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  1. You've already identified the biggest pitfall, being the stagnation area behind a square vehicle at speed. I've seen some modeling on race machines showing that flow actually reverses in some situations in a totally non intuitive fashion, which explains some oddly shaped louvers on Le Mans P1 cars. Without modeling it, it's impossible to know what's going to happen unless you're Adrian Newey! All sorts of odd pressure gradients and suchlike on a brick shape. How about tape some ribbons on it and see what's going on as it is, then maybe tape some temporary ducting in somehow and see what effect that has before cutting anything? Or if you fancy being really cunning, we could design up a scheme to use the exhaust as an ejector to create draw over the rad... Plenty of waste energy to be harnessed from 5.7 litres huffing down a tube! Added advantage that it works harder the harder the engine works.
  2. An excellent post, Monkie. I don't know about anyone else, but I've got far more anxiety about the economic impact than the death rate. The lockdown has already devasted my income and despite government care packages, I reckon 2/3 of my customers will be gone if measures last longer than a few months. That's my business gone, and I'm hardly in a unique situation. Lives are valuable, but not infinitely so. If we're not careful, we end up in a world that's not worth living in for a majority to save a minority. To be clear, I'm not saying no action should be taken, but the benefits need to be measured objectively. We've also just opened the door and walked into a dystopian nightmare police state with severely compromised freedom, lapping it down eagerly and asking for more. I'm not particularly comfortable with that, it concerns me greatly. Not the immediate effect, but that it shows governments how easy it is to scare entire populations into asking to have their freedoms forcibly removed. On a lighter note, Belarus just had a "You think Trump is a moron? Hold my beer" moment. The Belarusian president claims the virus isn't there because "you can't see it flying around, can you?". You couldn't write it.
  3. Tells you everything you need to know about modeling. Even links to some interactive tools so you can play around with strategies yourself.
  4. Shout with what you need milled, I'll get it done for you.
  5. You need EFI rated fuel hose, but that's absolutely fine.
  6. This may be the one shining light: Irrefutable climate and pollution data, the likes of which would have been unthinkable three months ago. Likely a collapse in cheap flying, and hopefully less stuff pointlessly shipped around the planet because its "cheaper". One can but hope.
  7. I'll very much be looking forward to updates
  8. This. I'm envious of those worrying about rice, bog roll and not being able to go to the pub: I can see what's coming and it isn't pretty. The loss of life (in every possible respect; not just people dying) will be orders of magnitude worse than the virus itself. None of us are about to have the life we thought we would. Sing it with me? How sweeee-eee-eeeet to be an idiot....
  9. Not a new thing... Plenty of people don't think the rules apply to them, or are simply too stupid or selfish to care. I mean, it's a collective decision, right? Carry on regardless: Lots of people die, possibly yourself included;, health service overwhelmed, long term economic prospects far worse. Do you understand?.. "I'll have a pint and a packet of crisps, and book me a holiday to Spain please". You'll never get through to these kind of *insert expletive here*tards. Collectively, we're really too stupid to deserve to survive. #facepalm.
  10. lo-fi

    Poorly LT230

    I don't really know why they don't preload by angle tightening tbh. It's easy to find when you've taken out any clearance with a test indicator, then a certain angle change on the nut gives a desired preload. Anyhow... I've always set mine up a tad on the tighter side one the grounds that there's a good bit of give in the case, and it's likely to settle as the new bearings bed in. All have run nicely. Possible the teeth have worn a little when running with a collapsed bearing and now they're noisy when running "correctly". It's incredible how much abuse a failing bearing will suffer and how long they hold on before totally letting go. My old LT85 was running quite happily with a cage that had split, it was just noisy AF.
  11. Or the clutch not aligned with the pilot, meaning the input hasn't seated properly and is getting rammed into the box. Something like that... I've had a new clutch on an M20 where the splines were so tight the input would not seat properly. It was impossible to select a gear with the engine as the friction plate was rammed so hard up against the flywheel it was like the clutch just didn't disengage.
  12. That's definitely not right. Look for some kind of misalignment or tightness. Clutch splines or pilot bearing would be where I'd be looking.
  13. You'll have to identify which weber, but try here: https://www.webcon.co.uk/shopdisplayproducts.asp?id=764&cat=Complete+List And keep us posted
  14. I'd say the likelyhood of anything like that running this year is about zero, sadly.
  15. Sounds like the carb wants a rebuild. I'd expect some kind of gasket or diaphragm failure, or could be as simple as the float isn't floating as well as it used to and the level is too high in the float chamber. Grab a rebuild kit, strip it down and freshen it up. Should get you going again.
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