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v8 oil cooler pipes

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Hi all,
I've got a 90 with a Disco 3.9 v8 in it, and since this is an engine question I've put it here. The guy who owned it before me decided to replace the radiator but keep the oil cooler bit..

Now I'm looking to fit a Mocal oil cooler. When I removed this cooler, one of the pipes into the timing cover is 'normal', the other has a strange hole/plug end:


My question is: Can I just plug the existing holes and use a sandwich plate to take off to the oil cooler? Or do I need to use this special connector as pictured? I've done some research online but the results are inconclusive. I think I have an intermediate serp timing cover, and I've seen reference to this pipe bunging the 'easy way' for the oil, but nothing as to whether I can use a sandwich plate instead.



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Posted (edited)

I cut the pipes off, used the existing connectors blanked and plumbed the oil cooler into my remote filter setup, which is just like a sandwich plate. 

I couldn't find much either. The consensus seemed to be that the special end pictured is to do with diverting flow to the cooler. I have yet to try with just a plain old blanking plug, but mine sits at 40 psi with my current setup, so I'm happy. 

If you've got a distributor and serp belt, you have an "intermediate" cover. 

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You can definitely just plug them. I did it about 2 years ago and oil pressure all good. Thread is M20 x 1.5


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