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OT: Renault Clio coolant leak help please.


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My dad has an old (M reg I think) Renault Clio 1.2 which is loosing water from the back of the engine.

The head has been tested and the gasket was fine (suposedly) but the guy who has looking at it didn't want to charge him anymore to investigate.

Does anyone know if this could be core plug? cracked block? or what?

Is it worth me dragging it over here to repair it or does it sound like a new engine job?

I haven't been able to have a look as I wasnt sure wether it was worth it but it has long test and tax so I may be interested in making a few quid on ebay. :D



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Hi Andy,

I had a similar problem on the same model quite a few years ago (memory is a bit rusty but I will carry on :) ).

There are spigots on the rear of the induction manifold that have hoses attached to the cooling system. (I think they must be for choke etc and yes, yes I know its injected (single point if I remember?)

Anyway the spigot had corroded away and hence the loss of fluid. To overcome the problem we cleaned up what was left and drifted a copper pipe into the manifold to replace the spigot.

Let me know if this helps?

Can't believe you would palm off a faulty motor on ebay........................... :D

Les, "make up mirror" ? :D:D



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