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Fuel Leak - Repair Options


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Well, in fairly recent times I have replaced the FPR and the fuel pump on the 2003 Disco 2 Td5 - first time for both, and I expect not unexpected for a D2 Td5 of 2003 vintage. All going well then, or so I thought, until recently I was driving and noticed a strong diesel smell - after some preliminary inspection it looks like it's the "green line" again - abrasion on chassis! 

The green (HP) line was originally replaced following a LR recall, and then two times since. This will be the fourth replacement since 2003 (purchase year) and I now want to do it myself. I'm waiting on the green HP line to arrive through the mail and I am also armed with marine grade anti-chafe tape.

Now as far as repair goes, I have come across an excellent (but laborious) guide online that involves removing the fuel tank. However, I have also noted that the green line can be pushed/pulled through from above the fuel tank and connected to the fuel pump. I understand this green line also makes a further connection after it leaves the fuel pump somewhere under the chassis, before it goes up to the FPR (from RAVE I note the HP line does not go via the fuel filter) on the driver's side of the engine.

I believe the last time the mechanic fixed the leaking HP line some 6 years ago he used the much quicker push/pull (with string) method rather than remove the fuel tank. It doesn't help that the fuel tank currently has about 75L of diesel in it at the moment! 

What do you think - any suggestions on the quicker method, is there a guide somewhere?

Any tips from anyone who has done this job recently?

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I have just come up with the same problem and i was thinking of cutting the floor in the boot to gain access.  I was then thinking I would pop rivet it back in place.  any thoughts on that one?

By the way to all 4 fuel pipes go to the fuel filter or does the green one go to the engine direct ?

Good luck and let me know how you get on please 


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Hi all.  Help needed 


When taking the green line from the pump 3 pieces came out with it and i have no idea what way they go back in.  The pieces are a black plastic collar thicker at one end then the other, a yellow "o"ring and a white plastic washer.  Can anyone tell me what order and direction the go onto the fuel pipe for me to reinstall.  The "o" ring needs replacing.  Would I be ok to use a new black one or do i need to get a specific one for diesel fuel?




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