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EGR blanking advice

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I am going to remove the EGR valve on my 2003 TD5 as soon as the part arrives in the post.  A couple of quick questions for you who have already undertaken this job

I have the unit with the EGR cooler bolted to the front of the engine and with the 2 vacuum pipes.  Can i get away with only sealing one end of the cooler rather than taking the metal pipe from the Exhaust manifold and blanking it there and on the entry to the cooler.  Alternatively can I remove the cooler fully and join the flow and return water pipes?



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When removind the EGR, I always remove the cooler as well (when present). As you say, just join the water pipes. But be careful, they can be brittle and break.

You can also unplug and remove the vacuum valves etc, adding more lightness.


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