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  1. Dare I say test drive one and you won't (or probably would) regret it. Both of mine were 100k plus but did my research so first one was fairly trouble free (only one unexpected issue). We'll see on this one. Initial impressions are that the 4.4 is a damn sight quicker and more wafty than the 3.6 I had.
  2. Must be a new vehicle? You also missed the L322 off your list.
  3. Vince did do private. They are prioritising commercial but fairly sure he still did private.
  4. I've sent car parts with Vince's Speedshift and fairly sure he's still shipping to France but it's painful, time consuming and massively variable on price. https://www.speedshift.co.uk/services/BREXIT-Requirements/
  5. And Ewoks but they're basically the baby stuff as far as I'm concerned.
  6. I'm pretty sure until the "new" baby vehicles like the Freelander came out then everything in JLRs stable had at least* 3.5t capability. A lot of the newer baby stuff like the Disco Sports, Velars, Ewoks etc,. are <= 2t. * - odd exception like my 6x6 which was 4t.
  7. I've definitely told this story before but a few years back when I was off-roading in France and was with a bunch of Toyota and Nissan nuts (they also liked LRs but they're extortionate in France). I posed them the question - money no object, you had to walk into a dealership, buy a vehicle and drive through Africa what would you choose (these were people who would jump in their vehicles and go to Morocco for the weekend or week)? Unequivocabbly the response was either a Disco 4 or Range Rover, they said the Jap stuff isn't what it used to be in the 90s. The LRs would throw a fault more often
  8. Saw an H1 up for sale somewhere recently, imported from California with the 6.5 GMC V8 and not a ridiculous amount of money. Might have been somewhere on Facebook.
  9. I wouldn't buy a new one - no way in hell could I justify that cost. But the first I had was a 5 year old 2007 TDV8 for £16.5k with ~100k but had a years aftermarket warranty on it. I knew there'd be a few teething issues but weren't biggies to sort: lift pump, alternator, EGR valves and both front suspension bags. Alternator was £150 and DIYed it, EGR valves were similar cost, front air bags were ~£600 for the pair and Challenger 4x4 offered to fit them for £120 so I let them rip. The only big expense I had was I thought I'd done a rear diff on Strata Florida, ran out of time to sort it
  10. Don't make the mistake of driving one (I did and bought one, sold it and literally just bought another one), there's little that'll compare. The main thing I'd say is they don't like sitting around (like most Land Rovers) keeping on top of servicing (like most Land Rovers) is essential, as is buying an IID Tool, but yet to drive anything that compares to them as a tow vehicle. The 110 is good for stability but doesn't (yet) have the power to match the V8s from the Range Rover stables. They're not without faults but honestly the 3.6TDV8 I had (proper L322 not sport) didn't really have any
  11. Not Land Rover spares but I did have my gun dealer phone me up and ask if he could "buy" back some shotgun cartridges off me as he had none of that type in stock and someone was after them. Guess he charged the new price for them since they'd more than doubled since I bought them but did replace like for like later on.
  12. Come on - where's the picture with the bandsaw on it!? You've got the ingenuity / presumably an engine crane Was lucky enough my bandsaw was big enough it came ready made with castors and a stand - mind you half the stand is the coolant bucket. But for £100 even if it was in Essex I couldn't turn it down, single phase to boot.
  13. Oh if I had the choice I'd probably get one of everything but if I'm honest between the 1/4" hex with adapters and the big 1/2" they do everything I ask of them at the moment. I like the idea of the ratchet one because if I can't get the 1/2" in then chances are the 1/4" isn't going to fit either. It's not so much for doing silly torque stuff, just difficult to access areas where the compactness of the ratchet head will be useful. I seem to recall Rich from Deboss Garage saying if he only got to keep one tool from Milwaukee's line up it would be that one because even if it can't crack off
  14. I've had the high torque 1/2" impact for quite a few years now, between that and the little 1/4" driver I find they cover most eventualities. Kind of been tempted by the 3/8" version for something more compact but don't think it's small enough. Very tempted by the 3/8" extended reach ratchet though for those nuts that are a sod to reach and need lots of winding up and down.
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