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  1. Hi all The compass on my mirror seems to have given up the ghost. It is now only showing 100 rather than the direction of travel. Any idea where I look to fix it 2003 Disco 2 TD5 Auto Hugh
  2. I am going to remove the EGR valve on my 2003 TD5 as soon as the part arrives in the post. A couple of quick questions for you who have already undertaken this job I have the unit with the EGR cooler bolted to the front of the engine and with the 2 vacuum pipes. Can i get away with only sealing one end of the cooler rather than taking the metal pipe from the Exhaust manifold and blanking it there and on the entry to the cooler. Alternatively can I remove the cooler fully and join the flow and return water pipes? Thanks Hugh
  3. I have now managed to take it off and replace it and it appears to be working fine. I ended up cutting a hole in a 14mm ring spanner so as to get access over the pipe and to break the original seal on the pipe nut. I cut the other end off the spanner and in the end it measured approx 2 inches long at max. I then ground the other end down to a fragile and thin AF spanner so as to get access to the nut thereafter, I found putting it back on easier as i could move the pipe itself to assist in tightening the nut. All told one of the worst jobs i have ever undertaken on the engine. I did have to take the EGR off to get at it all Hugh
  4. Hi all you wonderful inventive people out there I have to replace the top pipe on my fuel pressure regulator in my TD5. To get at the nut at the front of the engine looks like an impossible task without taking the inlet manifold off or at least dropping the Alternator or making a special tool. Can any of you who have already done this let me know what you did and how it worked. I did read on here that it has been accomplished by grinding down a socket but i am afraid i am not sure what that might look like. Suggestions and picture would be great Thanks Hugh
  5. Brilliant replies. Thanks for the heads up. It is as I thought so thanks again Hugh
  6. When i got my TD5 a few years ago i had a similar problem and it turned out to be the fly by wire connection between the accelerator pedal and the ECU in the engine. All fine following replacement of the pedal. Might be worth looking at if all else fails Hugh
  7. Recently my 2003 Disco TD5 has occasionally shown the 2 green lights on the dash blinking (limp home mode) when I reverse and then switch to drive. They reset immediately if i stop and start the engine. When this happened a few years ago it was as a result of the sender on the accellerator being faulty and replacing it cured it fully. Occasionally it happens when I try to start the car and it dies. If i retry a couple of times it blinks .....Bye the Wa I think the engine dies due to the engine ECU not reading the key correctly. The fix I have come across for that problem is to get out of the car and shut the door hard and set the alarm. Then start all over again. Sometimes it needs 2 trys to work but never let me down yet. Anyhow ............anyone got any suggestions as to what sort of gremlin is living behind the green lights on the dash? Hugh
  8. Hi all. Help needed When taking the green line from the pump 3 pieces came out with it and i have no idea what way they go back in. The pieces are a black plastic collar thicker at one end then the other, a yellow "o"ring and a white plastic washer. Can anyone tell me what order and direction the go onto the fuel pipe for me to reinstall. The "o" ring needs replacing. Would I be ok to use a new black one or do i need to get a specific one for diesel fuel? Thanks Hugh
  9. It is exactly as described. Now for the tricky part. To compress them under the car without the correct tool. Also worth noting is that the green connector and "o" ring did not come with the new fuel line Hugh
  10. You are right on the run of the Geeen line. Not sure how the join is made though Hugh
  11. I have just come up with the same problem and i was thinking of cutting the floor in the boot to gain access. I was then thinking I would pop rivet it back in place. any thoughts on that one? By the way to all 4 fuel pipes go to the fuel filter or does the green one go to the engine direct ? Good luck and let me know how you get on please Hugh
  12. Hi all Disco 2 TD5 2003. I am loosing coolant in sufficient quantities to concern me but i can not locate the leak. All suggestions welcome Hugh
  13. I have to agree with your take on this Ally............its a little more technical to mine but essentially the same. And I have found the few seconds delay as suggested has worked to date. Hopefully it will continue to do so. The only other thing I suspect is the actual key it self. I may have micro cracks in the soldering which may result in the above fault. The reason for my suspicion is that it happened a few years ago and when i got the key re-soldered it stopped ...........coincidence .............who knows If i ever discover the definitive cause i will post it Thanks all Hugh
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