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  1. Has anyone here actually recovered their headliner with material. How hard was it to do and where did you get the material and glue?
  2. Hi GuysI need to weld the inner wings of my D2. I was looking at how I might approach this task and see a number of bolts along the top of the wing. Does the wing just bolt off or it is also glued and tack welded in places? Any suggestions or advice welcomeHugh
  3. Wow ......inundated with replies..Very unusual
  4. Hi guys My drivers door on my 2003 Discovery 2 will not open on fob so I am guessing the actuator is busted. Does anyone know the part number and what is involved in replacing same? On a similar note the back door on one side will not open from inside. It seems the child lock is engaged even though is it not. Any suggestions before I start to take it apart Thanks Hugh
  5. I have this happen a lot in my 03 Disco 2 over the years. It does exactly what you have said and continues to turn over with no start. BUT when I take the key out of the ignition and exit the vehicle (locking it) It normally starts first time on retry (once or twice I had to have a second go at it). Now why should this happen is the question....... The best answer I have come up with is the Disco brain is not recognising the key as the correct key and it should start and kicks in the immobiliser to prevent theft. By disengaging the key and presenting it again the Disco brain recognises th
  6. Anyone ever renewed or welded inner wings. are there patches available or do I need to fabricate them? Hugh
  7. Hi all The compass on my mirror seems to have given up the ghost. It is now only showing 100 rather than the direction of travel. Any idea where I look to fix it 2003 Disco 2 TD5 Auto Hugh
  8. I am going to remove the EGR valve on my 2003 TD5 as soon as the part arrives in the post. A couple of quick questions for you who have already undertaken this job I have the unit with the EGR cooler bolted to the front of the engine and with the 2 vacuum pipes. Can i get away with only sealing one end of the cooler rather than taking the metal pipe from the Exhaust manifold and blanking it there and on the entry to the cooler. Alternatively can I remove the cooler fully and join the flow and return water pipes? Thanks Hugh
  9. I have now managed to take it off and replace it and it appears to be working fine. I ended up cutting a hole in a 14mm ring spanner so as to get access over the pipe and to break the original seal on the pipe nut. I cut the other end off the spanner and in the end it measured approx 2 inches long at max. I then ground the other end down to a fragile and thin AF spanner so as to get access to the nut thereafter, I found putting it back on easier as i could move the pipe itself to assist in tightening the nut. All told one of the worst jobs i have ever undertaken on the engine.
  10. Hi all you wonderful inventive people out there I have to replace the top pipe on my fuel pressure regulator in my TD5. To get at the nut at the front of the engine looks like an impossible task without taking the inlet manifold off or at least dropping the Alternator or making a special tool. Can any of you who have already done this let me know what you did and how it worked. I did read on here that it has been accomplished by grinding down a socket but i am afraid i am not sure what that might look like. Suggestions and picture would be great Thanks Hugh
  11. Brilliant replies. Thanks for the heads up. It is as I thought so thanks again Hugh
  12. When i got my TD5 a few years ago i had a similar problem and it turned out to be the fly by wire connection between the accelerator pedal and the ECU in the engine. All fine following replacement of the pedal. Might be worth looking at if all else fails Hugh
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