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Calling all 2.8 Isuzu engined 90 owners


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I've got a 2.8td isuzu 4JB1 engine in my 90, mated to a LT77 G/Box. I have always been aware that the diff on the front axle is close to the radiator pipe coming from engine which goes into my tdi rad/intercooler assy :)

After hitting a ditch hard off roading, i noticed a pool of antifreeze under engine. Turns out the diff got a littly too close and hit the bottom radiator hose, cutting into the rubber and bending the metal section on the the engine!! Luckily it lasted till I got home, could have been in the middle of Strata Florida!! :o

Would extended bumpstops be the simple answer as they're easily available?!

Has anyone else had a similar problem?!


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Have seen this very same problem on a mates izusu engined 90. We bodged it back together with some assorted old exhaust pipe, rubber hoses and jubilee clips and its been fine ever since. Have a good look, I seem to remember the bottom hose outlet on the engine is bolted on. If so it may be possible to turn it or add a spacer of some sort. But then again I may be completely wrong. :rolleyes:

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have had such interface when being a bit over zealous and raising the front end off the ground.

cue lots of heat and dripping water.

i was runnig a super stff bottom hose, which split, so i had to take it off cut it and put if back on the nod D shaped outlet. and it ran like that for many months.

i've now bent it back into shape and bent the assembly up as far as i could.

it may now clear, it may not. i take it a little easier off road these days. i should expect spacing the bump stops by maybe 10-12mm should prevent it hitting completely. i'll space mine i think anyway should i come across a bit of steel of the correct thickness to use. or aluminium maybe.

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