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  1. Agreed, a friend had a 4.2 and driving that like a loon with an osmium right foot and that would do about 12mpg. Normal cruising around would be high teens, low twenties, in a Sport.
  2. Useful to know. Well it's insured as of today and MOT booked for Thursday and provided it passes then on the way back it's going to collect a load of feed for the farm so put to use immediately
  3. What AJV8 5.0 as fitted to the 2009MY Sports and Vogues? Surprised because I know a few people who had them (admittedly in the original vehicles with a 6 or 8 speed auto box behind them) and would get twenties if cruising. And, OK, probably marginally more aerodynamic but still a 2.7+ tonne vehicle.
  4. Yeah, at the moment. Knowing me it'll end up doing quite a few, this year I thought I'd be cutting back on mileage except by the end of Feb I'd been to Scotland and back twice, the Lakes and back once, North Wales and back three times, Surrey and back twice in the 110. Shame some muppet just sold a 4.6 . Although a 4.2 or 5.0 supercharged has always been a fancy of mine... Garage first...
  5. I'd do as @Sigi_H suggested and build up as much as you can off the vehicle, you've got the space. I doubt it would take you anywhere near 4 weeks to swap the rest if you needed it done quickly. I did an engine swap on my 110 on my own in 6h taking my time. Granted it was the second in as many months and the engine was built up but it should take long. Do a forum chassis swap like @miketomcat was going to do. Maybe bring both down and we can have two teams racing
  6. I've got a pair of CSW rear panels off a 300Tdi 110 if you're desperate. One took a clout to the rear corner by, I assume a truck, when it was parked up so would need some bashing. Windows coud also do with a rebuild.
  7. Previous owner of my 110 had just got some thing sheets of Ali and riveted them in place behind the wheels on both axles. Works well at blocking off mud. Flared the bottom a little bit so prevents stuff being kicked up into the rear cross-member. There's still plenty of space behind them to get in with a pressure washer etc. I've got a P38 air tank tucked up behind the passenger rear side.
  8. No turbo charged LD28 as @Gazzar posted a few posts back (2.8 straight 6) Not sure why but I think I'd prefer to keep it diesel, suits the vehicle more. It's not a daily driver at the moment, well I don't do any daily driving at the moment (irrespective of lock-down) having been effectively locked down for a month before hand due to a litter of Lab puppies. It's going to be a work truck between my place and my parents farm. I, rather ironically, have appear to have landed on 3 leads for LT95 PTO kits . After having another quick think this afternoon I think it's going to be a relatively quick win to convert it into a tipper which will make it even more useful. But longer term I plan on building various demountable bodies for it (one being a camper) so that's where a slightly higher cruising speed will be nice. I might be a bit prejudiced but my only significant experience to date in a straight 6 was a 2.5 BMW lump in a P38 (not mine) and it was a gutless piece of carp that needed revving the nuts off to do anything resembling usefulness. If the LD28 is anything like that then I'll be sorely tempted to whip another crank into one of the crankless 300Tdi's I have lying in the barn because the one I've got in the 110 at the moment was an utter transformation because someone's tweaked the pump. Part of the reason why I'm thinking about alternatives prior to even getting it on the road is what I'm going to do for chassis protection which it needs. The chassis is in decent nick but there's a lot of surface rust (nothing more substantial than that). I know the chap who runs CLH Trailers very well and provided I don't want to do any welding to the chassis I'd be tempted to whip everything off it, get it blasted / cleaned up and then drop it off at CLH to get it galvanised, as long as it's dropped off before a Tuesday 9am it'll be back by Thursday lunchtime at cost. Once stuff settles down and I have some workshops / garage that is usable I might be tempted to grab a cheap L322 and start working on a standalone ECU in the background. All vapour builds at the moment
  9. Half tonne, admittedly more power, but as said above gearing. Dug out the spreadsheet - assuming ~0.9 RR ratios in the transfer box then 2750 RPM for 71mph, quick search shows 6BT governor is set to 3000 or 3200 RPM. TDV8 and R2.8 are 4000+ If you had a look at the 6x6 thread then there's a substantial gap between the front of the LD28 and the radiator pack (which has, I think, a V8 disco radiator - it's certainly damn chunky). There's loads of space down the sides even considering there's as turbo stuck in there.
  10. Did I say it needed to be factual? The R380 has it in the name. I have not seen, even a clue or guess work as to what the maximum torque may be, hence a rumour may lead to something. All I've seen reference to is it's "one of the strongest" yeah compared to what? I'd be happy with someone with real world experience saying its as strong as or stronger than say a standard R380. Then I've got at least something to base it off. My real world experience is with an R380, a 4 speed Series 3, and a ZF6HP28X so not as many as some people on here. And I've not broken one of those. If Nige came along and said I've not managed to break one then that's good enough for me because I'm not a hooligan like him
  11. If you read the thread I wasn't asking people about what engine to put in it. I was interested in confirming oil levels etc and if anyone knew the maximum torque possible through the box since my delving so far hasn't returned anything apart from it being stronger than most. But anyway I might as well explain again: Due to the sightly complicated nature of the 6x6 drivetrain I don't particularly want to change anything downstream of the gearbox substantially, it's also original. But since the engine is no longer a 3.5V8 I reckon that's fair game . I've yet to take it to a weighbridge but according to the brochure from Hotspur unladen weight comes in at at roughly 1640kg (sat outside at the moment so can't be bothered to go indoors). So although slightly unbelievable at the moment, it's not actually (in the scheme of more modern vehicles) that heavy. Shoving in a Isuzu lump or GMC V8 etc doesn't produce much more power or significantly more torque than say a well sorted 300Tdi for example (of which I have most bits lying around in the barns) but come in several hundred pounds more in weight. The standard tune from that Cummins R2.8 is a healthy bit more (and potential for significantly more) but crucially comes in at roughly the same weight as a 300Tdi. The TDV8 is a little heavier but not massively so, but produces a heck of a lot more. And there are plenty of discussions elsewhere that despite putting out more torque and power being V8s they are far smoother so stuff downstream doesn't see the shocks as much. Yes I could probably get silly figures from a 4BT / Isuzu but they're still a 4 pot. Had the R2.8 been a 6 cylinder or V8 I wouldn't have hesitated. The main issue however is not power / torque but more likely rev range. For the reasons above and in the 6x6 thread I don't particularly want to change the drivetrain and I think (only way for sure is to pull apart bits to see) it's run night running 3.54 diffs and the RR transfer gears as it was originally a Stage 1. So to get a bit more pleasant cruising it means the engine needs to be happier at a higher rev range. I do have a lead on an overdrive but I think I'm going to go down the route of a PTO hydraulic pump so that'll eliminate that. Anyway, the whole point of this thread was confirming oils. I'm going to run as is for a while since it's no work involved and see how it fares with the current setup. Who knows I might be surprised?
  12. Um, yours truly - hence why it's on the cards!
  13. You're fixated on that aren't you. If I had an underground lair I wouldn't be telling everyone would I?!
  14. I think that would have the reverse effect - the actual trees next door would burn
  15. We'll see how it handles. Part of me wants it to be a usable practical vehicle but then another bit of me wants to keep it more or less original. Conflicts of the first world!
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