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  1. I suspect those bushes won't be much use / offer any benefit. They're in effect just acting as spacers, the bolt goes all the way through so any vibrations will also go through the bolt. If you think about all other bushes the rubber seperates the two metal contact points. You've introduced some flex there but I'd wager all that'll happen is the bole hole or bolt will eventually work lose / damage itself. If it were me I'd stick with them bolted directly together in the more rigid setup.
  2. Well if you happen to be near Wales then I can cut up and weld some stuff for you. Alternatively if you can sketch what you want I don't mind knocking something up for you and posting it for cost. Got plenty of scrap useful stuff lying around here and a MIG, TIG and plasma.
  3. I suspect in the grand schemes of Land Rover engine performance it's all moot! The point about the beefier supports is a valid one actually. The standard method of mounting it is ridiculously strong (3mm ish steel bracket bolted to the head with two head bolts and also a stay to the vacuum pump mounting point), with rubber mounts. So perhaps worth keeping an eye on the brackets as they may bend depending on usage?
  4. It does look good. I've have personally welded up the bracket (or cut it out of one piece of sheet on a plasma) but that's because I've got access to all those tools in the shed ... My only thought - and I'm not sure whether it's a good thing or a bad thing yet but something to consider. By not having the rubber feet in your are going to be shaking the filter housing around more and perhaps this might cause problems with the dust continually being mixed around around rather than settling at the lowest point? I don't think it's an issue in the slightest but the only thing I can think of from an "engineering" perspective. Perhaps @discomikey can provide some more insight?
  5. I've always made do with an older version of a Leatherman Skeletool CX. Has just the bare minimum of tools but therefore is smaller that you don't notice it in your pocket. I got it predominantly because it had the karabina (which is also a bottle opener) so that I could clip it onto my climbing harness. To be fair I'm on my second version - I snapped the previous one in half. To be fair I was using it (combined with a rock) as a hammer to build a small rabbit clay pigeon trap at a local gun club . Dropped it in at a friend's gunshop - he phoned Leatherman and they said bung it in the post so we can have a look at it. The following day there was a new one in the post before the postie had picked up the old one. They just wanted the old for analysis.
  6. The Bearmach one (for a 300Tdi) does come with the necessary gasket. OK it doesn't come with the spare bolts as you mention but then who snaps bolts when changing the timing belt ? Bah - battery power, don't need the compressor then . Also an issue in the new place in that the compressor is not usually where the vehicle is until I finish tearing down / rebuilding the barn.
  7. For a 300Tdi but I normally just buy a kit through Bearmach as it's all OEM stuff that comes in the box, but I also have a discount with them too so that helps.
  8. On a 300Tdi the inlet pipe from the wing needs to go under all the brake servo and the clutch malarky so it drops down from the wing (also to act as a water trap) and then comes in to the bottom of the housing. The output from the filter then goes alongside the bulkhead and around the back of the engine to the turbo. The housing also has lug(s) in the housing which slot into the two wrap around brackets to correctly orient it. I guess if you want to rotate it that's up to you but you'll have to remove those lugs otherwise the clamps won't close. With regards to your setup that looks correct - note that the bracket utilises two of the cylinder head bolts.
  9. I think those pyramids are a prime candidate for 3D printing
  10. After I posted I realised that might have been the case rather than mismatched wheels.
  11. That's unlike you. I'd have thought given someone takes offence at it, particularly Fridge that you'd have left it!
  12. If you're nearby I'd recommend going up and touring around Verdon Gorge, I went climbing there a few years ago in late September and it was spectacular although hot. If you drive up through La Palad sur Verdon and carry on (don't double back along the gorge) then you can find a car park down the bottom where you can walk through the tunnels that were blasted in the past which is well worth it - there are some nice via ferratas along the way as well.
  13. Surprised you didn't go for Disco style setup. After getting fed up of replacing gaiters and/or ball joints for every MOT I decided to bite the bullet and got a Gwyn Lewis conversion kit and boy did it transform the handling.
  14. If I understand what you want to do instead is get rid of the expansion tank by closing the loop on the cooling circuitry? The clue is in the name of the part - it's there for a purpose - to allow the coolant to expand. You need that ability either via a recovery tank (which needs a suitable radiator) or by using the expansion tank setup. Useful description here: http://blog.cantonracingproducts.com/blog/setting_up_your_cooling_system_expansion_vs_recovery
  15. @ianmayco68 just cut some out - although he had a custom gearbox tunnel I think. Once I've moved down to the mansion next week and settled in I might be able to knock up the dimensions from mine.
  16. And you think the scrotes care?
  17. For all intents and purposes GPS is receive only so there must be another comms mechanism.
  18. Keep an eye on Defender2.net as well - they're always changing springs over there (usually lowering them) so quite often springs come up for sale.
  19. Out of curiosity what sort of ratio is high speed vs. the slower muddy stuff? I'm by no means an expert and not done anything like this but a lot look like the tyre pressures could do with being dropped since they seem to be digging their way through a lot of the muddy sections. I know with the King of the Hammers etc that they run stuff quite high because of the speeds they hit in the desert and it's no worth airing down for the rock stuff because they loose too much time but from the footage I've seen of this so far dropping the tyre pressure looks like it would help quite a bit. Or would that risk punctures too much and therefore not worth the time in the long run?
  20. Sort of - it's probably going to be sold from the estate once the probate is sorted out but the mutual friend we had is quite tempted (quite as in like I am with the 6x6) by it so I suspect he'll buy it off the family.
  21. I was aware of that issue - the previous owner had diabetes so was limited on what he could drive so there were plans for down-plating it anyway. As it stands I don't have C+E but considering doing it anyway because it'd be handy to have then I might bump it back up so the payload can be increased.
  22. Well I went to see it yesterday and it did nothing to reduce the want... It was a veritable treasure trove down there. Original 3 door classic very rust free, another 3 door classic rust free shell and chassis, 109 straight six with safari roof, Disco pick up, a P38 and my old L322. Damn it, so many good finds. Thankfully it'll take a while to sort paperwork and just need to negotiate a price.
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