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  1. When you say that it judders - do you ease off the accelerator in order for it to recover or does it do so on it's own? With only 10l in the fuel I'd still be cautious of it just picking up carp from the bottom of the tank - any chance of putting more than that in there just to see if it helps improve things?
  2. How old is the fuel in the tank? Doesn't sound like it's particularly fresh. I had similar issues in the 6x6 which was because it had had diesel sat in it for ages and algae had started to grow in it causing issues pulling enough fuel through. If you're confident you've sorted all the leaks then I'd be changing the fuel filter out if you can - it might also be worth giving the lines a quick blast with an air hose back towards the tank incase something's got jammed in there.
  3. I used to use HobbyWeld but since moving back to Wales the nearest refill place is 40 odd miles away. Switched to SGS as they worked out quite a bit cheaper and the local tractor factors stocks them 10 minutes down the road.
  4. I think there are a couple of minor differences between 4 and 7 I think, or at least it was mentioned by someone who has to have a lot of 4x4s, 6x6s, lorries and so on inspected regularly. I think one of them was that the tyres are supposed to be explicitly checked for their load rating on the class 7. Minor points but I think that there were we a couple of differences - none that would make a difference in the real world anyway.
  5. Was tested as Class 7. I don't actually care if it's 7 or 4 to be honest it was just an interesting thought exercise. I doubt I'd be able to get it down sub 2040kg anyway, it might be under that without the bed on the back but I've got a hydraulic pump and a few extra bits to go on the chassis frame so doubt it will stay under that.
  6. The link does work 👍 Am I correct in my interpretation of this: Any dual purpose vehicle should be tested as Class 4? If we say that my 6x6 came in under 2040kg* then because it's permanent 6x6 drive it is therefore a dual purpose vehicle because of clause A2.2a and therefore Class 4? It's not actually that far off I don't think - when I took some scrap down when "empty" I reversed the trailer off the weighbridge and had the 6x6 re-weighed and it came in at 2.3t and that was with a full tank of fuel, me (not the lightest ) onboard and probably 20kg+ of ratchet straps and a
  7. Fusion 360 seems to be quite popular as a free alternative. I'd have a quick look at a few tutorials it'll speed it up quite a bit. I've got a copy of Inventor Pro so don't tend to use the online stuff but it'll be the same way I guess. Start a sketch on a particular plane, draw some shapes - extrude them to make them a 3D object and away you go.
  8. Just to throw a spanner into the discussion I remember there being an "exception" for want of a better word where if all wheels were driven then it wasn't classed as commercial but a dual purpose vehicle which may have shunted it into class 4. I did find some government page about a year ago which had this all wheels driven clause but can't today. Although what @FridgeFreezer says - a good MOT station won't care. I normally use a small independent local to me but he can only do Class 4 because technically his lift isn't supposed to have vehicles over the 3t mark (or something along those
  9. @Carloz the issue with making it shorter is that the sump of the autobox then starts to foul the diff housing on the LT230. Pushing it forwards helps to clear that and means you don't need to cant either the gearbox or transfer box over (both which may introduce issues with oil starvation).
  10. One thing to bear in mind is the A340 box is actually amazingly short compared to most autos. Probably useless as a comparison but that headstock on the JCB is 2m wide. I'll try and get a picture of it next to a Tdi R380 for comparison. Edit: I think it's actually narrower. The width (outer edge of tyre to tyre) is 2m.
  11. Ask and ye shall receive. https://www.pyimagesearch.com/2016/01/25/real-time-panorama-and-image-stitching-with-opencv/
  12. They look similar but not the same to the Classic Car LEDs I liked further up in this thread.
  13. Don't know about the petrols but the diesels I've built don't normally get loctite anywhere inside the engine. There's normally a bit of assembly lube or engine oil and then the correct torque. The reason why they usually state to discard bolts is because the torque figures given are specifically chosen to provide just enough torque to stretch the bolts just enough to clamp and lock it in place sufficiently. Adding / discarding lubrication (e.g. the oil) drastically changes the torque characteristics, I'm guessing but it's probably easier to ensure it's got oil / assembly lube on it rathe
  14. Still relevant as it basically outlaws the bulbs that I linked up above from my interpretation of it. I'd be curious to see what happens at the next MOT.
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