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  1. 110 V8

    Raise V8 CR

    Hi Rikk, as others have said, put a 3.9 in it. For what you would spend on the 3.5 its a no brainer although technically here in NZ you will need to get a cert for the increase in capacity. Whereabouts in NZ are you? Andy
  2. You can definitely just plug them. I did it about 2 years ago and oil pressure all good. Thread is M20 x 1.5 Andy
  3. I fitted a factory low pressure in tank pump to an under-seat tank about 11yrs ago as part of a twin tank setup. Extended the support leg at the bit where the factory slotted holes/2screws were and added a short piece of hose and solder/heatsrink to extend the leads. I just used a holesaw through the tank with 5 rivnuts around the hole. But I did put a sheetmetal reinforcing ring on the inside clamped by the rivnuts to stiffen it up. Fitted with a standard cork gasket. No leaks. About 2 years ago I swapped the LP pump for a HP when I went EFI/Megasquirt. The heatshrink did not seem to have been affected by the fuel and I'm still using the setup now. Andy
  4. 1mm cutting disc in an angle grinder and lube with candle wax every minute or so (just cut into a candle with the wheel). Cuts aluminum like butter, does not clog/pick up on wheel and leaves a pretty tidy edge. Andy
  5. Stainless is typically used in very high temp applications, cooker elements etc where the temp would cause tinned copper to loose it's spring tension then arc and fail. They need a special crimper. Tinned copper is better unless ambient temp prevents it's use. Andy
  6. There is a method used widely in Australia and also popular here in NZ known as the 4psi rule. Basically you measure cold pressure, drive for 20-30mins or so and measure again warm. The pressure gain due to tyre carcass flex should be about 4psi. If more than 4psi increase, the starting pressure was too low. If less than 4psi increase the starting pressure was too high. Andy
  7. Does it lose water, blow water out header tank vent? Or just read high on gauge with no other symptoms? Andy
  8. Did you ever do this mod? Did the ford sensor work with Gems?? Andy
  9. Collapsed wheel bearing?? Andy
  10. Fuel tank breather clear and not blocked? Andy
  11. No sense of scale from pic but look like aircraft wheel chocs Andy
  12. Using "fixed map" sorted the first start of the day issue for me. I ended up with similar settings: Use fixed below 30deg Time period 8secs Fixed map value 50kpa Can start through the window from cold any time. Its a 3.9serp with ms1 and edis Andy
  13. Where is your map hose connected? What you have posted above makes me think maybe its on the nipple that used to go to the dissy? If so its in the wrong place and will read atmospheric pressure when the throttle is closed.
  14. I smashed the middle out of a sparkplug (wear goggles) then put a piece of fuel line up the middle with a round head bolt through the middle (m5 I think) then used continuity beep on multimeter to tell me when the piston touched. Did it in both directions and tdc halfway between. Andy
  15. The complete backplate assy with shoes and springs etc fits over the output flange. No need to remove it. Andy
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