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  1. Steering judder

    I've got two at the moment, one on the 110 and one sat in the shed awaiting new seals (which involves me making a jig to press the drop arm off). The one on the 110 has a bit of play but is functioning although as to what level I'm not sure. Power steering is heavier than I remember at low speeds so suspect pump and possibly box. If its of any interest it could be made available sooner rather than later but it'll be at least a week and a half before I get time to have a look at swapping them over. Equally I think @Chris Davies had another one in his shed barn when I picked up mine, don't know whether its available or he had it reserved for something. I'm heading back from his / our neck of the woods tomorrow afternoon so if available I could bring it east bound with me.
  2. Steering judder

    Is yours a 4 bolt?
  3. propshaft

    James, on the subject of props didn't you want one of mine? Off a 300Tdi 110 with Salisbury. Got the axle too
  4. Steering judder

    Tell him its normal behaviour.
  5. Steering judder

    Is it a violent juddering or more of a pulsating? I have heard of a woodruff key inside the pump wearing down, how true that is I don't know. My suspicion would be pump, just but feel at the moment mind. If you're keeping the steering torque constant I can't see how it would be relay box but haven't looked at those in any great depth. I might have a spare that doesn't exhibit those symtoms at least. My power steering feels weak and I've got a box with less play and a new to me pump. I need to get around to replacing the seals on the box and then I'll be swapping them over. If you wanted to borrow the "new" pump to see if that cures the problem you're welcome too, I'm unlikely to get around to sorting that for a few weeks yet.
  6. MOT

    Digging through PMs I still have your contact details so when I'm back home (farm sitting at the moment) next week I'll get in touch.
  7. Steering judder

    I'm slightly confused can you replicate it while stationary? If it's while moving I'll repeat the mantra that someone on here instilled in me, panhard rod bushes. I'd recently replaced mine and got steering judder back and turned out they'd shot themselves within a few months. Stuck with genuine after that, but was in a tight spot and needed it fast.
  8. MOT

    Pretty sure (unless I've got it wrong) I've popped around before so you could have a look at the height of my 110 as you thought yours was riding low. White, would have been station wagon at the time.
  9. MOT

    Smego, any chance I could nick the old belt off you, if you're fussed you can have it back afterwards? I'm changing over the rear seats in mine to a set from an L322 but the original rear belts are just a little bit too short. I think the front ones are a bit longer so might be a suitable replacement. If you're getting one off the vehicle will help me test the length without having to remove mine. Only up the road in Tongham.
  10. Roof Rack fabrication project

    Did you change because you felt like it or because the original setup was ineffective?
  11. Cheap Chinese stereo heads

    Fit a bigger battery
  12. Wound Glue

    Once faded fits in with the orange tinge from the rust on the vehicle.
  13. Tyre inflation - non-standard

    Wot he said. Still got 10mm+ on all my KM2s but the sidewalls are slashed to the point replacements are unfortunately imminent.
  14. Wound Glue

    Sod the insulating tape, blood normally suffices for me 😁
  15. Roof Rack fabrication project

    One other thing I like about the cap head is nothing sharp sticking out.

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