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  1. lo-fi

    bringing a neglected series back to life

    Glad it's sorted, but boo to the bad luck!
  2. lo-fi

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    Meh. I know that adds nothing to the discussion, but expresses just about everything that needs to be said. You might as well be watching a pig in the hope that it'll sprout wings and take flight if you're expecting Land Rover to make anything worthy of the label "iconic" ever again. That takes an actual person with vision and passion, not a marketing department with some focus group/social media data. Young companies innovate; old companies iterate... Often badly.
  3. lo-fi

    New user new 2a owner

    I've ordered 2kg of soda. Think I'm going to hook it up to the welder as a power supply I'll report back!
  4. lo-fi

    New user new 2a owner

    I'm keen to try this. Would you mind doing a little write up?
  5. lo-fi

    New user new 2a owner

    Evaporust works wonders for something that's not truly evil and might kill you. Well worth buying a tub, it'll bring something like that up a treat after a good soak.
  6. lo-fi

    TD5 fuel economy

    Best place to start would be measure what mpg you're actually getting. I doubt any of those mods are making it worse; the tuners usually claim to get better mpg! They're not renown for being particularly light on fuel, though. Low to mid thirties maybe? But.... Since you mention revs and transfer ratios: the Lt230 comes in 1.003, 1.2, 1.4 and 1.66:1 ratios. Best bet is get underneath and find what's actually fitted, the serial number will be stamped on the back of the case. Standard defender will be 1.4, but some people like to swap for the discovery 1.2 ratio for better cruising. I have a mate who's running a 1.66 ratio box and struggles to go over sixty in his 300tdi 110 without the world ending. Sounds like you'd benefit from a 1.2 transfer box. I used an Ashcroft kit to convert my 1.4 box to 1.003 (they're not common to find) as I'm running the original 4.7 diffs in my 109. If you really want to rebuild the transfer box it's an option, but I'd just pick up a good disco unit (though make sure it's one with the diff lock), pop some new seals in and enjoy if I were you.
  7. lo-fi

    bringing a neglected series back to life

    Had a chap on another forum recently swear blind he'd done the timing correctly with pins etc and couldn't figure out why it was smoking like crazy. Eventually he conceded and checked the timing... One tooth out. Easily done. Ran like a charm after he got it right the second time.
  8. lo-fi

    custom dash project

    The self awareness of a servo makes them much easier to work with than a straight stepper, for which you're going to have to add limit switches or suchlike. Wiring is fairly straightforward, but you will have to write a little code for the arduino whichever way you go. I can help with this if you want to play around with it. With the oem motors, if you can find a wiring diagram, there will be a way to wire and drive it, but it may take a bit of work.
  9. lo-fi

    custom dash project

    You can get some quite beefy servos! I have to admit, I'd go with the cable, though...
  10. lo-fi

    custom dash project

    An RC servo might be even easier as it has built in position sensing. Dead simple to drive with an Arduino.
  11. lo-fi

    bringing a neglected series back to life

    Has it had a replacement crossmember? The originals don't have crush tubes, it's more like a wavy plate the gets welded in and curves around the holes. I believe it got/gets neglected on cheap replacements.
  12. lo-fi

    Discovery 3 Limp on acceleration

    I gather it's in an awkward position to get to, but on other vehicles I've seen people drill a hole in the exhaust housing to pipe a little oven cleaner into, which clears the carbon sludge jamming the vanes and saves taking the turbo off. Drill and tap for a taper thread bung to seal it back up after. Whether that's any good for emission control gear downstream I couldn't vouch for, though! Can you get any more movement just working it back and forth with the wire?
  13. lo-fi

    Someone might know !

    Isn't this a job for a set of pitch gauges and a micrometer? I'd hazard a guess it'll be some kind of pipe thread.
  14. lo-fi

    New user new 2a owner

    It's a little clunky, but totalparts.co.uk stock genuine, Allmakes and Bearmach. Not always the fastest, but I've always had a phone call (yes, from an actual person) if they're having trouble getting anything or there's a delay. My go-to supplier.
  15. lo-fi

    New user new 2a owner

    To add to Snaggers comments on Britpart, you'll find that many sites and eBay sellers have got wise to the fact that discerning owners avoid that brand and you'll find terms like "quality aftermarket" substituted. If its cheap and unbranded, avoid. Nice landy, hope you have a lot of fun with her

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