same thickness (albeit one twin nut setup and one single stake nut setup). It is just the discs that are different, same thickness of braking area but the flange that bolts it to the hub is shorter.
  14. Grinding noise coming from transfer box.

    Sounds pretty bad - have you had a look inside the transfer box at all?
  15. Td5 era 110 rear discs

    Thanks Ralph - I think I need to find out exactly what the axle came off - I know it was a Td5 era 110. I've found some measurements for the flange height but even the same LR part number appears to have different heights.