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  1. Both the splitters pictured look up to the task. +1 on winding it up and going for a break or tapping the tool. I have some 4" diameter taper joints to split shortly... Even works on them!
  2. It's 10lbft, if I recall correctly, so really not very tight. Just a nip up to keep it all together and squish the felt a tiny bit. I torque wrench is an essential tool, though. Definitely get one
  3. I think Fridge is right, the only major problem there is that you've got the Land Rover flywheel with an adaptor made for the Rover car one, which is thinner. Sourcing an SD1/P6 flywheel will probably make it all work with the bits you've got. I believe I've got one, so if you don't mind a trip up to Basingstoke to my lock up, you're very welcome to compare. As others have commented, you'll lose a little low down grunt with the lighter flywheel, but having driven both I'd say it's not the end of the world. My 109 V8 build thread for reference: I believe the LT85 is a little longer than the V8 LT77, but not by much. Again, you're more than welcome to poke about the 109 to get a feel for how it all fits with the long V8 bellhousing.
  4. Interesting... Having seen worked on a 200tdi with some flavour of LT77+LT230 badly shoehorned into an 88, I'd be trying to save every cm I could scrounge. Had to take the transfer box off to get at the handbrake drum I'm not sure if the V8 is any shorter.
  5. There is a short bellhousing LT77, isn't there? One of the 4 cylinders? Maybe this is the reason for the adaptor: The V8 bellhousings tend to be loooooooooooooong.
  6. lo-fi

    Toolbox Trolley Build

    I was literally writing "do it already!" when the reply notification popped up. Looks great!
  7. lo-fi

    Wolf wheels width

    @landroversforever, I'd be interested too please!
  8. lo-fi

    Truck Cab Soft Top

    Definitely possible, and I like the idea. I have a mate who does all kinds of clever stuff with canvas, sure he'd be happy to do a bit of fettling. Biggest challenge is probably getting it to seal at the bottom at the back.
  9. lo-fi

    Toolbox Trolley Build

    Very nice! I guess that's where a water cooled torch would be handy
  10. lo-fi

    Toolbox Trolley Build

    They're actually great at cleaning gasket faces up when used with some care. Good for paint removal on surfaces that aren't flat too - stuff like that
  11. lo-fi

    Toolbox Trolley Build

    https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F223194636187 They're a funny flexible plastic with grit in.
  12. lo-fi

    Toolbox Trolley Build

    I have the same, the Roloc stuff is lovely, isn't it! I like the bristle pads too, they're fantastic for cleaning knarly stuff up.
  13. lo-fi

    Buying a Range Rover classic

    Yep, the pointer is on top. Not always to be trusted to be accurate, but it'll get you in the ballpark. I usually turn the engine with a socket on the crank pulley nut, only going clockwise.
  14. lo-fi

    my health

    I think we all live vicariously through other people's projects when life gets in the way of ours for one reason or another... Perhaps a few people can suggest particularly interesting threads, YouTube channels and suchlike for you to absorb while recuperating? To start things off: An excellent series about a Series, ongoing at the moment. http://seriouslyseries.createaforum.com/trains-planes-and-everything-else-anything-of-a-anoraky-nature/my-effort-building-a-live-steamer-locomotive/ A Series owner building a live steam loco. Possible sign up required. Enjoy, and hope you're back on your feet soon.
  15. Another upvote for EAC as an alternative to genuine. All the bits I've had from them have been excellent quality, and I've found that the Ashcroft kits often include their parts.

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